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Whether you’re trying to fit into that body-con dress or strapping on that bikini, these fitness girls of Instagram will take your workout routine from a 2 to a 10.

Working out isn’t always as easy as we want it to be. Sometimes we lose our motivation quickly, but once we find a dress we want to fit into or bikini season rolls around, our motivation sky rockets.

These fitness girls of Instagram keep our motivation going all year round. With slim bodies, defined muscles, and happy lifestyles, our top fitness girls of Instagram will be the perfect boost on your feed.


Followers: 44.2k

If you’re starting a new workout and eating routine from scratch, LivingMovingBeing is the perfect guide to getting started.

Her page showcases her healthy meals of greens and fruits while also including exercise videos and pictures of her workout equipment.

If you’re hoping to curb your diet without losing any of the flavors, you’ll be happy to try her avocado and tomato sandwiches all the way to her chocolate banana pancakes.


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Followers: 46.8k

If you have a hard time motivating yourself, ECook126 might want you to succeed more than you do. Her page is filled with a great amount of motivational quotes that will have you ready to quit your regular routine and challenge yourself.

If that’s not enough, her workouts are American Ninja Warrior worthy. Her exercises work on upper body, core, and grip strength, and she’s definitely one fitness girl we’d love to be like.


Followers: 63.8k

While Bella_Be_Active is pursuing a life of fitness, health, travel, and sunshine, we’re more interested in the health and fitness.

With many posts to show off her beach body, she has the perfect amount of inspiration and motivation to get us working out and eating healthy.

Bella_Be_Active lives a glamorous life by the beach where you’ll find her eating fruit infused breakfasts and doing yoga as the sun sets.


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Followers: 65.7k

While EveInMotion’s Instagram account includes hard upper body exercises, the kid in all of us can appreciate most of her posts.

Not only does she take her exercises to the beach, but she’ll also be found swinging from the traveling rings at a local playground. A self-proclaimed movement artist, her posts are not only inspiring but beautiful to watch.


Followers: 71.9k

Two heads are better than one, and that’s definitely the case for these best friends who are fitness and nutrition specialists.

Working out with a friend can give you a boost of motivation, and these girls will give you all the inspiration you need.

A cross between yoga, weight training, and cardio, PowerGirls_Fitness will give you a dose of all the exercises needed to lose weight and get in shape.


A video posted by Gölgem Şirikçi (@gosiyim) on

Followers: 74.9k

If you’re trading in the gym for home workouts, Gosiyim is the Instagram page for you. Some of us don’t want to or have the means to shell out money for gym memberships or expensive equipment.

Gosiyim’s page is filled with exercises if the only equipment you have is an exercise mat. Her page comes with great body exercises like planks, bridges, and crunches.


A video posted by Samantha Hall (@bo_xox) on

Followers: 149k

The fitness expert behind Bo_XOX is Samantha Hall whose goal is to inspire her followers to move their body. Her Instagram account features the kind of workout we all aspire to.

With jaw-dropping flexibility and upper body strength, it’s common to see extreme yoga poses and aerial conditioning as part of her workout routine.


Followers: 242k

Thais_Health is run by a physical trainer who loves to enjoy her hearty meals. While a common misconception is that you can’t eat anything tasteful while losing weight or staying in shape, her page proves it wrong.

You’ll find delicious meals of steak, pasta, and salmon in addition to workout videos of her on the beach. Although her posts are in Portuguese, we all speak the language of food and fitness.


Followers: 333k

This fitness instructor has all your bases covered on Instagram. Not only does she have an eBook to managing your life between working out and eating healthy, but she also has a fitness app for those looking for a digitally hands on approach.

Her Instagram feed is filled with exercise videos, balance and healthy meals of fruits and vegetables, and motivational posts to keep you going on your most trying days.

Now that you’ve seen all these lean women with their healthy lifestyles, we want to know if you’re planning on using their exercise tips.

Working out alone can sometimes be a struggle, but having these women constantly appear on your Instagram feed can be that kick that gets you out of your bed and moving on your feet.

Let us know in the comments down below if you’re planning on revamping your exercise routine and which ones give you the best results!

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