5 Mind Blowing Sex Surprises for Him

Buying men gifts is exhausting and not very rewarding. He never wears the perfect polo sweater you bought him – he says it looks "gay". He never uses the wallet you gave him last year and keeps money in his pockets. He was obviously faking happy when he got a shawl for Valentines. There is, however, one thing that makes men happy every time. Yes, I meant sex. Make him a mind-blowing sex surprise he’ll never forget.

1. Naked Sushi

You met in a sushi restaurant? Your hubby is a sushi addict? Yes, sushi is good stuff. They say the Japanese are smart people – not only did they invent sushi, but they invented a great way to serve it – on a naked body. Make him a dinner he’ll never ever forget.

2. The Box

So, you searched and searched for the perfect gift, and all you found was a box for the non-existing gift? That might just do. Wear explosive underwear and give him the box with a bow on it. When he opens it and sees it’s empty, start filling it with all the bits of clothes you have on. Your bra, your halters, your panties… But leave the shoes on.

3. His Favorite Porn Movie

Woman looking at her man

Yes, we’re serious. It’s the last thing he’ll expect from a girl and it will be such a turn on. Of course, you should see it together. Make him finish the movie – the sex will be mind blowing. He might never recover from this little surprise. After you see it, you could try doing something you’ve seen in the movie – every girl wanted to be an actress at one time, right?

4. A Cake

I know it doesn’t sound mind blowing, even his mother gets him a cake. But, this time, you are the cake. Cover yourself with the cake and let him have a piece – after all, he is the birthday boy, right? Also make sure you have a bite off him. Don’t worry about the calories – you’ll be losing them in a minute.

5. Sex Cards

Make him sex cards – 365 of them. There should be a sex favour on each of them, and every day he gets to use one. This mind blowing gift will definitely make this the happiest year of his life, no doubt about that. Make him pick one of them on his birthday, and every day after it. The birthday boy won’t even need to blow his candles.

Now that we gave you some ideas, go prepare the celebration. Sexy underwear, maybe even a lubricant or a sex toy, and a bottle of champagne you’ll be drinking of each other. Something tells me this is going to be a very long night.

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