21 Tips on How to Be a Perfect Girlfriend for Your Guy

22 Tips on How to Be a Perfect Girlfriend for Your Guy

by Jason |

Being perfect isn’t easy, but it’s totally achievable if you know what your guy really wants. Guys have a different perception of what they consider a “perfect girlfriend” to be, but still there’s stuff most of us agree to be good qualities in a girlfriend. Women are not the only one’s looking for their soul mate, “the One” is a guy’s goal too. Apply the 22 tips below so your guy will never ever think of cheating or breaking up, because you’ll be the perfect girlfriend for him.

The list of “Qualities of a Perfect Girlfriend” below is not in any particular order of importance; see which of them are most applicable to your guy’s desires and preferences. There is always something your guy wants, but he is too shy to ask or tell you. Many of these things he wants are listed below, so learning how to be a perfect girlfriend – that he’ll want to flaunt and watch like a hawk – has never been easier.

(Disclaimer: If you’re not interested in being perfect for him – then why did you even click on this article? If you’re offended by reality (men are pigs), go date a guy that’s BUM and he won’t have high expectations of you in return. The reason you should strive for “perfection” (it doesn’t exist, really, but still) is so that you’ll naturally attract a top-quality guy, and then keeping him will require much less effort.)

Think of this “little” guide as your relationship’s insurance policy (and it’s FREE). It’s offensive, but it works.

1. Look Better (Than His Future Girlfriend).

A perfect girlfriend always gives her best to look beautiful for her man. Men are visual creatures. We like a woman that looks good, that’s obvious. So take care of your looks. You don’t have to look like a supermodel – not at all, just look the best you can, use body lotion, have soft, silky smooth skin that he wants to kiss around the clock.

Keep things fresh, and stay as beautiful as you were when you just met – even better, work on yourself to become even more beautiful (physically). You can hate him for wanting this, but that’s a reality. It’s not like you’re attracted to elephants… wait, you are? :/

On the other hand, don’t look good for him, but for yourself. You’ll naturally be more confident and attractive when you feel good in your own skin. If you’re overweight, here’s the “magic pill” of weight loss: stop eating sugar (it’s almost everywhere, especially “healthy” stuff, and super-especially – juices). Yeah, it’s that simple. Just stop eating sugar, not fat – sugar. That’s our real enemy.

Another way to look better (if you’re not born with an unfair advantage of supermodel looks and enough money for plastic surgery), is to build a bigger, rounder booty. Big butts are a trend. Don’t believe me? What planet do you live on, girl? This girl doesn’t need to have a brain, any guy would dump you for her at the drop of a hat. Sad, but true.

2. Smell Like a Flower… Or something like that.


1 Weird Behavioral Trick That Gets Men Hooked On You Like Crazy

This one super-simple thing in your behavior has the power to make men completely addicted to you… [continued here]

There’s nothing like smelling amazing for your guy. A scent of a woman can make a man fall deeply in love; your smell gets engraved deeply in his mind. He memorizes it. No matter how forgetful he is. Your smell stays. He can recall it and remember you immediately. So make sure you’ve got a signature perfume.

Have a unique smell, a perfume he loves. Use shampoo that he loves so your natural scent makes him melt of love. Coconut, vanilla. It’s so much easier to love your girlfriend if she’s beautiful and gives her best to stay beautiful for you. Don’t get lazy. We get each other for granted, get lazy, fat, dumb. So keep moving. Moving is living.

3. Learn the Art of Productive Nagging.

Look. As far as men are concerned, you’re not “normal” 75% of a month. You’re crazy a week before you get your period, you’re crazy during your period, and you’re crazy a week after your period – so we consider that you’re emotionally (relatively) “stable” only 1 week during a month. When you feel like screaming at him, count to ten. And learn the Art of Nagging.

When you nag and complain, all men hear is “yada, yada, yada…” – it’s counterproductive. And you’ll only make him resentful and dream about his single days when he didn’t have to report to explain his throwing-socks-all-around-the-place self to anyone (except maybe his mom).

