How To Keep Him Interested In You FOREVER

Love can be amazing, but it also has a tendency to fade, especially if you're in a long-term relationship. Here's how to keep him interested in you forever!

It doesn’t matter if you’re dating the man of your dreams, or you simply want to attract him. Whatever your situation, every woman should learn how to capture a man’s heart.

Men stray when they lose interest, and you’ll end up left on the shelf. Lonely, bitter, disappointed. If you want to learn how to keep him interested in you forever, keep reading to discover what it takes to make him yours, for good.

The great news is that it doesn’t take much effort to make a big difference. First, we start with you:

Become The Best Version Of You

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Somewhere in your mind, you can see the perfect you. But you’re not so foolish as to think that you or anybody else can ever be perfect. The people who matter in your life are attracted to your rough edges. Edges that give you character.

But there’s a difference between an endearing trait that’s unique to you and a trait that others find obnoxious or repulsive. Start by asking for some brutally honest advice from a friend whom you know will talk to you straight.

It could be that you’re already as good as you can be. But then why would you be reading this article? Deep down, you know there are things about you – things you do repeatedly – that you don’t want to do.

You’re worried that you’ll end up pushing away the man of yours dreams. The good news is that you can change these bad habits. It just takes a bit of time and effort.

How to do this is relatively straightforward, but too long to cover properly here. You’ll also want to take up some good habits like adopting a healthy diet and exercise routine.

The benefits of this are obvious, yet many people simply neglect themselves. To put all this simply: stop doing things that make you feel weak, and start doing things that make you feel strong.

But just remember, there are certain things about you that you’ll never change. It’s up to you to make peace with them, and learn how to manage them in a healthy way.

Understand How Men Really Think

There is so much misinformation online about how men think, and what we want. I don’t really blame the people who spread these mistruths.

Often, men will not be totally honest about what they want because they’re afraid of being judged. This is made more difficult because what a man wants can vary widely between guys.

But it’s not that difficult to understand some of the basics that apply to all men: We hate drama and women who manufacture it because they are bored in their lives.

We love having sex with a woman who accepts us for who we are and is genuinely turned on by us. (more on that further down) We need our own space and time away from you to be with our friends or just to do some things without you.

We prefer to take the lead in the relationship, but understand that there are times for you to take charge. We want you to be confident as you. There is nothing sexier than a woman who behaves confidently in her life.

This is not too hard to understand, right?

The other important point here is that men are how they are. We can’t change ourselves to suit you, and the foolish men who do try that end up miserable and single.

And you are left feeling like you’ve been conned.

Remember that we think in a masculine way, and always will. Stop wanting us to think differently and learn to accept our ways, as we accept yours.

Find Out What He Likes And Do It

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But remember that he’s probably already doing this for you. Relationships are about giving and taking. And when a good man gets, all he wants to do is to give back.

The small things are what we love and we always remember when you do it. Maybe you bring us a cup of tea or coffee when need it most.

Or you give us a gentle head massage when you know we’ve had a hard day. It could be how you bake our favorite dish at your home and then bring it over to our place to eat.

Perhaps it’s how you sometimes tidy up the dishes after us. But it’s not just when we’re tired that we need your little touches.

For example, it’s common that you both like different types of movie. Make sure that you suggest a movie you know he’d like next time you’re having a lazy night in.

The same with eating out.

Whatever it is, make it clear that you like doing things for him and with him. But how are you to know what he likes? Simple: ask him!

Get him to open up to you about the little things he likes in life. He’ll love that you are at least interested to know, regardless of whether you’ll actually remember and do them.

Take The Lead Sometimes

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Men are usually expected to take the lead in certain areas of their relationships with women. Of course, it depends on the unique dynamic of each couple.

But if you find that your man takes the lead too often, don’t be afraid to take some of the weight off his shoulders. Men are better at some things than women, and vice versa. It’s because of our biological differences.

So show him that you can pull your weight in the relationship and that you’re willing to pitch in when necessary. Very often, you’ll find ways of doing this just by thinking how can I make life better for both of us?

