6 Great Workouts You Can Do At Home

Who has time to go to the gym? Almost no one. On the bright side, there are plenty of great workouts to do at home in order to help you get in shape and tone up.

We have such busy lives that few of us have time to go to the gym or for a walk or run? Here’s an easy solution: exercise while watching your favorite TV shows. That way, you keep your normal routine, but also get fit in time for summer.

A great workout includes X number of reps (the number of times you do the exercise back-to-back) and a number of sets (the number of times you do the reps).

Each workout requires you to do what you can, but also to do more then what makes you comfortable. It is important to sweat and feel a burn, slight pain and tightness—that’s when you know you are doing it right.

What was once considered a hard workout will become easy; that when it’s time to increase the number of sets and reps you do.

Everyone wants to look better; the hardest part is starting, and sticking to it. This is the perk of working out at home. It makes it easier because you don’t have to feel self-conscious at the gym—it’s also easy to fit into your existing schedule.

With these workout ideas, you’ll be looking and feeling much better in no time.


Beautiful Girl Doing Yoga Exercises At Home In White Interior

Who doesn’t want a strong, lean and smooth core that makes tight shirts look amazing! This can be easily accomplished.

1. Planking

Planking is a great exercise for strengthening and tightening your core. The proper form for planking is as follows:

Get into a pushup position, then bend your elbows so your forearms are on the floor, supporting you (this is where you put your weight). Your body should form a straight line from shoulders to ankles.

Hold this for as long as you can. Make sure you suck in your stomach while doing this as this will really strengthen your core and arms.

2. Sit ups

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Another workout for your core is the traditional sit up. There are many variations of sit ups, but for a great core workout, you’ll want to do sit ups with a twist to work your obliques.

The best way to do this workout is to sit on a carpet or soft floor, legs bent and in front of you and arms behind your head. Make sure you suck in your stomach while doing the sit ups.

As you sit up, twist to the left then move back down. On your next rise, twist to the right. Keep alternating sides.


Great leg workouts that provide muscular tone legs could happen just from walking, running and doing yoga. However, really intense leg workouts that will ensure you feel the intense burn fast and in the comfort of your home are bicycle kicks and burpees.

3. Bicycle kicks

exercise bicycle crunches

Bicycle kicks help to tone your core but mostly work your legs due to the constant motion for your thighs. The best way to do them is to lay on your back on a soft surface, angle your pelvis slightly upwards and bend your legs in the air just like when you ride a bike.

Pedal really fast, but also at a steady pace that you can maintain.

4. Burpees

Burpees Exercise

For burpees, make sure you exaggerate and feel every action you do and keep doing so. A proper burpee starts off with you standing with your feet shoulder width apart.

You then go down into a deep squat, swiftly put your hands on the floor—shoulder width apart—in front of you and kick your feet back. Stay in a plank and then do a proper push up.

Next, jump your feet to meet your hands and bend your legs in order to jump up in an explosive jump. That’s one burpee.


Who doesn’t want a nice butt! It seems to be a big trend lately, and it isn’t going to go away anytime soon. Here are some great exercises to do in order to look awesome in anything you wear!

5. Squats

two girls doing squat exercise

Squats are a great exercise to tone and shape your butt. To do a proper squat, start off with your feet shoulder width apart, put your arms in front of you and bend your knees—just make sure you don’t overextend your knees so they end up reaching over your ankle.

A proper squat makes you feel the burn in your thighs. The goal is to go as low as you can and stay there for a while, then repeat.

6. Lunges

lunges exercise at home

Another great exercise to tone your butt are lunges. When doing lunges remember to keep your upper body straight with your chin up and shoulders back.

Then, step forward with one leg (alternating with every lunge), and bend it at 90 degrees while pushing on it with your other leg back and at a slight angle. You will feel the burn in both legs.

All these workouts, and and others, are good for toning and getting into better shape. Of course, it is good to drink and eat healthily too in order to stay in shape.

However, these exercises will definitely get you on the right track—all from the comfort of your own home.

There are plenty of tutorial videos online that demonstrate other exercises as well as how to do these exercises. Remember that it will be hard at first, but you can do this and it will become easier—just remember to challenge yourself!

If you have any other great workouts to do at home, feel free to share them below.

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