You’ve Got The Guy? Here’s How To Keep Him

Getting the guy is one thing. Keeping him hooked to you and under your spell is another. Here are ways on how to keep him yours for as long as possible.

Let’s face it. Getting the man of your dreams to realize that you alone deserve the pleasure of being his lady isn’t as easy as you think. For this reason, making him see that staying with you through thick and thin should be his priority becomes an even harder challenge. As with anything, though, there are ways to make it happen if one is determined enough.

So, if you are, here are nine things you can do to make sure he’ll be crazy for you and will choose to stay with you no matter what.

1. Be his number one fan and cheerleader

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One of the most important things he needs from you is your support. Men are wired to dream big, and when he tells you what he’s dreaming of, recognize that he’s sharing an important part of his life with you and he’s scared of your reaction.

Thus, it’s crucial to make him feel that you believe he can do it and that you’ll support him all the way. You’ll be amazed at what he can achieve if he sees that he has your complete support.

2. Let him have his space

It’s crucial that you show him how much you care by taking care of him and his needs. However, you should not go overboard because if you do, you risk crossing the line to being clingy. With this said, allow him to have his guy time whether alone or with his buddies. He needs it as much as you need your girl time.

On top of this, you should also keep the calls and text messages to a minimum. Just because he didn’t get to return your call or text doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you anymore.

He’s probably busy with work and other important tasks and will get back to you as soon as it is possible. Give him the benefit of the doubt, and don’t accuse him for doing things he didn’t do. This way, he’ll look forward to being with you.

3. Show him constant appreciation

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If he does something for you—no matter how small it may seem, such as holding the door for you, or something grand as surprising you with flowers and food at your office—be sure to recognize his efforts and thank him for it.

It will likely boost his morale and when that happens, he’ll want to give more to you. Lastly, return the favor when you can so that he’ll feel more special than ever.

4. Compliment him

Find out what things he’s doing a great job on and compliment him about it. It can be anything from your relationship to accomplishments at work. This way, he’ll be encouraged to do a better job because you’re able to see what he’s doing great at.

On the flip side, if he has shortcomings and other misses, call him out lovingly for them. He’ll appreciate you for being honest, realize that you’re not some doormat that he can just walk over and he’ll realize your value and worth.

5. Have his back all the time

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Men were born to protect women, but there are situations when you’ll be the one who needs to protect your man. One good example is when people look down on him for some reason or when your family or friends make fun of him behind his back.

Rushing to his defense doesn’t make him less of a man. Instead, he will see you as a loyal and brave woman, worthy of being his equal. He’ll love you more for it.

6. Respect him and his opinions

Men deserve to be respected as much as women. So, when he voices his opinion, don’t contradict him if you’re not in favor of what he’s saying. Doing so will make him think you’re an enemy that he has to fight against and eventually win over. Instead, find the strongest points on his side then present yours in a way that won’t make him feel that you’re going against him.

You won’t agree all the time and that’s why mutual respect for each other matters so much. When you respect him for who he is and the opinions he has, he’ll do the same for you. Disagreements may come, but they won’t shake you since you have already built a strong foundation.

7. Trust him

No relationship will last if there’s no trust. Give him the trust he needs so that he can function well as your boyfriend and make you a happy and satisfied girlfriend. If he ruins it, then you know he isn’t worth it.

8. Be his sunshine on a rainy day

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It’s not going to be a happy day for both of you so on days when it’s gloomy and stormy, be his reason to cheer up. Help him find the silver lining in every cloud.

9. Show him how much you love him day in and day out

You’ll never run out of ways to show him how much you treasure him in your heart. Find time to make him feel cared for and loved each day, and when you do, he won’t ever let you go.

Men aren’t that hard to please and keep. There are certain qualities of a good girlfriend that every man will be drown to. If you do these things, and if he’s really determined to make you his girl, you can be sure you’ll have your happily ever after.

What are other things you think queens should do to keep their king? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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