When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Yourself A Margarita

When it seems as though life is crumbling around you, giving up may seem like the best choice. Here’s how to keep going when it seems your world has disappeared. When life gives you lemons, make yourself a margarita. Here’s how.

You wake up one morning and find that it’s true. Your life has been ripped apart and nothing is ever going to be the same again. The rise and fall of your chest under your satin sheets ensures that you are, indeed, still living… So, where do you go from here?

Unfortunately, this is a question more and more women are having to answer. It is also a question most of us never expected to have to answer. After all, we opted for the fairytale ending when we said “I do,” but…that’s life for ya!

It’s okay, sweetie. You can cry. When you are done, get up, wash your face and put some coffee on—you are going to be okay. I know that is not what you want to hear right now.

You want to just lay in bed, hoping that this will all go away or some prince charming you have never heard of is going to kick down your door and come to your rescue. At this, I am going to have to say: lay off the magic mushrooms. They’ll ruin your complexion!

Seriously. No matter how rude it sounds, we have all been there. And, we have all made it through. Some of us, barely, but we did it—and you will, too!

Here are a few things that will help you get through on those days when you think you can’t draw one more breath, lest you live, trapped in this virtual emotional prison.

Cut yourself some slack!

 When life gives you lemons, make yourself a margarita

Easier said than done, I know!

We are not superheroes. Yes, we do look like the golden goddesses of love and things like this don’t happen to us, but even the clouds block the sun once in awhile. That doesn’t mean that you have to let them rain on your parade though!

During the times when my kingdom was falling apart, I was imparted with one word: compassion. I was told to give myself the same compassion that I had extended to others.

Would I treat my BFF in the same way I was treating myself at this moment? Obviously not, so why am I beating myself up over all the ‘shoulda,’ ‘woulda’ and ‘coulda’ beens?

It is natural for us to dissect the cancerous portions of our lives and search adamantly for a cure. Like cancer, sometimes, there is no cure. Sometimes, things just die.

No amount of love, affection or change could have prevented it. It is like everything else in the universe. There is a time and season for everything and this season is over. Let it go.

Take stock and give thanks

It’s hard to see the bright side, when the clouds of desolation have descended on you, but there will be sunshine again. I promise!

We don’t need patchwork or quick fixes, we need ways to deal that will help us in the long run so if any other things come our way again we can apply them to a new situation.

Sitting and staring at all the reminders of what will never be is like dressing yourself in a cement kimono. While it may look like the only thing that fits right now, it is so not the season for it. Besides that, it’s not even your color. Throw that thing off and put on something glorious!

When you get up and show up, as they say, your mind will take on a different outlook of your surroundings. It helps us to remember who we are and what we are worth.

Then, you can begin to firmly plant those seeds of remembrance that, before you know it, will sprout into lovely fragrant flowers of success.

Give thanks for even the smallest things, like the last piece of bread for toast, having just enough milk for your Captain Crunch, or making through even one minute without crying (been there, done that).

Though you may not believe it (at the time, I didn’t), before you know it, you will be fine. Somehow, it just happens. Unexpectedly.

Reinvent yourself

 When life gives you lemons

For me, this was the most exciting stage to get to. For more than twenty years, I was labeled as ‘his’ wife and ‘their’ mother. There was no ‘me’. That had never bothered me before, as I took great pride in being part of my tribe.

I knew that all the accolades my ex and children received were due, in part, to my behind-the-scenes, unappreciated work.

You, my dear, are like us other women who do not need the pat on the back for doing what we know needs to be done. Nonetheless, it wouldn’t have hurt for someone to come along and tell us, “Good job! We know you don’t get the credit you deserve, but thanks just the same”.

Once I got over that, along with accepting that there was nothing different I could have done, I let things be what they were. Yes. I did still harbor anger. I think that is a long-term release process that can only be worked out as each new trial that we face is turned into a triumph.

So, don’t sweat the anger—or the tears

You can still cry at this point…just not with your makeup on!

There are hundreds of times in life where we put ourselves aside to make other people happy. We sacrifice our own time, dreams and passions to make everyone else around us happy.

So, let go anyone who weighs you down.

Yes, when I go out now, I don my most chic, sleek and stunning outfits. I dazzle and bedazzle my hair and body with the intent to turn heads and create adventures that weaker women would have heart palpitations over.

I am not talking that trashy, show-your-ass kind of wardrobe that makes people duck when they see you. Its about that regal Cleopatra’s-in-the-house-and-I-want-to-know-her kind of buzz.

You will be amazed at the people who want to be a part of what you are doing. Why? Because you are living what most fear—being your true self! How hard is that? I mean, there really is only one of you, right?

It may be mean and petty, but when you see the look on your ex’s face at what once was his treasure now being entertained by others not in his league: like Maybelline, it’s worth it!

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Now, go on: get your sexy on. Live, and make him live to regret it. When life gives you lemons, make yourself a margarita.

There ain’t no woman out there that can live up to you, and he knows it—or he will now!

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