How To Choose The Perfect Birthday Gift For Him

It’s not easy coming up with the perfect gift for your boyfriend. In case you could use some help, here are some great pointers from our male contributor.

Great birthday gift ideas are hard to come by. If your boyfriend’s birthday is coming up and you still haven’t got the slightest clue what to get him, don’t panic. Everything you need to know to pick out the perfect gift is right here in this article.

How long have you guys been together?

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How long you’ve known each other is definitely important. If it’s a relatively new relationship, it’s best to stay away from really big gifts. You wouldn’t want to make a statement through your actions that is much bigger than what they were expecting.

Listen for clues

Think long and hard about whether or not he has told you in a manner of speaking what to get him already. Has he ever said something like, “I’ve always wanted one of those,” or anything like that?

Think back to when you were walking through a shopping center or anywhere else where he could possibly have said something like that. Obviously, if he mentioned something super expensive, he didn’t say it with the intention of giving you a hint to buy it for him for his birthday. Don’t worry, he’s probably not expecting something really costly.

If you get him something that he thinks is too expensive, he might feel uncomfortable accepting it. He also might feel obligated to spend a lot more on your next birthday, which he might not really want.

If he’s good with small to medium sized gifts, just stick with that. If he wants to up the gift giving bar in the future by buying you jewelry or something like that, he will. If he already has and now it’s your turn, you’re not really expected to spend as much as he did, but you might want to go the extra mile on his big day to show your appreciation. Surprises are a great way to do that.

If you really have no idea how much to spend, think of his gift as something that should be a bit more valuable than what you might give someone who is just a friend. If you and your friends often give each other fairly big gifts, you can give your boyfriend something on the same level, or maybe on the same level of the last gift he got you depending on what that was and what you can afford. On your bestie’s birthday, you might buy her a couple of small gifts and take her out for dinner and a drink. Your boyfriend’s gift should be a step up from that, but not too much.

Are you creative?

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Making your gift is an awesome idea if you’re into arts and crafts or have any special talent that you can use to give him a unique gift. Giving him something you made yourself specifically for him is way more special and meaningful than something bought from a store.

Think like a guy

If he has never dropped you a hint, think “guy stuff.” If you were a man, what kind of products might you buy? Manly stuff is good, but make sure it’s something that he’ll actually want. Does he like cologne? Does he have a really good electric razor? Ask yourself what he needs or should have.

Be practical

He’d rather have something he can make good use of than something that’s sweet but not useful. As for the mushy stuff, that’s what the card is for. If you want, you can also bring him out to a nice restaurant or cook him a big birthday dinner. If something of his recently broke and he needs a new one, that would be the perfect gift. He needs to replace it no matter what, so if you relieve that need for him, he’ll definitely appreciate it. You can still make it a romantic day by doing other things.

Buy Something That Actually Suits Him

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If you’re getting him something he can wear, make sure it fits his style. If you get him something random that you think would look good on him, you’ll be putting him in the awkward position of having to wear it whether he likes it or not. If he doesn’t like it, he’ll wear it a few times just to be nice and that will be that.

Sports stuff!

Not all guys are into sports, but if there’s a team he’s really into, pretty much anything with their logo on it will make him happy. Hoodies, T-shirts, and beer mugs are all good examples. If you can get him tickets to a game, that would be even better.

Ask him

You can always simply ask him what he wants for his birthday. You don’t have to ask him to pick something out necessarily. You can say something like, “What kind of birthday gifts do you like most?” That way maybe you can narrow it down enough to give you a few good choices.

Most importantly, trust your gut. If you look at something in a store that happens to be kind of random and you just really feel like you’ll love it, go for it. After all, he’s your boyfriend, so you of all people should be able to guess what kind of gift he would like if you really put some thought into it. And with the above guide, you can’t go wrong.


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