Everything You Need To Know About Leo

Leo season is approaching! Are you curious to know more about that Leo you’re dating? Find all the information you need right here!

When you meet a Leo, it feels exciting and new. This will tell you all you need to know about the highly likeable sign. Learn how to keep a Leo interested, and how to get them to fall for you.

General Characteristics

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The minute you meet a Leo, you’re hooked. Even if you don’t know it—even if they don’t know it—they’re pulling you in, and you don’t want it to stop. Leo’s have a certain charm about them that no other sign has. They’re confident, ambitious, generous and loyal. Just walking near them makes you feel better.

While there are many amazing things about Leos, there are a few that aren’t so great. Leos can be incredibly melodramatic and stubborn in addition to being pretentious, domineering and vain. Without these qualities, a Leo wouldn’t be a true Leo. Leos are always going to be very high-class people with extremely good looks and personality to boot, but they wouldn’t be complete without their usual snarky attitude; this just completes them and makes them who they are.

People are attracted to Leos in every way, shape and form. They’re attracted to their looks, personality and warm, fun-loving spirit. Leos are the all-around favorite sign in the zodiac.

Leos love the idea of being popular and having a big friend group; they also love excitement and sharing that with the people they care about. However, Leos are also very independent and closed off. They like to do things on their own, but they also need others to admire and appreciate them. While Leos are entirely capable of being successful on their own accord, they are much happier when then have people encouraging them and supporting them. They are the type of people who prefer not to be alone.

Leos are some of the greatest people you could ever have the pleasure of calling friends. They are natural healers and possess the power to lift one’s spirits easily and encourage everyone around them. What they seek from other people, they give back to those who matter to them. Leos are very thoughtful people who always deal a fair share.

I haven’t met a Leo who isn’t a social butterfly. It’s not because they choose to be one, though. It’s just that people are drawn to them and want to be around them. It’s like Leos have a gravitational pull that just brings everyone close to them. One reason for their popularity is the fact that they don’t dwell on the past. They think in the present, and this quality is very admirable. Some Leos can get too caught up in themselves and become self-absorbed, but never enough that they’ll pass by someone who needs their help.

Leos aren’t typically known for their generosity, but they should be. They are incredibly giving people and everyone should know it. A Leo is an ultimate friend because they don’t hold a grudge; they’re very forgiving, and they will do anything for you if you ask them to. Their respect for other people is outstanding. Leos are wonderful overall. If you ever have the chance to befriend a Leo, do it. You will not regret a second of it.

Physical Features

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People born under the constellation of Leo aren’t don’t share physical attributes like all the other signs. Sagittarians have beautiful, thick hair while Cancerians have round faces and bright eyes, and Geminis have glowing eyes and curly hair. Then, there’s Leo with little to no distinction between the people in this sign.

Leos have an immortal beauty. The differences they hold are always gorgeous. Their features range from bright and sharp blue eyes to dark and overpowering brown eyes. Most Leos are above average in height, giving them an air of simple beauty. This sign is the most diverse physically as every Leo is unique in their own way.


Leo is a Fire sign, and Fire signs try to hide their emotions. They are extremely sensitive, but they’ll never let you know that about them. They see sensitivity as a weakness in themselves. They love being praised. Their egos demand adoration. They are dependent on other people loving them, for they feel like they cannot fully appreciate themselves without other people’s praise for them. They would never let you know this, though. They keep their hearts locked up and safe from anyone who could possibly hurt them.

If you’ve become infatuated with a Leo, admiration is a surefire way to help them fall for you. Admiration is the key to success in this aspect of love. Like any relationship, you should compliment your other half, but Leos thrive on the compliments you give them. There aren’t enough compliments in the world to tire out a Leo.

Though I don’t advise lying in a relationship, Leos won’t mind if your compliments are less than sincere because they love any attention you give them. If you can compliment a Leo and make them laugh, you’re definitely set for life. Leos love to be entertained, and they feel so good when they’re laughing and genuinely happy with someone.


Many signs in the zodiac are extremely compatible with Leo. All of them would make great relationships, but there are a few that are better and a couple that are worse. Some of the better signs for Leo are Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aries and Libra. The signs that might not work with Leo are Taurus, Cancer, Virgo and Scorpio.

Leo and Sagittarius

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A Leo and Sagittarius together are pure love and harmony. They need each other, they work well together and their personalities work so well together that it’s like they move as one person. The way they act together is fun and simple; it’s what both of these signs want from a relationship. If any two signs should be together, it’s Sagittarius and Leo.

Leo and Capricorn

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Leo and Capricorn make a great pair because Capricorn loves to dish out the compliments, and of course, Leo likes to take that all in. These two together have chemistry, and this love is sure to last.

Leo and Aries

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When an Aries and a Leo are together in a relationship, things spark automatically. Aries’s fiery nature and Leo’s rush from that fire get these two revved up for an exciting relationship.

Leo and Libra

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Leo and Libra share compatible qualities. Leos love to be loved and Libras love to love. These two signs complement each other so well that they have nothing bad to say about the other.

Non-Compatible Signs

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Leo doesn’t work well with Cancer, Taurus, Virgo or Scorpio because these signs are all quiet and homebodies. They don’t like expressing how they feel, or they find it hard to do, and they like to stay close to home whereas Leos like to venture off and try new things.

2016 Romance Recap

Whether you’re a Leo and looking for love or another sign looking to love a Leo, 2016 is a year to relax and take in your options and what you want from you love life. 2016 for Leo is more money- and career-oriented, but September of this year can hold something big for Leos. The immensely powerful Lunar Eclipse in September will ignite your flame and help you into a new relationship. It’ll blow away past loves and set your sights for something new and exciting.

Meeting a Leo is truly a gift, so meet one near their birthday and take them out. July 22 to August 21 is when the Sun will be over Leo’s constellation. Go out and make the best of it!


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  • Well for start 65 % of what it say is true and the other15% is not and the 10% confused me, to me Leo people are misterious in their own way i am a Leo and some of the things it say is nothing about me or my mother nor my cousin. one of it that is not true for example( LEO AND TAURUS and VIRGO do not get alone is flues because my boyfriend is a TAURUS and my BEST FRIEND is a VIRGO the fact they say VIRGO people are back stabbers my friend is nothing like that not because what they say about people that r different plant could be true some of those people are the most nice and friendly people i know anyway