Talkin’ Downtown: How to Get Rid of Vaginal Odor

We think a lot about sex and those awkward things about it. One of those things is our smell (and taste) down there. The smell of fish would be very embarrassing – but how to get rid of vaginal odor and keep your vagina smelling like a field of lavender? This is how.

Did you ever notice how the things we think about most are the things we talk about least? The reason is that not a lot of our thoughts are not really lunch-appropriate. Still, I can bet my life that every woman has wondered about how she smells down there in general and compared to other women.

This is especially true if you yourself smell something funky coming from down there. Depending on how strongly you can smell it, it may even seem to you like other people can too, even though this is rarely the case. However, any type of smell that is just off is a sure clue for you to take notice and check it out. Whatever the reason may be for your intimate troubles here’s advice on how to get rid of vaginal odor as well as how to smell and taste great down there:

Visit Your Gynecologist Regularly

How to Get Rid of Vaginal Odor

It is not something you love hearing – all of us wish an article could replace doctors, but sadly it’s not the case. If you feel an ugly smell down there, you might have an infection or a VD. No one wants that – but you have to make sure you don’t have it. Most of them are easily treatable, so you don’t have to get very stressed. Even if your smell is OK, a visit to the gynecologist is in order – at least every six months.

Take Care of Your Hygiene

 Rid of Vaginal Odor

By hygiene, we don’t mean “take regular showers” – you already know that. But intimate hygiene is a bit different. Your vagina is the most sensitive part of your body and you shouldn’t wash it with regular soap. Buy a special intimate wash with neutral Ph value – 5.5.

Wash with intimate wash at least once a day. When you have your period, make sure you change your pads or tampons regularly.



If you have a sensitive vagina, avoid underwear that isn’t made of cotton. Cotton is the fabric that irritates the skin least. Use your lacy, sexy underwear on special occasions only. Also, cotton doesn’t mean “not hot”. You can find designs that will set the mood as high as any silk thong.

Herbal Tea

If you really, really want to make sure, you can rinse your vagina with mint tea once a week. It’s a classic “grandma’s advice” and has worked for generations – it will work for you too. It’s cheap and easy to do – and will really help your vagina smell and taste as good as possible.

You Taste Like the Food You Eat

You Taste Like the Food You Eat

You might not know it, though, but having a balanced diet and making certain food selections can help improve vaginal health. A great idea is pineapple juice – but any other fruits are good for your smell and taste down there. Drink lots of water and stay away from alcohol – asparagus, fish, crabs and spicy food will make you smell funny. Medications can also cause a bad “scent”.

A mixture of milk almonds, milk and honey can make you taste sweet. Eating foods like yogurt can assist in boosting levels of beneficial microorganisms. Here are more best home remedies to get rid of vaginal odor.

Don’t Forget

There are various strategies to maintain the health of your vagina, including safe sexual behavior, yearly well-woman exams, consistent exercise, and prompt treatment of any infections.

Let the Games Begin

Now that you did everything possible to get rid of vaginal odor and taste good, you can spice it up. If you’re playing, play well. Use whipped cream or chocolate in the bedroom – be his favorite cake and let him go down on you. Don’t be ashamed – after all of the above, there is no way you don’t taste like a candy.

Play, have fun – and return the favour!

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  • so glad i ‘stumbled upon’ this article. great info on a subject all are curious about but noone talks much about. good advice…easy to follow! thanks

  • Thanks for the hints. It would have been better without the hetero-centrist at the end since… well… women do it too but a nice article all the same.

  • “Rince with mint tee?” Can someone shine a light on this for me lol how exactly do you do that?

    • sorry whats with the honey ??.i missed that. and couldnt go bsck to find it. i thin kmy medicine and vitamins have alot to do wiyh my smell. because i keep clean

  • Rinse well after a shower! So many women are afraid their natural flavours are a turn-off, while the reverse is often true; but a mouthful of soap is a real challenge to lust.

  • and sugars can cause infection, (yeasts primarily), so keep them out of you and if you must use, do so sparingly!

  • I have some questions….with the milk and honey, are you supposed to drink it on a regular basis? Same with Pineapple juice. Also, how long do you have to do any of these remedies to see a difference? Thanks so much!

  • Thank you so much for the helpful advice now i feel more confident about how i taste and smell:)

  • Never use sweet things in that area unless you love having a yeast infection because that is exactly what you will get when you mix candida bacteria with sugar.

    Also, don’t douche. Reeeeeally bad for you.

  • I personally use organic virgin coconut oil on my goddess temple after a shower. It helps keep you lubricated naturally, it is an anti-fungal/anti-bacterial substance, it smells wonderful, and it doesn’t affect your pH balance.

    Plus, it tastes good and is good for you.

    • I had a question, now does coconut oil makes you vagina smell and taste better? Do you rub it everywhere on your body including your vagina after showering?

  • Also Chamomile tea rinse is excellent. It is a natural remedy or hygienic upkeep for vaginosis or any odor.

  • What medicines? Do they affect taste as well as scent? What does one do to counteract that if they need to be on those medications?

  • Well, I like natural scents of a vagina. I find that a turn on. I guess I’m not into mint flavors or such things, but then I don’t have to worry about the occasionally unpleasant smells that vaginas sometimes have.

  • Can i use green tea instead of mint tea? Im a teen & I know i shouldnt be worring about this stuff, but I just do NOT wanna smell like fish, when the time comes. Lol

  • Well, I would say using intimate wash “at least” once a day is a very bad idea… Any kind of washing gel usually contents a lot of chemicals which are suspected to create disorders in the hormon system (such as paraben for example). Actually, washing TOO often is a cause of mycosis… better rince yourself carefully during the daily shower, only with water. You can do it twice a day… but never use a wash gel !

    Then, your vagina cleans itself naturally thanks to its secretions. They are supposed to maintain the balance of your intimate flora. So you’d better NEVER rince your vagina with anything, not water (no “vaginal showers”) and not tea !! It risks to irritate you, and can also cause mycosis (and then it will really stink, so…)
    The only exception is after making love (if you didn’t use a condom), some women prefer to wash the sperm out. Sperm has a relatively acid pH so it can also favour mycosis. So wash it but no vaginal shower, your fingers are your best friends ;)

    And finally, if you want to avoid unpleasant scents (not just for your partner, but also for yourself) better avoid irritations due to tampons or pads (especially the perfumed ones, herk.) Use a menstrual cup in silicon, it doesn’t smell, it doesn’t irritate your intimate parts and it doesn’t content chemicals.

    So to sum up : to taste good, better just taste as natural as possible !

  • Omg ! Thank You So Much ! I Really Appreciate this , No ones ever said anything about mint tea , first time i’ve heard it ! (:

  • Great article. Sorry for being silly but the “mint tea” thing – do you drink it or do you literally use it to wash “down there”