Here’s how you can nag productively:

1. don’t raise your voice, talk to him as if he was a child… or in a seductive voice… you know the way you charmed your parents into buying you something when you were a kid. That tone is golden. 2. say “honey…” (or some other cute name…) at the beginning of a request and “please” at the end. 3. phrase your complaint as a question, not a statement. Let’s say, he’s always late – and inconsiderate… “Honey… I don’t want to nag or complain and stuff like that… (disarm him), but… you know, it would be really nice if you’d be on time (positive term, instead of “stop being late”) more often… it’s OK this time (again), but would you come on time next time, please?” Add a kiss to that. Talk to him like an child that’s relatively stupid. This works like a charm. Especially if he expects you to complain – he’ll be shocked that you didn’t scream at him, and feel a lot worse, than if you’ve gotten into an argument. Be discreet, indirect. If you attack him directly, he’ll feel offended and he’ll try to rationalize his behavior and you’ll just get into a fight.

Nag and complain strategically – so it never seems like an attack, but a bit more deceptive and classy. He’ll do as you say. I promise. Try this next time. On second thought… you shouldn’t be making a big deal about small stuff anyway, woman! ;)

4. Love Him (Like, For Real).

smiling couple lying on grass

A perfect girlfriend loves her guy more than anything. She really loves him and will do anything to keep him happy and satisfied. If necessary, she’ll even get into a fight for him. Loving him is the first step to being a great girlfriend, he needs to know and feel that you really love him, that there’s a deeper connection – that he isn’t just a rebound or just some guy you’re with because you’re afraid of being alone. That’s not fair to your perfect match. He’ll come along, don’t worry.

If your feelings aren’t true and it’s just a “maybe” – just break up. It’ll be better for both of you.

And if you do really love him… Cuddle, hug, kiss, smooch, make love and say “I love you” whenever you have chance.

5. Love Yourself (Even When There’s Nothing to Love About You).

Being insecure and asking “am I fat?” 20 times a day is annoying. Stop being insecure – it’s not attractive.

Your guy will have a hard time to love you if you can’t love yourself first. Do everything to feel great in your own skin. When you love yourself, you are more confident and you radiate a positive energy that draws people to you. Every day when you look at yourself in the mirror say “I love you, you’re beautiful, you’ll have an awesome day today.” It’s a 5 second ritual that could change your life.

Do good things and make other people happy – this will give you more “life credit” and it will make you feel better about yourself. Make other people happy and you’ll be a happier person. It’s that simple. A girlfriend that radiates a positive energy, smiles every day and enjoys life is definitely a better girlfriend than some cranky b*!ch that sucks the life out of your brain. Like a zombie. There’s only one thing you should be sucking out of him (pun intended).

6. Don’t Give Him (Too Many) Reasons to Be Jealous.

Obviously, a perfect girlfriend isn’t just faithful, but also never makes her guy even feel jealous at all. You don’t flirt around with other guys if you love your boyfriend.

Let him know that he is The Guy for you and that you need nothing other than him. He needs to feel this. You develop trust in him by showing that you are only interested in him, he also won’t have a reason to be jealous all the time if you’re getting a lot attention. The best way to do this is to have a “don’t ask, don’t tell policy” – never touch his phone, never read his emails, don’t share bank accounts. When a guy feels he has space, that’s when he doesn’t do anything (like cheating), but when he feels “caged” that’s when he does crap. And the best way to have him trust you is by not mistrusting him either.

7. Like His Friends (Or Pretend You Do).

There’s nothing worse than a girlfriend that doesn’t like your friends – and openly complains about them.

Sure, his best friend Joe may be an imbecile – but he is still his best friend. You can give him a friendly suggestion if you think some of his friends aren’t good for him, but don’t be aggressive about it. Let him make his own decisions. You are his girlfriend, not his mother, and if you continue complaining about his friends, you might just become an annoying ex.

Again, don’t go at it directly, instead, be strategic. Take your time. Make it seem like it was his idea (to meet new people) or hang out with people you like. Then again, don’t destroy his “power base” and friends… if the only person left in his life after a few years with you – is you – he’ll subconsciously start resenting you.

