6 Ways to Stay Sexy During Pregnancy

There are plenty of ways to feel and look sexy while keeping the spark alight with your partner during your pregnancy. Why not try out these 6 tips to staying sexy throughout your pregnancy!

I’m sure most moms will agree with me when I say that pregnancy doesn’t feel like the sexiest time of our lives! Don’t get me wrong, there are some lucky ladies out there who feel sexy, glowing and have a high sex drive throughout their pregnancy but for the majority of moms, it’s more of a time of sweats, swollen ankles and big knickers!

This doesn’t have to be the case! Check out these 6 tips to staying sexy throughout your pregnancy!

#1 Lingerie

A lovely prospective mother in lingerie

Before you raise your eyebrows, I’m not suggesting that you try to squeeze into your ‘special occasion panties’, unless you can still fit into them, in which case – you go girl!

There are plenty of ways to look sexy in your undies regardless of how big your boobs and bump are and how swollen and heavy you may feel. So many maternity brands out there now make beautiful nursing bra’s that actually resemble pretty and sexy underwear – crazy right, it was a shock to me too!

You can get almost any design, style, color or pattern that you would have gone for pre-pregnancy and you’ll get the added bonus of comfort, support and practicality!

If you don’t fancy going for anything too extravagant then why not just look for something red? Even the simplest of underwear sets can look super sexy in a shade of red and will be sure to make your partner feel lucky!

#2 Date Night

You may be feeling tired and not up for doing anything but just think about how much more tired you’re going to feel once bambino has arrived. Also remember that time will be limited and unless you have a line up of willing baby sitters, date nights in the future may be rare so get them in now while you can!

It’s always great to get dressed up and let your partner show you off, and even just once a week can really help you and your beau to get some quality time in, enjoy your last few moments just the two of you and keep that spark alight!

If you can’t face the outside world then why not plan a picnic in front of the fire? A nice home-cooked meal, some candlelight and a few sofa snuggles will definitely bring back that sexy feeling!

#3 Massages

Pregnant young latina woman lying on a bed and having a relaxing prenatal massage

With all those aches and pains that pregnancy brings, a massage can really do the trick. It not only eases any discomfort but also makes you feel super relaxed. Don’t forget your partner though! They’ve been working hard too, thinking about the baby and keeping you happy, so repay the favor- light some candles, play some soothing music and give each other a massage.

This will certainly make them feel loved, plus your partners hands all smooth with massage oil over your body has to make you feel a little bit sexy right!?

#4 Embrace Your Body

You may not feel particularly sexy at the moment but to many, the pregnant body is sexy at its truest form! Growing a baby is a gift only women were given so the physical changes are something that should be embraced.

Embrace your newly large boobs, love how fab your bump makes you look, and appreciate your new shape – you might never look like this again so make the most of it!

Why not take a silhouette picture of your body? Many celeb moms have pulled this off perfectly keeping the balance between sophisticated and X-rated perfectly!

#5 Pamper Yourself

Young pregnant woman with cosmetic cream in a bathroom

Being pregnant doesn’t mean letting yourself go. Carry on getting your legs waxed and your hair cut. Go to the salon for a facial, or the spa for a massage (pregnancy safe one of course). Being pampered will make you feel truly beautiful and sexy while relaxing you at the same time!

If you’re working to a budget then pamper yourself from home. Give your nails a lick of paint, create a homemade facemask and wax away that unwanted hair! Making yourself feel and look good will keep you feeling sexy and far from frumpy!

#6 Talk It Out!

If you’re still feeling anything but sexy then why not try talking to your partner. I’m sure they think that you look sexier than ever now but we all know that sometimes people just need a little extra push when it comes to giving compliments!

Hearing your partners kind words will certainly give you a boost and may even help them to understand why you’ve not been feeling so adventurous in the bedroom lately!

There are so many ways to make yourself feel and look as sexy as you truly are during pregnancy and the first step is realizing just how sexy you are! Whether you’re on a budget on not these fab tips are sure to bring sexy back!

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Jessica T.

Jessica is a parenting and lifestyle blogger with a love for all things crafty, homemade and unique. She's worked around the world in the fields of special needs and TEFL and is currently a freelance writer based in her cosy little cottage in Hampshire, UK.


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  • I wish this article was a little more realistic….how well can you do these things when you’re hormonal, losing your hair, and throwing up every couple hours all at the same time?

  • These symptoms hopefully wont last your whole pregnancy and if they do many of these tips can help! A date night in, getting hubby to cook and a snuggle on the sofa made me feel really loved when I wasn’t feeling too sexy! The maternity underwear is fab and comfortable, and a quick pamper does the world of good! xx

  • No matter what I do, my husband says he finds me pretty, but no longer hot during pregnancy. He says he feels weird having sex knowing there’s a baby inside of me. So much for compliments, he rarely does it now.

  • I wish my husband would for once cook for me or massage me. Seems like he rarely wants to be around me these days. Haven’t had sex in maybe a week & a half., when we used to have sex maybe 3 times a day. You can imagine how crappy I feel right now. I worry that he doesn’t find me attractive & maybe he’s looking for someone else secretly to get him off or something. I know negative thinking isn’t the way to go, but sometimes you just can’t help but assume the worst. I just can’t wait for my cutie pie to get here. That’s all that gets me going.