How to Surround Yourself with Good People

The people around us affect us more than we think. Whether we realize it or not, people’s attitude, approach, perspective or even their overall mood will rub off on us, which is why it is smart to pick the people we’re around a lot carefully.
How to Surround Yourself with Good People

The people we surround ourselves with have a significant impact on our lives. Surrounding yourself with good people—those who uplift, support, and inspire you—is essential for personal development, happiess, and success.

“Surround yourself with people who make you happy. People who make you laugh, who help you when you’re in need. People who genuinely care. They are the ones worth keeping in your life. Everyone else is just passing through.” – Karl Marx

So Karl Marx had it all figured out, because after all, what person in their right mind would choose to be surrounded by people who make them unhappy over being surrounded by people who make them happy? Only in most cases, picking the right people to surround yourself with isn’t as simple as it may initially seem – but then again what person in their right mind would settle for unhappiness just because the path towards happiness isn’t as straight forward as it’s often depicted to be?

Why Surrounding Yourself with Good People Matters

Surrounding yourself with good people is crucial for several reasons:

Positive Influence

Good people have a positive influence on your mindset, behavior, and choices. They inspire you to be your best self and provide a supportive environment for personal growth.

Support and Encouragement

Good people offer support, encouragement, and guidance during both triumphs and challenges. They genuinely care about your well-being and provide a safe space for vulnerability.

Motivation and Inspiration

Being around good people who are motivated and passionate can ignite your own motivation and inspire you to pursue your dreams and goals.

Reduced Negativity

Good people help minimize negativity in your life. They create an uplifting atmosphere that promotes positivity, kindness, and empathy.

Assessing Your Current Social Circle

Before you can surround yourself with good people, it’s essential to assess your current social circle. Take the time to evaluate the individuals you interact with regularly and consider the following:

Do some spring cleaning

Surround Yourself with Good People

You can look at this the same way you’d look at the process of cleaning out your wardrobe.

Sometimes you just have to go through it and throw out that skirt that no longer fits you, that shirt that no longer suits you and that pair of shoes you can no longer walk in.

Just like it doesn’t make any sense to try to fit into a dress that no longer fits you just because it once did, it doesn’t make any sense to keep hanging around people you once felt comfortable around but no longer do. Appreciate the fact that you have great memories with some people, but also acknowledge and accept that fact that people (including yourself) change, and it’s more than okay to let go.

I’d rather have a handful of outfits which make me feel happy, confident and comfortable the way I am right now than a wardrobe full of clutter. And anyway, where are you going to put all the good pieces of clothing if you do not make space for them by throwing out the bad ones?

Create a filter

Now once you get rid of all the wrong people, the last thing you want is more wrong people to come back into your life, which is why creating a filter is an important step. Stop and think about what the wrong people around you tended to be like. Did they have a tendency to constantly make you feel like you weren’t good enough the way you were? Was their attitude making you feel depressed? Was their company making you feel emotionally drained? Were they making you feel mentally exhausted?

One good thing about having been in this kind of people’s company is that thanks to your familiarity with them, you will be able to detect them more easily when you come across similar people in the future.

Attract the right people

Surround Yourself with - Good People

The good news is that attracting the right people is really simple. In fact it is so simple, that at first glance it may even seem slightly silly.

All you have to do to attract the right people is to merely be yourself. Yes, that’s it.

Stop pretending to look interested in what someone has to say when you’re really not. Don’t force yourself to accept an invitation to have coffee with someone who bores you to death out of sheer politeness..Say what you feel like saying, behave how you feel like behaving, and feel what you feel like feeling.

By doing so, you will be displaying your real self openly and clearly for everyone to see. It’s basically a bit like saying ‘No nonsense here, what you see is what you get, take it or leave it.’ People who like what they see and know what they want will approach you because they are attracted by the real you. You won’t have an image to live up to, an impression to make or an appearance to preserve.

Retain the right people, recycle the wrong ones

Now back to the wardrobe example; once you’ve managed to reorganize it, you’re going to want to maintain it. Take good care of the garments that make you feel good. Do not hesitate to give away or throw away whatever doesn’t fit anymore, even though you may maybe only just have bought it.

Appreciate, be grateful and thankful for the good people in your life and don’t be scared to let go of the people who just don’t work for you. Remember that this isn’t a one-time task; this is something that you ought to be constantly re-evaluating. Just like fashion changes along with the seasons, so do people. And you definitely shouldn’t feel selfish or ungrateful for deciding which people you want in your life. There is absolutely nothing wrong with deciding who you want to be around. Just because some people may be wrong for you doesn’t mean they’re bad people. The so called ‘wrong’ people may very well be awesome individuals, but just not right for you.

Jim Rohn said: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Have you ever noticed how the more time you spend with someone, the more like them you become?

Q&A About Surrounding Yourself with Good People

1. Can surrounding myself with good people really make a difference in my life?

Absolutely! Surrounding yourself with good people has a profound impact on your mindset, well-being, and overall success. Good people provide support, motivation, and inspiration, making a positive difference in various aspects of your life.

2. How can I identify toxic individuals in my social circle?

To identify toxic individuals, pay attention to patterns of negative behavior, constant criticism, manipulation, and lack of empathy. Trust your instincts and distance yourself from those who consistently bring negativity into your life.

3. What if I can’t find good people in my immediate environment?

If you’re struggling to find good people in your immediate environment, consider expanding your social circles. Engage in online communities, attend workshops or seminars, or join social clubs to meet new people who align with your values and interests.

Surround yourself with good people!  By assessing your current social circle, defining your ideal connections, and actively seeking out like-minded individuals, you can create a positive and supportive environment that fuels your growth. Remember, attracting good people starts with embodying the qualities you seek in others and nurturing existing relationships.

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