Healthy Meal Ideas To Help You Get That Summer Body

Diets don’t always work. Sometimes a new diet of healthy foods with minimal calories is what you need to feel and look better in time for that summer body.

The number of people who eat fast food due to convenience is an issue. What’s also an issue is that summer’s coming and eating fast food gets in the way of that summer body. Yes, we have busy lives, but we should still eat healthily, feel happy and live happily.

Your body will thank you for eating healthier foods by losing weight, toning up, feeling more energized and making you feel like you can climb a mountain. You are what you eat!

Here’re some healthy meal ideas for three meals a day, plus dessert—occasionally these are good.



Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I know the morning rush of getting ready and making sure everything that needs to gets done is hard and time consuming. However, eating in the morning is extremely important.

Smoothies are good for breakfast if you’re rushed. Make sure they’re homemade rather than store bought. These are simple to make, portable and ridiculously healthy and filling. My personal favorite is the hulk smoothie, which is made of kale, a banana, pineapple coconut juice and sometimes vanilla yogurt. There’s also always the fruit smoothie (fresh or frozen) with milk and yogurt blended up, and you can drink your breakfast easily on the go.

It doesn’t matter which smoothie recipe you go with as long as it is filling and healthy. Try to use minimal juice and no sugar. Smoothies are perfect for people on the go. However, if you have time, make oatmeal (not the instant ones) with some fruit in it, and if you can have a big glass of milk, save the coffee for later.


There are so many options for lunch that are easy, yummy and healthy. These include sandwiches, wraps, salads and soups. Everything listed can easily be healthy, or if you buy it from a healthy place.


Try a turkey or tuna wrap, or a grilled chicken and cheese with tomato sandwich. As for salads, chicken, spinach and garden salads are all good choices. When it comes to soups try to get a hearty healthy chicken noodle or beef stew or other quick and healthy lunches that are low in calories.



Any of the meal options for lunch can be just as healthy an option for dinner. What matters is making sure you resist take out and make something good and healthy. Good ideas for dinner can easily be brown rice, bok choy with onions and a chicken breast, but even pasta is good when eaten in moderation.

There are also easy meals like hamburgers or chicken burgers, steak and mashed potatoes. Just make sure you eat the right amount from each food group every day. Eat vegetables, a protein, and healthy carbs and you are set. There are also several excellent sites with great recipes for healthy dinner meals.



Desserts are meant to be decadent because fruit or granola just doesn’t feel like desert. As with every meal, it’s important to pay attention to your portion sizes. Remember: nothing in moderation is ever unhealthy—and that includes dessert!

Desserts shouldn’t be the forbidden apple for people watching what they eat. Instead, desserts should be seen as a reward, and they should definitely be enjoyed! There are healthy desserts available, and some are actually very satisfying no matter how sweet your sweet tooth may be.

With a little patience and determination, you can find recipes that are guaranteed to satisfy even the pickiest of sweet tooth!


Getting the perfect summer body, which feels healthier, won’t happen by only eating right; you also need to avoid nicotine and alcohol. If you are still going to drink or smoke, try to do it in moderation to cut down on the calories in each drink.

It’s also important to exercise, as eating right won’t fix everything. Diet is just the start. Drinking lots of water and exercising is the other part required to get that summer body. This will improve your body, your mind, and your life. After a few weeks of eating more healthily, you’ll start to notice the changes—they won’t be instant, but it will be worth it.

If you have any great recipes, please feel free to share them in the comments section below!

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