True Love Still Exists And You Should Believe It Too

Nowadays, the true love we were taught to seek is starting to seem more hopeless than ever. Hang in there, girl! Here’s why you shouldn’t give up on love.

Not too long ago, love seemed so simple and romantic. These days, it all just seems like a hopeless mess, but hang in there! Don’t give up on love just yet!

With all the distractions of the modern world, love isn’t quite what it used to be. The closest thing I had ever experienced to being in love was a crush I had in kindergarten—and we all know how kindergarten crushes end.

We grow up, lose that naïve innocence, and realize the hogwash that is ‘true love’.

Perhaps it seems like the only man you are able to love and trust is your dad. I had come to think that there were no more men out there with the same loving qualities as my father, but I was definitely wrong!

I really didn’t think that marriage was ever on the cards for me. I saw our society’s modern idea for love becoming distorted and sloppy. I didn’t want any part of it. Love didn’t even seem worth it to me anymore.

I had stopped believing in love all together. Was Tinder as good as it got? When would these love games end?

This was not the idea of love that I had been taught growing up. I saw the love my parents had for each other. Two happily married people who were meant for each other. Perhaps my parents were just one of the lucky ones?

They had both set such high standards for me of what real love looked like. I began to think that I wasn’t a person capable of a love like that.

But, I soon found love. I have met The One; the love of my life; the future father of my children. I now know that real love does exist, and I believe there is love out there for you, too.

1. You will meet a man as wonderful as your daddy

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Have you ever heard of the frightening fact that we are attracted to partners with the same qualities as our parents? This is why some of us always like the men with similar attributes to our fathers.

One day, a lovely man will come into your life, and you will come to find how crazily similar he is to your dad. They may both have a poor sense of direction. They may have the same type of dry humor that makes you laugh and roll your eyes at the same time.

They will both be the most caring and patient men in your life, but, most of all, they will always go beyond measures to make you feel loved.

2. You may become that girl you once despised

I used to feel bad for girls who were always with their man, and if they weren’t with him, they were talking about him; if they weren’t taking about him, they were probably on the phone with him. Be careful, this may happen to you, too.

It’s like you’re under a spell and all you can do is talk about him. Suddenly, you’re the one posting those cheesy and sentimental posts about your man. You find yourself starting to invite him everywhere with you.

It will seem as if the time you spend apart from him is wasted because, face it, you’re in love and won’t be able to get enough.

3. True gentlemen do still exist. I promise

Young man gives a girl flowers

I know what you’re thinking because I didn’t think that men like this were still alive either. Trust me when I say that I’ve been on my fair share of dates with guys who were the opposite of a gentlemen.

They thought it cool to arrive late, or they found it amusing to slap my butt within ten minutes of knowing me. These pathetic boys consider ‘Netflix and chill’ to be a date. And yes, I’ve been on dates with so-called nice guys, too.

No sparks or passion there. So, I know your frustrations, but please believe me when I say that true gentlemen do exist. I have found mine.

There will be a man who will open every door for you. He´ll bring his cardigan with in case you get cold. He’ll always make sure that you are safe and feel comfortable in all situations. He will be polite and dress well.

He’ll always be punctual. He will hang up your coat, and help you to put it back on. He will treat you like the lady you are. There will finally come a time where there will be no more dates where you are picked up late, and no more having to deal with rude and poor manners.

4. The magic of love is real

When you meet him, you’ll know it. Suddenly, all those things that they write in poetry and sing in silly love songs will make sense—the butterflies, the passion, the connection. It will all be there. You’ll meet the man who will make everything different.

I was never one to appreciate the full intensity of love. I thought that people in love were weak because they couldn’t be alone. I now feel otherwise. My fiancé has proven to me that love does, in fact, exist.

5. Everything starts to make sense

Lovers on a romantic date outdoors

Believe in love because it gives you answers. It reveals things about you. It´s a time in your life where it just makes sense because that is love. Love is two people who make sense together, and that´s a reason to believe all in itself.

So, is everyone telling you that your standards are too high? Are they suggesting that you start looking in different places? Are all your friend´s pressuring you to use Tinder? Don’t give up just yet. Love is real. You’ll have it soon enough. And when you do, then maybe you´ll thank me for giving you hope to believe in real love again. Are you ready for love?

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