My Boyfriend Is Driving Me Crazy! How to Resolve Frustration

Is your man making you mental? Does every little thing your guy says or does make you want to strangle him with his neck-tie? Do you feel like you’re losing your mind? Here’s what to do when your boyfriend is driving you crazy.

Men can be so….GRRRRR!!!! Yes, we love our men, and yes we’d do just about anything for them, but seriously, sometimes it takes a lot not to get in the car and leave them forever, doesn’t it? Aren’t there days when you wonder what on earth is going on in his head and why he is trying to send you over the edge?

We’ve all been there, ladies. I mean really, if our guys didn’t make us feel insane every now and again, then there wouldn’t be so many books written about how to make relationships last. It really is a Venus vs. Mars thing.

Still, there are ways to handle the situation when he’s making you feel like you’re losing your mind. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Why is he driving you crazy?

The first thing to do is determine exactly why your man is driving you crazy. Is it because he’s being a jerk? Is it because he’s boring you? Is it because he just won’t seem to go away and give you a little time to yourself? There are innumerable ways to make a person feel like they’re going nuts, but first you need to figure out what it is exactly that your man is doing to make you crazy.

2. Is it him or you?


Before you start pointing the finger at him, could it be that he’s actually just the same old him he’s always been and you’re just feeling a little tense those days? Sometimes our man drives us crazy because we’re really bothered about something else and we need an outlet…someone to put the blame on. Could it be that your guy is the outlet for your crazy feelings?

Let me give you an example. I know that about a day before my period I become a complete sociopath. I hate the planet and everyone on it, I feel like life is miserable and I should just kill myself, I’m starving but nothing sounds delectable…and heavens forbid I’m out driving because I have road rage like nobody else! More importantly, every little thing my son does drives me crazy.

Now, it’s not his fault. He’s actually a very good guy when it comes to women’s monthly issues.

Still, I take my hormonal frustration out on him in little things like “why isn’t your room clean?”, “why are you working tonight, can’t you stay home?”, “Are you going to text all evening or can you get off the phone for even a moment?” Anyway, every little thing is blown out of proportion. He handles it well, I always apologize later, and he’s known me his entire life so he just rolls his eyes and laughs.

The point is, I know my crazy has nothing to do with him, it’s all me.

So, you need to step back for a second and determine if your crazy is coming from you or if it’s really from your guy. Because if it’s coming from you then this list isn’t going to help much, you need to fix you. There’s no shame in that, we’ve all been there, too.

3. Make the first move

If your man is making you crazy, chances are it’s because you’re letting him. Seriously, you’re keeping your mouth shut and not telling him that he’s driving you nuts and that’s just building up the pressure, isn’t it? Stop for a moment and breathe. Now, make the first move to resolve the situation.

4. Talk to him about it


You’re going to have to talk to your man…that would be the wisest first move. Sit down when you’re calm (WHEN YOU’RE CALM) and tell your guy what’s on your mind. Let him know that he’s making you crazy; tell him what exactly it is that he’s doing that’s driving you over the edge.

5. Make him change his ways

It’s hard to get a guy to break bad habits, of course, but if he has some bad habits that are pushing your buttons, then it’s time to make him change his ways. Does he smoke inside the house? Give him a designated smoking area and tell him either the cigarettes go or HE goes.

Do you constantly have to nag him to take out the trash? Start putting it on the hood of his car. Seriously, sometimes you have to go to extremes to get a man to change his ways, but those extremes might be necessary if you want to teach an old dog new tricks. Warning: This method doesn’t work to the advantage of every relationship.

6. Take a break from him

Sometimes we drive each other crazy because we just need time apart. If your guy is making you feel like you’re losing your mind, then maybe you need a short holiday away from him. One of my exes used to be with me every waking moment. Now, I’m a person who needs her space once in a while, I need to breathe and think…he didn’t really need that.

