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12 Places To Visit In Brazil

Brazil is getting a lot of attention as the host country of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. In honour of the World Cup, here are the top sites to visit in each Brazilian host city.
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10 Celebrities with Dark Family Pasts

We’d like to think that celebrities are cut from a different cloth, but they are no different from us. From the strange to the downright horrifying, these 10 celebrities come from dark family pasts that rival the storylines of the movies they act in.
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8 Things a Capricorn Man Wants in Bed

Do you have your eyes on a Capricorn guy? Are you aching to get that handsome hunk of man in your bed? If so, then you might be surprised at how much work it’s actually going to take. Here are eight things a Capricorn man wants in bed.

How to Look Sexier in Bed in 10 Simple Steps

Are you getting ready for “the big night”? Are you and your guy ready to take that next step and spend the night together? If so, then you’re probably worrying about how you’ll look naked? Don’t worry any longer. Here are 10 guaranteed ways to look sexier in bed.