It’s that simple.

It could be something like ensuring he spends enough time with his friends. Very often, guys will feel like they’re abandoning their girlfriends if they go to hang out with their friends.

A man needs male company. It’s how his life was when he met you, remember? He’s the guy you fell for, so do what you can to keep him that way.

If you let him subtly know that it’s not only ok with you that he goes out with his male friends, but that you expect him to do it, he’ll always be grateful for how you understand his needs.

Time apart from each other is guaranteed to keep the flame alive and ensure he stays interested in you over the long term.

Connect With Him Intimately

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If you’re a woman who knows anything about men, it’s that the average guy’s sex drive is much stronger than the average girl’s. And male sexuality is something that you can learn to use to your advantage.

It just takes a bit of time to understand some basic things. Firstly, sex is a need that a man has to satisfy very regularly.

Second, how you look is important to a man, but it’s not everything. We just want to be with a good woman who takes care of herself and who genuinely cares for us.

Lastly, we will never stray from a woman who cares deeply about meeting our unique sexual desires and is enthusiastic in being part of our sexual fantasies.

It’s really that simple.

You just have to take the time to let your guy know that he can trust you, and be open to you about his secret sexual thoughts. When he feels like he can share himself with you, you both create a strong emotional bond.

And when you are able to make his fantasies come to life, he will have something with you that he simply can’t get from any other woman. The sexual connection you share is what defines you as girlfriend and boyfriend or husband and wife.

Naturally, it takes time and patience to develop these intimate bonds, but every moment you spend building this connection with him strengthens the fibers that hold you both together.

It’s my opinion that maintaining a healthy sexual connection is the best way to truly keep him interested in you forever.

Final Thoughts

Everything good in life takes work and time. It’s one of the laws of our existence. But the good news is that we end up living for quite a long time if you think about it.

This doesn’t mean you should wait around, of course. Today is the day to start building yourself into the woman you need to be, so you can attract and hold on to the man of your dreams.

And when you have that guy in your sights, follow my advice and you’ll make him yours forever.

This post was written by Mike Morgan, who is Editor-In-Chief at

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  • my baby doesn’t like me any more if i call her in the night, she’s always telling that she want to sleep and i don’t know what to do. please help i love my baby i don want to lose her.

  • Wait, girls should change and be the best us for the sake of our men… but “Men are how they are. We can’t change ourselves to suit you”. I think right there is the problem. Men should really just date men. They would be much happier.

  • Great Article,

    This article is very helpful for girls to make their relationship happy and healthy for a long time. I agree with your all ideas But the one “Take the lead sometimes” is the better. Thanks for sharing.

  • I’m married (just over four years) to an AMAZING man. He is my best friend, he’s thoughtful, sweet, and loves me for the boss b that I am. BUT… I have A LOT more sexual experience and sex drive than he does. I have tried waking him up with a bj, asking him
    to watch p*rn with me, masturbating in front of him, and he’s just…lazy! He loves to cuddle, and if I do ALLLLL the work, he’s game, but I need a little effort, interest, attention! He gives me cuddles and kisses all the time, tells me he loves me and I’m beautiful, he’s everything I could ask for, but he just WONT get into it. He does work long hours in a factory setting while trying to complete his PhD and get his dream job. So, I’m trying to be patient, positive, and grateful for what I have. But it’s literally been a couple of YEARS since we had sex to completion! He’d rather watch p*rn and j*rk off! I am 43, I can orgasm 10+ times in just a 15-20min session, I know this won’t last forever, and neither will his ability to get hard so easily. We discuss it openly (with my instigation), so I can see what he wants. I’ve looked at his computer history (I told him openly) to see what he likes…he likes women. And they look like me! So, WTF do I do to get him to DO ME?! And don’t say “lay off and let him come to me.” Until recently I did that…for years! And since I brought it up, I make it a point not to make him feel like I’m nagging him. I want to show him what he’s got! And hopefully make him come back for more!!