His friends invited him for a night on the town and to crash at their place and I practically locked him out telling him to go and have fun and I’ll see him in the morning! He came home anyway about 2 AM. I was so…irritated! I just wanted a night to myself, just one night to watch chick flicks and eat ice cream out of the carton in my jammies, why couldn’t he give me that??

He thought it would make me mad if he stayed out all night, that’s why he didn’t do it.
Give yourself a much needed break, even if you have to stay at a girlfriend’s house for the night. You can’t long for someone who’s never gone for a moment.

7. Argue…then make-up


Sometimes you just have to get the crazy out by arguing. Sometimes you really just need to have a good fight with your guy. The best part about a good fight is making up. Go ahead, argue with him, get it out of your system…then go and have wild hot passionate sex!! It’s a win-win situation.

8. Have less stress sex

Sexual frustration can often be mistaken for every other kind of frustration. Sometimes it really goes back to just needing a good orgasm. If your man is making you crazy it might be time to jump his bones just to give yourself some physical release. This doesn’t have to be the sweet soft love-making you usually do, you can tell him to lay down, shut up, and then have your way with him. Rarely will a man complain about this.

9. Don’t let him be a slacker

If your frustration is more because of his laziness, then you need to draw the line. Don’t let your guy be a slacker! If his unwillingness to help around the house, inability to keep a job, or chauvinistic ways are pushing you to the breaking point, then you really need to express your feelings and make sure he understands that this is unacceptable behavior.

Do not let your man be a slacker. If he wants to be the kind of guy who has everything handed to him, then maybe it’s time you get rid of him and relieve your headache.

10. Give him a taste of his own medicine

Sometimes a man just drives us crazy because he’s doing something different. Maybe he isn’t paying enough attention to you, maybe he’s paying too much attention to you, maybe he’s just being really annoying and you’re not in the mood. If any of these things sound familiar, then it’s time to give your guy a taste of his own medicine. That’s right, act the SAME WAY towards him as he is acting towards you. He’ll get annoyed and quit soon enough.

When your man is making you lose your mind, you have to know when and how to get your sanity back. So tell us, what is your guy doing that’s driving you nuts?

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  • So theres many reasons why my boyfriend annoys me. Hes very messy. Doesnt clean after himself. He loves smoking cigarettes everyday. He loves getting high on pot. Sometimes he buys it with his own money but when he runs out. Hes asking on credit. So by the time friday comes he owes almost the whole check. Im very annoyed. He tried to stop smoking pot for two days and that was horrible. He has racing thoughts and he be bugging forreal always asking me if i really been faithful to him. Out of nowhere says stupid things like watch one day ima catch you. Excuse me catch me doing what? He acts like a piece of sh*t. Like honestly i rather see him high and mellow then sober and retarded. Im trying my best to deal with ass but i dont know how long else i can. Right now we been together 2 years and i am 7 weeks pregnant with his baby and im starting to feel like god forgive me is it worrh giving this asshole a child. I know thats not a right thought and i know the baby is a blessing and i cant wait to have him in my arms. But geesh i couldve picked a better candidate. Idk maybe im over reacting i do love him i think lol but i care for him a lot. I guess im tired of trying. If im on the phone he’ll say whos that? If i have my purse on my lap he’ll say where you going? If i walk to the hallway of the building i live in he’ll say thats some funny ass sh*t you be doing! Really? Wtf am i doing? Hes just annoying. I be like damn do i look that good? Im just an average chick believe me. Hes driving me crazy. Oh about being messy let me explain a little. Im a neat fdont. i dont consider myself ocd but im not dirty or messy at all. So here are the things that he does that bothers me and he says im not normal and i over react. He brushes his teeth doesnt put the top back on the totoothpas. he shaves tries to clean up but still leaves hairs. Looks for clothes and he throws it on top of my bed after i hunged it up. Cooks and makes a oil mess all over the counter and stove. Everything he spills. Everything he drops its like he has butter hands hes so annoying mind you im 30 hes 35 and i feel like im baby sitting. Please give me an advice im going crazy.