10 Signs A Guy Likes You (But Doesn’t Want You To Know)

Often, women want to see things that may not exist, when, in fact, a guy might just be friendly in nature. Sometimes, though, he may be in love and not want you to know….

For some reason, men often feel the need to hide their emotions—as if we’ll judge and tease them for how they’re feeling. In fact, most women thrive on knowing what a man is thinking just as much as men would love to know what women want.

Along with feeling the need to be mysterious and somewhat emotionless, men seem to think that their ‘macho-ness’ depends on how little emotion they’re able to show in front of a woman—especially one they’re very much interested in.

So, in order to decode the craziness of what we call love, I’ve decided to teach you all the signs a guy likes you. This way, you’ll be prepared for meeting a man you’re interested in.

1. He talks about you

signs a guy likes you

If his friends or family know about you, it’s a good sign that he wants everyone to know about you. Men tell the people they trust and value the most about a woman they want to get to know more intimately. If no one knows about, it’s a pretty clear indication that he doesn’t value you enough to want to share the thought of you. Every woman wants to feel special in that kind of way.

2. He spends time with you

A man who’s in love is will want to spend time with the person he’s in love with. Perhaps he’s not ready to let you know by using words, but his actions will be loud enough. Remember, men are visual creatures, and they go after what they want if the need is strong enough, so pay attention to his need to want to spend time with you.

3. He remembers memorable events

Whether it’s your birthday, which is a huge deal, or an important event happening, a man who’s in love will remember those events. If he has a bad memory, he’ll write it down somewhere—partly because he pays attention when you’re speaking. If he forgets your birthday, he’s a lost cause anyway.

4. He cares about how you feel

signs a guy likes you

When a man holds a woman close to his heart, he absolutely cares about her well-being and feelings. Pay attention to those moments—especially if you haven’t known him for that long. Good men will protect, which includes looking out for your feelings. Rest assured: if he’s invested in you, your feelings will absolutely matter.

5. He listens when you speak

Men who don’t quite care will listen with one ear. They may seem interested, but they won’t remember what you said a week ago. Be careful, though, some men are really bad listeners regardless of their feelings. They may be so infatuated with your beauty that your words will seem pointless.

6. He feels the need to protect

If you’re hurt, you will be his first priority, and be careful any person who caused the pain. If a man’s invested in you, he will absolutely feel the need to protect you. It’s a great indication of his feelings for you. Always keep an eye out for this trait, but take it from who it comes. Some men are just raised well and feel the need to protect any woman in need.

7. He’s intrigued by you

You can tell by the way he looks at you when you speak. If a man is intrigued by you, he’ll have a big fat smile on his face while he listens intently to what you’re saying. He may even be speechless for a little while after you’ve had your say. Men like a little mystery and a woman who knows what she wants. Being intrigued by you is a great sign, so always observe his body language.

8. He shares personal details

signs a guy likes you

If a man trusts you, he’ll tell you intimate details about himself—things he may not even tell his parents or best friend about. If he trusts you enough to open himself up like that, never break his trust regardless of how you feel about him. Very few men open up, so when he chooses you, know that he thinks you’re pretty special.

9. He gets upset over unreturned calls

A man who’s in love will imagine you with other men when you don’t answer the phone in time. There’s a fine line between a little bit of jealousy and possessiveness. Know where the line is and make an informed decision. Sometimes it’s nice to know you’re wanted like that if it’s for the right reasons.

10. He smiles when he’s around you

Being happy is a great sign. If a man constantly smiles when he’s around you, it obviously means he’s having a good time with you. Who doesn’t want more of a good time when they’ve had it, right? So, if he’s happy when he’s with you, and he mentions it, it’s a pretty good sign that he wants you to know that he wants more of what he’s getting.

Remember to always stay open and true to yourself rather than sitting on the sidelines of dating just because you’re scared of getting hurt. Easier said than done right? Speaking from experience, you never get what you want if you’re too scared to go after it. Learn how to tell if a guy likes you by all the possible signs. You may not always get all the signals right, and sometimes you miss a few as you go along, but at least you’re putting yourself out there, which is exactly what you should be doing.

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