Author - Sanya

Writer, talker, walker, joker. Contradictory, capricious, postmodern fragmented, direct, too direct sometimes, playful, holding no grudges and regrets. If you can't find her, she's somewhere chasing summer around the world.


Quotes About Traveling Part III

Some people think that travel is not for everybody, but the essence of travel is experiential expansion. Instead of repeating the same life experience every...


Bittersweet Symphony of Notebook Quotes

How we measure love? Is the greatest love the one with most verses recited? Or the one that lasted until the end? Or the one that set the other free? Or the...


Smart and Cute Quotes from Notebook

I see Notebook as filled with clichés and pathetic lines, but there are some that I can find decent enough to select as smart and/or cute.


How to Deal with a Difficult Boss

If you treat people nicely, they’ll treat you the same way. That’s how it should be in a perfect world. But that world and those people don’t exist.


3 Ways to Detox and Feel Great

When you think detox it's about your health, not your waist, but yes, your waistline too plays a part in your health condition.


Life in Rio de Janeiro

The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Rio is the biggest Carnival in the world. People come there for hedonism, and escapism. But in Rio, life...