10 Things to Do When You Feel Bored

Few people that are never bored. In case you are not one of the few, here are some ideas how to be bigger than boredom.

1. Watch Passers By

Just observe. You can even be critical. You can rate people’s look or outfit. You can try to imagine their day or their life story just by looking at them.

If you just watch with no prejudices and no assumptions, you will come to awareness and mindfulness. And then, boredom just disappears.

2. Talk to Your Boredom

bored women

Boredom is a state of mind. It’s not the state of the (outside) affairs.

Your boredom is trying to tell you something. So talk to your boredom and let your boredom talk to you.

If you listen carefully, your boredom will tell you which direction you should take.

3. Make You Ideal You List

Imagine the ideal you. Then do what you can to start moving into that direction.

4. Host a Movie Marathon

If you feel social, host a movie marathon at your place. Otherwise enjoy movies by yourself.

Warning: a good friend of mine tried this (not out of boredom), but instead of watching movies, people just started talking and having fun. It turned out to be regular Friday night meeting. After 6 years, it still goes on, almost every Friday night.

5. Learn Something New

girl roller skating

Learn skating. Learn a new language. Learn cocktail making secrets. Learn something new. Or improve what you already know. Find new things to like.

6. Walk

Walk around the block. Walk around park. Just walk. And thoughts will come to you. And thoughts won’t be about boredom.

7. Write a Letter

Yes, you still know to write. The old fashion way, pen and paper. And yes, there still are pens, letters, and envelops. So, instead of writing an electronic version of a letter, do it the real way, with dedication from the first to the last letter.

8. Write about It

pretty woman writing something on the paper

Write about your boredom. Write a poem, story, or simply a note. Describe how you feel. Then share it with your friends if you feel like it. Or post it on a blog and share it with friends and strangers.

9. Brighten Someone’s Day

Do something that someone else might appreciate. Brighten someone’s day. As a surprise, that can also brighten up your day.

10. Imagine Technology

Think about some high tech product from the future that would take your boredom away. If you are tech-savvy you may come up with a revolutionary idea.


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