A perfect girlfriend likes his imperfect friends just out of respect. As I mentioned, the worst you can do to a guy is to take him away from all of his friends and connections, this makes a guy weaker psychologically, and socially less powerful, so it can shatter his confidence – then you might not be as attracted to him as you were when you just met. The best thing you can do is to encourage him to grow his network, meet new people, etc. Once he grows, he’ll outgrow his imbecile friends – over time, and they’ll just stop getting drunk all the time, nobody will figure out those were your “moves” all along.

Remember, it’s a game of chess, not Mortal Kombat.

8. Be a Sex Goddess. Scratch that. Be His Personal Sex Goddess.

girl kisses lying boyfriend

A girlfriend isn’t “perfect” if she doesn’t perform great in bed. Period.

You can’t just be good in bed – you must be better than all of his ex girlfriends combined. Hundreds of books have been written for women about sex; unfortunately, most of them are complete nonsense. I would only suggest one resource for sex tips, and most men would agree with me, this guide is the only thing I’d recommend (don’t read it if you are under 21 and get offended easily). Read YQ’s exclusive review of this guide here.

Great sex brings you closer, and keeps you together for years, and years, even if other spheres of your relationship aren’t perfect. If you ever see some “she doesn’t even look nice” chick with a stud, it is what you’re thinking (her BJ skills).

Find out what makes your guy go wild, and then fulfill all of his fantasies. Yes – all of his fantasies, because that’s what a perfect girlfriend does. She does what other girlfriend’s don’t do. That’s why she’s not single, divorced, or married to a loser. Sex is her secret weapon.

9. Can You Even Boil An Egg? Don’t lie.

dinner at home

The path to a man’s heart isn’t that complicated.

You need to be amazing in bed, and cook him delicious meals. Steak and BJ Day should be every day. Over-priced marriage therapists would be digging up trashcans.

I know that “contemporary, working women” don’t have time, energy or the willpower to cook anymore. Nobody expects you to live in the kitchen, but visit it every now and then. It works. I know that a delicious meal is just a phone call away, but even if you make him a simple sandwich that doesn’t even taste that good – it’s the effort that counts, not the taste.

As it says in the Bible, Luke 12:33-34 “A real woman never let her man leave the house hungry or horny.” Okay, maybe that wasn’t in the bible. My bad. But they should put it in there. You know, when a guy’s digesting a big beefsteak and he just got an amazing BJ, he’d never go to war. You can save the world after all!

No, seriously, with so many YouTube video’s out there, you should at least learn make the basics. If not for him, for yourself, otherwise you’ll just eat processed junk all the time and or waste money on overpriced restaurants (you don’t want to see their kitchen!). So, if you want to be the perfect girlfriend, get back to the kitchen, and stop wearing pants and flats. High heels and skirts, and then back to the kitchen, woman!

10. Surprise!

woman holding flower

Give him a gift every now and then. Make him feel loved and special. Do what other women will not, or do rarely, then do it more often.

A small token of appreciation is always welcome. Give him a massage. Pamper him. He’ll always return back for more (if not, dump him, he’s not worth your time). But seriously, most guys are not romantic. You’ve watched too many (bad) movies. It’s a dream.

His way of being romantic is slapping your big booty whenever you pass by. Unfortunately, you’ll have to get used to it. But, instead of nagging, take over the initiative. If you want more romance, organize romantic events yourself, light a bunch of candles, get some champagne. You know, keep it fresh. Travel somewhere together. Whatever. Buy experiences, not just things. And whenever you do something nice, he’ll feel the need to reciprocate.

11. Appreciate Him And You’ll Get It All Back (and Then some).

He needs to know and feel that you appreciate his efforts. When he is nice to you, when he makes you feel loved and special, let him know that you value him and that he’s important to you. It will make him feel better about himself and your relationship.

Guys just want to make you happy. Seriously. The happier you are the more effort he’ll put into keeping you that way. When you’re sad, he’ll feel like a failure. So, instead of telling him what makes you sad, always remind him what makes you happy – you’ll see, he’ll work round the clock to give you more of it.

