9 Raunchy Reads to Get You in the Mood

Looking for a little excitement and a lot of tingle? Try our nine recommended raunchy reads to get you in the mood.

Raunchy reads have the power to transport you to a world of passion, desire, and exploration. From the seductive art of seduction to the forbidden realms of taboo desires, these books offer an escape from the ordinary and invite you to indulge in your deepest fantasies. So sit back, relax, and prepare to embark on a journey of sensuality and seduction.

Roberto Bolaño summed it up very nicely when he said, “…books are finite; sex is finite, but the desire to read and to f@*k is infinite!”

We all know that that is completely true, especially when you mix them together. That’s to say a really good book with plenty of hot and maybe erotic romance included!

Check out our nine raunchy reads—each one is full of hot romance and excitement that is sure to make you tingle.

1. Release Me by J Kenner (Erotic and Emotional)

Raunchy Reads

Release Me is an erotic, emotionally charged romance between a powerful man who’s never heard ‘no’ and a fiery woman who says ‘yes’, but on her own terms, to an unforgettable indecent proposal.

This is a story full of erotic encounters as the two main characters fall for each other, but each must admit to their troubled past. It’s a good story with lots of red hot raunchy passion. It stands alone as a good read, but there are others in the series if you want more.

2. Seven years to Sin by Silvia Day (Inevitable)

Seven Years to Sin is an historical novel that sets out to prove, without any doubt, that an alpha male and a willing woman confined together on an old sailing ship can discover all sorts of things about each other.

While you always suspect that this swashbuckling male and demure lady will get there in the end, it’s a time of chaperones and very proper behaviour—their relationship develops slowly until we see a full blown romance. Silvia Day is an accomplished author and a marvellous storyteller, with many great books to her name.

3. Possession is Nine-Tenths of Desire by Eve Atkins (Fast Moving Lust and Deception)

Raunchy Reads

This modern tale of lust and love is spiked with jealousy and evil intentions that serve to keep the reader on the edge of their seat until the last page. Attractive, wealthy people are brought crashing down by their own egos, arrogance and petty jealousy.

An exciting story, with its share of lust and passion but with the suspense of a thriller all wrapped up in a love story—what else is there? Eve Atkins writes the erotic scenes with passion and integrity, but keeps the story moving.

4. This Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas (Take me as I am)

It’s a very steamy read, but has a story line—after all, who knows what is happening up at the manor with Jesse until interior designer Ava discovers the truth.

It’s a tale of take me for what I am because I’m a good guy really or I can be if I try hard. Passion and deceit abound in this good romance, which is the first of a trilogy.

5. Erotic Vibrations by Jessica Lansdown (Far from Vanilla)

An exclusive club, champagne and erotic, mind-blowing sex—these are all kept private. The heroine Gabriella can’t help but play hard to get; she loves to tease, but Michael has other plans as he sets out to tempt her with his sublime and passionate seduction techniques. If you are into flirting and teasing, this short story is sure to get you thinking.

6. First Night by Lauren Blakely (No Escape)

First Night by Lauren Blakely

The heroine is caught in a money trap, which means that she has to do things that she doesn’t want to do. Her world changes when she meets Clay. They have one night, which takes them both by surprise and, although she doesn’t want to get involved, she simply can’t help it. This is a really easy but electric read and is one of a series.

7. Only for You by Beth Kerry (History Repeats)

They are both involved in the film world, but he decided long ago that actresses are trouble, so he says that he will never date an actress. He lets his guard down once and thinks he gets away with it until fate throws them together once more and history repeats itself.

Great love scenes, plenty of emotion and a good story overall, which will keep you turning the pages. Beth Kerry is an accomplished author in this genre and has written many books on a first’s night theme.

8.  “Fifty Shades of Grey” by E.L. James

You can’t discuss raunchy reads without mentioning the iconic “Fifty Shades of Grey.” This bestselling novel takes readers on a wild ride of passion, power, and exploration. Dive into the sensual world of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele as they navigate their unconventional relationship filled with dominance, submission, and an insatiable hunger for each other.

If you’re new to the world of raunchy reads, it’s best to start with books that offer a blend of romance and erotica. Novels like “Fifty Shades of Grey” and “Beautiful Bastard” are popular choices for beginners as they combine steamy scenes with compelling storylines and relatable characters.

9.Language of Desire

In the realm of human relationships, desire plays a crucial role. It fuels passion, ignites intimacy, and enhances connection. However, navigating desire can sometimes be challenging.

That’s where the “Language of Desire” comes into play—a guide to understanding and embracing the language of seduction.

At its core, the Language of Desire refers to a set of techniques and strategies designed to awaken and intensify desire in a romantic relationship. It encompasses both verbal and non-verbal communication, allowing individuals to express their deepest desires, fantasies, and needs. By understanding and speaking the Language of Desire, partners can create a strong emotional bond, cultivate passion, and keep the fire burning in their relationship.

Raunchy reads can add excitement and spice to your sex life by providing inspiration and fueling your imagination. They can introduce new ideas, techniques, and scenarios that you may want to explore with your partner. However, it’s important to communicate openly with your partner and ensure that both parties are comfortable with any new experiences.

We’d love to hear your recommendations though. Which books will be keeping you company on these chilly nights?

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