7 Tips on How to Turn on Your Boyfriend

You’ve been together for a while, getting along just fine, no major issues; “steady as she goes”… but things are turning a bit dull in the bedroom.Instead of panicking – let’s see what YOU can do to make things better.

The idea is to seduce your man and spice up your sex life. To do so, you won’t need Ph.D. in stunts or a Porn Oscar. There are a few simple tricks on how to turn on a guy and show him that you’re a serious fire hazard in bed.

1. Initiate Sex

Every guy, no matter how dominant between the sheets, sometimes likes to take his Napoleon’s hat off and let you take the initiative. The best way to approach him is predator-like when he least expects – while watching TV, or when he is shaving or while he’s making an endless phone conversation. You’ll be delighted to see how much he likes your free spirit.

2. You Have the Final Say

Be dominant. It is not enough to show that you’re in the mood for sex, you must take control and show him what you imagined when you initiated the act. Act with confidence and use imagination; act out your hidden fantasy and enjoy his reaction, as I’m sure he’ll be more than pleased to see you in a different light.

3. Routine Kills Sex

Take it as a definition and never question it. This does not mean you should perform striptease every day, dress up like his favorite Disney princess and engage in a role-play to prevent predictability, but to not implement certain innovations once in a while is erotic suicide. Many couples do not bother to try more than three or four positions which mislead women into thinking that there is no need to change something that works. Error! If you’re not big on ideas – the Internet is full of information! Find new and interesting positions that will appeal to both of you. Use the tricks wisely; you don’t want him to grow accustomed to bondage, do you?

4. The Brain is the Most Important Sexual Organ

how to turn on your boyfriend

Talk to your partner about sex, learn about his needs and feelings. Play with words, be ambiguous. See where he stands on romance, passion, fantasies if you were on a honeymoon – remind him of it. Turn off the damn TV and his computer, whisper dirty things on the pillow instead. Avoid the daily routine.

5. Texting

While he’s at work, send him a dirty text message. “Threaten” him with something exciting or remind him of something you did the last time you had sex that blew his mind. Make it something playful, exciting, something that provides both physical and mental connection. He’ll get positively confused and super-horny. I guarantee results.

6. Take the Act out of the Bedroom

Your bed is not the only place to make love. Get out of the house, go somewhere exciting and strip. Forget about your daily responsibilities and concentrate on your and your partner’s pleasure. A comfortable bed is good for making love but it’s also associated with sleeping. Break out of the routine; attack the kitchen isle (or a balcony if the night is warm). Beds are overrated.

7. Play Music of Your Choice

Sometimes, gentle, ambient music will put you in a mood, accompanied by candlelight and a romantic dinner. Other times, something completely different, like techno or RnB, will do the trick. If you have nasty neighbors, buy two pairs of headphones and listen to selected music together. The feeling that you are sharing something beautiful that no one else can hear can be exciting. Sit back comfortably in bed, cuddle and let emotions overwhelm you.

Remembering hot and sweaty nights when you used to share more than physical pleasure doesn’t have to be only a fantasy. Break the habit, change the routine and remember what brought you together in the first place. It’s all magic, let it flow.

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  • I am falling apart. I have tried everything to get my boyfriend to have sex with me he just won’t. At first we had sex all the time now i am lucky to get it once a month. I need help bad….

    • Ive been with my boyfriend for almost three years. I am in a situation that ive never been in before. So here it is.. we had sex like every other night when we first met but prolly two months in it stopped and I wohkd try to initate and it woukdnt happen. I would basically be pushed away. I thiught with time it would get better but it hasnt. Now we have sex maybe once a month and I no longer initate because I w as pushed away so many times. Now the once a month that we have sex its basically when he finally gets horney and he initiates and I get so excited but it doesnt last for long because he. Orgasms so damn quick. I have brought all of this up tons.of.times.and have gotten no where

  • I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost 13 years and I did all of these techniques and nothing works nomore our love life’s is gone I even okay with myself and its just ain’t the same I find sex dull he doesn’t get turned on by nothing nomore and I’m tired of trying.

  • My boyfriend loves it when I tease him in public. Moaning in his ear, hand at the groin. Gets him every time.