12. Tank Up His Ego (Men Are More Insecure Than You Can Imagine).

couple holding hands

Feed his ego from time to time. Men can also have insecurity issues (even tough we act all tough, most of us are scared shitless!)

Don’t let him get an ego-boost by chasing other women around, instead – give him his “ego shot” yourself. You know, he needs to feel macho and manly and all that stuff. Worthy.

A man needs to feel attractive and desired, too – you’re not the only one. So keep those compliments coming. This is how men operate: tell him he looks so nice every day and suddenly he’ll start caring about his looks. Tell him he’s amazing in bed and he’ll start performing better. Crazy, right?

The more you feed his selfish little ego, he more addicted he’ll get to your love and compliments.

13. Let Him Be (Or Think) He’s in Charge. And Beat His Chest. Gorilla-style.

A man wants to be “the man” in the relationship.

Let him fill that role whenever possible. If he doesn’t take the lead by himself, still, sometimes it’s okay to do things his way, or have him have the last word. You don’t have to be right every time, let him win an argument – or even better – don’t argue at all. Let him take the lead and you might actually enjoy it. Or not.

Either way, even if you’re better at changing the light bulb than he is, let him do it. Let him open the door for you, take the tab, move the couch, hold the umbrella. The more you make him “work” for you the more he’ll rationalize to himself his love for you. The deeper he digs, the harder it is for him to “climb out” of your relationship.

14. It’s a Partnership. Not every man (or woman) for himself.


You are partners (in crime), not enemies.

Always keep that in mind.

A perfect girlfriend is “perfect” because she helps her guy achieve more, grow further, and fulfill his full potential. Maybe even his destiny. You have the power to motivate him and help him grow as a person. And vice versa. Just remember, you’re in this together.

Life can be hard. When times are tough, we all need someone to lift us up emotionally, give us energy and that extra push to keep us going. A perfect girlfriend is never selfish; she is supportive and she is there for her guy in good and bad times alike.

Just don’t be one of those “movie-chicks”… not sure why they always portray the wife as some crazy woman that FREAKS the F-out when the guy loses his job? Don’t be her.

15. Get a life.

woman in the forest

Life is unpredictable and can work in the strangest of ways. You cannot calculate everything. Today, you love your boyfriend, maybe your future husband, but tomorrow? Who knows? You don’t know if you’ll still love him 5 years from now.

Things change. You change, he changes – you might grow to love each other more and more, but also less.

That’s why you should have a life outside of your relationship. You need to be busy with your life, progressing, growing as a person, growing in your career, networking and meeting new people, maintaining friendships and creating new one’s. Because you don’t want to get depended on anyone, not too much at least. Not emotionally, not financially. It’s a psychological burden for both of you, in a way.

You need to have something you are passionate about. All of this will make both you, and your relationship stronger; thus, you’ll be a better girlfriend, too. You’ll also have more to talk about.

Having a life outside of your relationship is crucial if you want your relationship to survive, otherwise both you, and your guy will be too dependent on each other for your happiness. This dependency can be scary, and even evolve into neediness, fear or slight hatred. Having something going for you ensures that you make each other stronger, not weaker. This tightens the bond between you.

16. Be Better Than All of His Ex Girlfriends (Combined).

woman with oversized earrings

If you didn’t already know, here’s how men function relationship-wise. We compare everything to past personal experiences. Unconsciously, your man is judging you.

You need to be a better, and a more “perfect” girlfriend, than all of his ex girlfriends combined. You don’t have to be the hottest, sweetest, smartest woman in the world – just better than what he has experienced before. And make him feel he couldn’t do better. So that he’s blessed to have such an Angel like you in his life.

And no, it’s not all about looks. You and your boyfriend may have a different perception of “good looking.” While some girl may be beautiful to you, she can be not-so-hot for your boyfriend, and vice versa.

The reason he’s with you, is probably because you already are better than his ex-girlfriends. In order to keep him, you’ll have to continue being better than any potential chick (the enemy) that may come along.

The problem with the “be better than his ex’s” theory is that… if his ex girlfriend could do stuff in bed which you can’t – you’ll have to step your game up. If she did something he loved and you don’t – he will miss it, and may look elsewhere for satisfaction. No joke.

