7 Ways Having Kids Changes Your Relationship For The Better

Having a baby is one of the biggest game-changers your relationship will face. You will deal with changes that will make your union better than ever before!

I can't blame you if you've spent the majority of your adult life thinking that having a baby with your partner is one of the things that can slow you both down and shake your relationship with him to the core. There's actually some truth in that but here's the other side of the coin.

Having a baby with a partner you dearly love can also be one of the most exciting things you can experience as a couple. Sure, being parents may mean sleepless nights and getting peed or puked on from time to time but there are more beautiful things to cherish and hold dear to your heart once you move from being a couple to a family.

You just have to know where to look and in an effort to help you with that, we've rounded up the top ways having kids changes your relationship and makes it a better and a stronger one. Grab your tissues first as some of these may strike a chord in your heart in ways you never thought possible. Got some Kleenex with you now? Great! Read on.

You'll be more protective


Protectiveness is only natural when you're in a relationship. You'd want to protect your partner the best way you can and you'd want to protect the relationship against those who may be trying to destroy it.

But when you welcome a baby into your life, you'd notice that you and your significant other will be more protective than usual to the point that you'll lay down your life if needed, just to ensure the safety of each other and your child.

This instinct to protect bonds you as a couple and makes you closer to each other each day, making your relationship stronger, too.

You'll share hilarious moments

Your kids may be tiny but the power they hold in their hands are huge. You know that if you've been a parent for some time. They can fart, puke, pee, and poop on you (or basically anywhere) whenever they feel the urge to do so and you won't be able to complain (but you're allowed to scream silently, LOL).

You'd be disgusted if it was you but you'll surely have fits of laughter when it's your partner's turn. Then there will be moments when it's both of you who'd end up with puke, pee, and poop and you'd both laugh while cleaning up the mess your wonderful kid has wholeheartedly caused.

You won't have the chance to get angry because that's just not possible when you're looking at angels like your kids. You'd learn to work as a team and as a result, your relationship is stronger and better.

You'll lean on each other

There will be days when your kids will suddenly have a fever, have trouble sleeping, or you'll have issues with breastfeeding (that is, if you breastfeed). When they become teenagers, you may have to deal with issues about grades at school, bullying, and even drugs.

These can be tougher even to the most experienced parent. When circumstances like these happen, it will get more challenging and facing these tough times together will make your relationship better. You'll see each other in a light that you've never looked at one other before.

You'll develop huge respect and love for each other, making you stronger as individuals and the tough times more bearable since you're working as one tougher unit.

You'll deal with problems and solve them together


As your kids grow up, they'd explore more new things. Sometimes, despite your consistent support and guidance, they can still end up on the wrong path.

It can be a headache when you finally have to deal with these issues but the good thing is you'll learn how to work together with your husband, you'd learn to communicate more and hear each other out, all for the sake of your child.

When you solve problems together, putting effort equally, you would feel rewarded as parents and you'd feel better and stronger as each other's better half.

You'll plan for your kid's future

You'll surely talk about what you'd want your child to become as your kid grows older. Your husband may want them to engage in sports and you may want them to spend time in arts. Whichever is it, you'll share and exchange ideas with each other.

There will be important decisions to be made along the way as your child can't handle things on his own just yet and discussing and brainstorming on this together will take your relationship to a whole new level.

You'll be more intimate even if you're engaged in things that don't really mean intimacy. You'd navigate parenthood as one team, making your union better, stronger, and more exciting.

You'll see each other's real self

There's nothing that can reveal your authentic self than sleep deprivation. When you're both sleep deprived, you'll say words you never thought can come out of your mouth and you'll be an ocean of varying emotions.

You'll argue and fight but make up after because there's nobody else that you can rely on during this trying time but each other. When you stick to each other despite this difficult phase in your relationship, you'll grow more attracted and in love with each other. Isn't that so sweet?

You'll fight for time together


Me-time and couple-time are hardly possible once you become a parent. We know that can be shocking but it's just the way it is bad the earliest you learn how to deal with such change, the better. Anyway, if there's a will, there's a way.

When you and your SO work together, you'd surely be successful in finding a day or even just a few hours of child-free time. You'd cherish such moment (as they'd hard to come by, trust us on this) and you'll love each other more for it.

Life after kids introduces changes that make your relationship better

If you ever thought that your lives will be over just because a tiny human came into it, stop. Life after having a baby with your partner will definitely change forever.

Yes, there are downs to it but there are also ups that you can both look forward to as you both experience the exhilarating roller coaster ride you only are granted once you become a parent.

So don't be afraid of entering parenthood once you both are ready. And if you're both parents now, just sit back, relax (as much as you possibly can), and enjoy the ride (because enjoyment is still a thing, you know?).

They'll only be kids once and while they are, make every second that you get to spend with them count. Be the best parents you can possibly be so you'll have no regrets later on, alright? Cool!

So here's to a stronger and better relationship now that you've got a new addition to your family! We wish you all the strength, peace, and love as you navigate this challenging phase of your relationship.

We know you'll get through this stronger and more in love with each other.

Good luck!

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