3 Fantastic Apple Cleansing Diet Plans

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. We all know it. Apples are really healthy and have a lot of benefits for our bodies. Lately they have been most popular as cleansing agents. Find out how.

Apples contain only 81 calories per a fist sized apple, they are rich in vitamins and contain a lot of cellulose which helps speed up our metabolism and they are rich in fibers that make us feel full. All of this makes an apple a perfect health food. Check out three fantastic apple cleansing diet plans.

1. An Apple a Day

woman apple dieting

This diet plan is meant for all those who are already eating healthy and don’t need to lose weight. Try it for a simple seven day cleanse.

All you have to do is substitute one of your daily meals with a fist sized apple. Eat everything else as you normally would except for that one meal. Plus, add some apple juice into the mix, but only freshly squeezed. Apple juices from the store are usually full of extra sugar and therefore should not be used in this diet plan. Take a glass of apple juice with breakfast every morning.

Stick to this plan for one week. It will cleanse your body from all those toxins that are stuck inside and you will start to feel much better. If this diet plan suits you, you can continue for one week more, but not longer than that. You can repeat it later, but be sure to take at least a two month break between each time.

2. Only Apples

This is a very rigorous diet plan and I absolutely do not advise you to try it before consulting your doctor. Also, if you suffer from high blood sugar, kidney problems or you are pregnant, this is not a diet for you.

This diet should last for only two days and it would be best if you did it during the weekend. While on this diet, you will have less energy than usual and you will want to rest more. The whole diet consists of two days of eating only apples and drinking water or unsweetened herbal tea.

Start cutting down on carbs and reduce the amount of food you eat one week before the detox. When the detox starts, you are only allowed to eat fresh, unpeeled apples of all brands. You can eat as many apples as you want and you can season them with cinnamon and cardamom. You may feel fatigue and a change in bowel movement, but it’s all normal and will pass after the detox. When the detox plan is over, gradually introduce regular food back into your diet.

3. Apple, Chicken and Rice

Apple rice and chichen

This diet is what its name says – you are only allowed to eat apples, chicken and rice. The diet lasts for nine days and apart from being a detox diet it also melts a couple of pounds off of you.

Bear in mind that this is not a nutritionally balanced diet. You will lack some nutrients and this is why you must not follow this plan for more than nine days. The diet is based on eating just one of these three ingredients for three days and then start the cycle all over again.

You are not allowed to mix these ingredients or add others during the nine day diet plan. You can drink only water and herbal tea, sweetened with honey if necessary. Sugars and alcohol are absolutely forbidden.

All of these diet plans are basically created for cleansing, not losing weight. Although apple, chicken and rice plan could shave off a couple of pounds, you are not advised to stick to this plan if you’re looking for weight loss. Consult your doctor before starting a diet.

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  • How much weight can we lose if we eat only apples for two day? Do you eat a apple for breakfast, if yes then what type of breakfast can we make with an apple?

    • I tried the apple diet for 2 days and lost 6 pounds!!
      During those days I only ate raw apples (Both yellow and red).