That’s the cold, hard truth. Work on it if your goal is to be perfect for him, and erase any other woman from his sexual memory, forever.

But don’t discuss his ex-girlfriends, or your ex-boyfriends. Ever. Don’t bother with him with the past. It’s you and him now. That’s what matters.

17. Give Him (Enough) Space, Don’t Be a Psycho-Chick.

stylish man laughing with sunglasses and headphones

A perfect girlfriend gives a guy space. You can’t be over-demanding. Some women try to keep a guy by calling him 24/7 and being overly clingy – this won’t work for long. Sooner or later, he’ll get fed up and he’ll want to break free by breaking up.

Instead of putting pressure on him, checking on him, where is he, why is he there, who is he with, when will he be home, why he did this and not that etc. why he didn’t pick up???? Instead of doing that, chillax, and let him be free (within) your relationship.

The easiest way to keep a guy is by being able to let him go. The less you try to control his every move the more control you’ll have over him, because when you trust him 100%, he will trust you back and give his best to maintain that trust.

Give him time for himself, his friends, work, whatever he needs – then when you are together, make sure he has an amazing time, so that then he is the one that wants to spend more time with you, and so that he’s the one calling you all day, or waiting for your phone call etc. Turn the tables, have him chase you. That’s the perfect girlfriend to 99% of guys.

18. Develop a Pleasing Personality.

The women men love most, are the one’s that naturally have a pleasing (not demanding, negative, nagging all day) personality. A woman with a “pleasing personality” puts your pleasure first.

She does what you like, she pleases you in any way she can, even if it takes some effort from her side. She is devoted, she loves you and she’ll do anything for you. You know – like washing his feet ;)

Just kidding. But seriously, a girlfriend that gives more than she takes in a relationship, she has a pleasing personality, and men adore women like this. If you are a feminist and you “bow to no man” – that’s all great and cool, equality… bla bla bla… whatever – but you’ll have a hard time to find real love.

A relationship should benefit everyone, neither just the guy nor just you. Stop putting stupid “rules” in your mind and stop restricting yourself on how you “would never do that” and whatnot.

I’m not saying you should wash his feet and let him abuse you, but give the guy some slack. If you’re not ready to make him feel like a King inside and outside of the bedroom, some other woman will; she’ll be considered “perfect” – you won’t. There’s a reason why American guys fall HEAD OVER HEELS in love with women that grew up in a culture where women “serve” men… where women are a bit more patriarchal and family-oriented. These women enjoy pleasing their man and making him happy (perfect!), they’re not Daddy’s Spoiled Little Princess that expects to get everything with zero effort (she ends up with nothing, in the end).

Bottom line: A “perfect” girlfriend has a pleasing personality. Are you perfect, or the perfect tense?

19. Don’t Take Him for Granted.

Nothing is for granted, especially not your boyfriend (because he has a penis).

The worst thing you can do in your relationship is to get lazy. You stop paying attention to him, you stop appreciating all the little things you used to love about him, you stop having crazy sex all over the house, you stop taking care of yourself and your looks,  you start eating a ton of junk food, watching TV series and you get mega-fat. He gets a porn addiction. Stops “jumping you” all the time, you don’t get the attention you need, you cheat, he cheats, he finds out, you find out. Whatever. You break up, change your relationship status on Facebook. The end. Repeat.

Then you wonder why you got dumped? No wonder. Look at you!

Don’t be one of those chicks that take things for granted. Seduce your boyfriend, every day, all over again. If he’s top-notch, he’s a prey. Like a zebra waiting to get eaten alive! And all those younger, no-morals, g-strings, plastic-chicks are jumping at him.

It’s a dangerous world we live in.

Don’t take him for granted, and it’ll be a way more secure place.

20. Work Out (Religiously).

woman exercising with ball

The better you look, the better you’ll feel in your own skin, and the more attractive you’ll be to your boyfriend.

A perfect girlfriend gives her best to get in shape, and then stay in shape. Look great for him and you’ll be the perfect girlfriend in his mind. Here are some reasons why you should work out every day. Seriously, working out doubles your performance in, with half the effort.

21. Be a Woman.

female art photo

Gone are the days when women were women, and men were men.

Now women are becoming manlier every day, and guys are behaving like total losers with no self-confidence or determination. “A good man is hard to find” – so you say, but, according to many men, a good, sexy, feminine woman may be even harder to find, these days.

Women take care of themselves less and less, they get wasted, throw up on the street, drink more beer than guys, some rarely shave and have a freaking beard (scary).

That’s cool and all, but not my cup of tea. A perfect girlfriend is first and foremost feminine. She knows how to carry herself, and behaves like a real lady (in public, not in the bedroom).

Again, I’m not telling you to go back to the kitchen and live by the housewives’ guide from the 50s, but still, the majority of men love a sweet, sexy woman that takes good care and knows how to carry herself. Burping, farting, wearing flats and pants. It’s not hot.

22. Lift!

Oh. Yeah. I already told you to work out. Well, just in case you didn’t get how important this is, here’s a reminder: Lift, lift, LIFT! And you’ll be the sexiest ever, not just physically, but mentally as well. Don’t worry, working out won’t get you buff. Keep squatting and get in the best shape of your life and your relationship will, as a result, be in the best shape of its life.

There you go. Give this to any guy, and he’ll agree on at least 18 out of 22 tips – they are what make a girlfriend fabulous. Apply what you can to your relationship and you’ll see immediate results. Try these tips and see for yourself.

Everything I’ve said is something at least 90% of guys will agree on that it’s something they would consider “perfect” in a girlfriend, but a breakthrough new video reveals the surprising factor that can make ALL the difference in a relationship and few, if any women (or men) know about it.

The key to keeping your man in love is understanding him on a deeper, psychological and emotional level, and learning how the subtle things you say to him affect him way more than you can imagine.

If you’re frustrated with your man going cold, losing interest, or pulling away, then >this video is a must watch:

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Jason runs a construction company, but he enjoys sharing his experiences with the opposite sex by writing about relationships in his spare time. He spends his weekends kite surfing and running on the beach.

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94 thoughts on 22 Tips on How to Be a Perfect Girlfriend for Your Guy

  1. You, Jason, really know how things are going. Thank you! :)

  2. youqueen girl illustration Lindsey

    HAHAHA Ok, I really hate to admit this but this is great and 100% true and on point. LOTS of women forget about these things in the name of “quality” and “feminism” and our RELATIONSHIPS suffer for it. I’ll keep all this in mind as I prepare myself for the next great guy to enter my life. Thanks, J.

  3. youqueen girl illustration Lindsey

    Opps, I meant “E-quality” in that last comment lol.

  4. youqueen girl illustration Meslyn

    Hmm i think i have to give dis a try. It is not too late

  5. How much time do you think guys invest in being perfect for their girlfriend?

    make me a sandwich >.>

    • youqueen girl illustration MissKaylaBelle

      Hahaha! This is so true, I was thinking the same damn thing. I’ve told my boyfriend to make me a sandwich before, and he did. He’s asked me the same before. I think we’re both just lazy as hell, we don’t care who makes the sandwich! Hahaha!

    • I actually wonder that a lot. All I see is always about doing everything for him all the time, but what about the girlfriend? Why can’t he do things for her too? If she wants him to join her in a nice relaxing bath, why not? Especially when she makes him food, gives him sex (and more), looks good for him, gives him space, lets him have his hobbies, etc etc. Why can’t he join her in a bath or give her massages when she needs one or let her pick the date night movie? As stated here, a relationship benefits both people, not just one, but it seems all I ever see is “do everything for him”.

      • Huh !
        we , in our culture, do not have living relationships. I am with my bf since 2008 and now its 2014 ! We have met almost 7 to 8 tymes in all these years . We meet at his friends place and we do get physical. I am quite pretty but nothing helps. Nothing at all. He has changed. He has lost interest . Right now his friend has come from abroad and he is with him but not willing to talk to me . I have begged him but he has just changed . Feel helpless. Initially he was mad at me and used to text me all day long.

    • If the guy is a quality guy, he will also be leading with the top things HE can be doing to be a great man for his woman. It’s a two way street.

      When coaching in relationships, sometimes I get asked “But what about HIM/HER??? Why are you putting it all on me?” Easy. You’re the one that came to me. When she comes to me, I can give her ideas. When he comes to me, I can give him ideas.

      If I only tell you what the other one should do, that might make you feel better, but what does it help? Even if you know you’re probably on your way out, I always suggest “Do your best under the circumstances, be the best you can, prepare your exit, and then you can know you can leave having done your side well.”

    • Your right its not easy to be a good gf . But try it hows things going.

  6. I would like to try..to keep this relationship keep going…thx…

  7. i really like this guy but dont no if he likes me back we are having a school dance should i women up and ask him or wait for him to ask me

  8. youqueen girl illustration Sadies

    I love this list <3 Very honest & informative. Tells me I'm doing most things right ;) haha Now to work on the rest…

  9. I’ve been reading this every night before bed for a week now, always waking up happy and light-hearted. I know I have to do it all to save my relationship with my husband. I’ve been complaining way too much on him and this is truly deeply helping me. Thank’s. And Jacks Blowjob lessons are great too, haha!

  10. Holy S%#! This is 1000% on point!!!! Coming from a guy, that should say ALOT. Some women may read this and bunch up their faces and suck their teeth and they’re probably the same ones who will remain single…

    • youqueen girl illustration Jaclynn

      or maybe it is because they aren’t afraid to be a little unique. Or maybe it is because they like things a little more spicy. Or maybe it’s because they’re smart and they don’t spend all their self esteem trying to be like every other girl on this planet and follow societal idiocy. And maybe it is because their boyfriends are well educated and wealthy and look for something a “little more than cookie-cutter” in a relationship.

      • youqueen girl illustration SweetSour

        OMG thank you! Finally a woman WITH sense

      • FINALLY I’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR A COMMENT LIKE THIS. Seriously how desperate do you have to be to suck up to a guy like that. Jeez I really thought women had more of a life than serving men. Sure you could do SOME of the stuff in this article but tone it down a bit. Scratch that, A LOT. Really some women need to get a life other than following their boyfriend’s every command or whatever crap.

  11. Okay hold on this complete bullshit, I gave it to my boyfriend and he said before I even registered my disgust at this article he said at least 75% of this is bullshit. If a guy loves you he is going to love you no matter how you treat him, yes some of these things are important in relationships but they are not a prerequisite for him to fall in love with you.

  12. youqueen girl illustration thando

    i hate to admit that i do most of the things wrong,but i love him though,i wish to spend all my life with i want to be perfect for him,i try and he nicest thing is that he tries too but for a little argument i sumtyms think he will dump me.i have learnt and i love him now its time i show him.

  13. I do all of these things for my boyfriend, but not because he “expects” them or from fear of him leaving me. I have a feeling that girls who read these articles because they’re afraid their boyfriend is gonna dump them need new -better- boyfriends; after they’ve done some soul-searching as to why they’re attracted to such shallow, incomplete guys. If you’re gonna be going by this list to try to hold a man down, he better be a dang perfect dude.

  14. youqueen girl illustration Sandraa

    Wow, really helped! Although me and my boyfriend can’t be exclusive, it still really helped! :) I love my boyfriend lots and lots.

  15. youqueen girl illustration Louise

    Thanks so much for this u helped me become the perfect girlfriend I always keep these things in mind thx again

  16. hw i wish u girls will just stick to dis and stop venturing into attitude that shatters relationship

  17. Man, this is crazy. EXACTLY what a guy wants. Hats off to you, buddy. B)

  18. I agree with the whole – look after yourself and treat yourself with respect and if your man loves you he should do the same. Same goes with him, look after him and respect him too. All of these points are just pin-pointing the key things it takes to not only be the best for yourself – but be the best for your man too! Good article :)

  19. I agree on a lot of these . There’s some I disagree on, but could you write one about guys now?how a guy should act to be the perfect boyfriend?

  20. If you do all these things for HIM. He still could end the relationship for 100 reasons. Leaving YOU in total confusion. You do the above things for only ONE person. YOU. That’s it that’s all. Anything beyond that and you’re basically trying to please a whole population of men who you fear will leave you. The above is a recipe for disaster and lowered self esteem.
    If you meet the man you love, all the above will shine because you have loved yourself. He knows he’s not perfect and he know’s you’re not perfect. But the two of you together are perfect because you take care of your lives apart from the relationship. PERIOD
    I’ll also fill you in, being in many relationships. What one man doesn’t like another man will adore. That should calm down some of your perspectives while also understanding that you can’t always give what others want by becoming what they want. It’s a serious mistake.
    Take for instance a former disaster of a relationship I had vs my newest relationship. Being kind, respectful and wonderful for this new man comes so natural is surprising myself. As for the former lover whom I couldn’t look straight in the face and say “you’re awesome” just couldn’t do it. But my new guy. He rocks, it’s all cool. It’s just simple. I love the freedom of simple.
    So keep it simple. Work at loving yourself. All else will follow, and it may follow you again and again as you come closer to the ideal match for you.
    We are not all cut out dolls to pander to the ideal of all men. It’s impossible! Just catch yourself when you can say something amazingly honest to someone. That’s a sure fire sign that you’re going down the right road, also known as you’re own road. On that road you’ll meet many people and you’ll find many who you love and who love you back. Go with that and love yourself.

  21. youqueen girl illustration Chrysta

    I see a lot of negative comments on this article! I can’t help but to feel that most of those comments come from women that have been called out by what’s written for their crappy behavior….I mean…the article’s a bit long….so…if you read the whole thing then something must have grabbed your attention…or guilt. You get what you give, girls. If you want him to put in the effort the it’s a matter of reciprocity….bottom line. Oh and to the girl whose boyfriend said the article was crap, let me just say this: your boyfriend is not stupid…he knows you…he knew how to react after reading the title! He’s not about to fight with you over things he knows you won’t fix and ruin what little chance he has of getting laid that night…if anything…waving this article in his face probably made him more resentful…I guarantee he’s doing one of two things right now…either he’s grinding his d*ck in a wood chipper because he’s too much of a p*ssy to leave you, or he’s f*cking your neighbor to make living with you more tolerable…..there’s of course always the possibility that he’s also at the post office getting a change of address form right now too…so I guess it’s one of three things….maybe he’s a multi-tasker…f*cking the neighbor in the post office parking lot after he got the change of address forms…

    • Woahhhh that is really intense to say to some stranger online because she said her bf didn’t like the article… you sure don’t sound like a perfect gf..some of these make sense and are really just guidelines to being a decent person.. But the rest are bs, who wants a gf who is lifting and getting ready and trying to be someone she’s not for me, thinking it’ll make her “perfect”? That whole idea is so dumb and way too much effort for a relationship that shouldn’t be so stressful. Idk what age this is meant for or how old you are but college couples would not be into this. We respect eachother and the rest comes easy. This seems like a terrible guide for unfortunately insecure girls. I don’t know why I let someone show me this article

      • youqueen girl illustration SweetSour

        Omg thank you! I’m honestly surprised a guy KNOW this, not saying guys are stupid but guys will not look past the bad stuff they’re saying. Again thanks. Your gf(if u have one) is lucky af

  22. Girls, we should be feminine, work out, eat healthy etc. to make ourselves feel good and for our well being, and if it attracts and pleases men too than so be it. But, the reason that we do the tasks listed above should not be solely for the pleasure of men, we should live life without the burden of pleasing men. We should live life for us.

  23. I think this article should be a reminder to we ladies who get caught up in our own heads and take our life frustrationss out on our significant others. Obviously his isn’t 100% accurate for every single guy, but I think most people guy or girl would prefer someone willing to put in an effort to entree themselves for their other. It isn’t a cookie cutter template. These are tips. I’m a tattooed feminist but I still know my man loves when I dress up. I work out so I feel good, but also to give him an opportunity to compliment (or join me). Don’t hate the article. Take some of the tips and apply them. No one is perfect but everyone should try to be more considerate of others in their daily relationships of any kind. This article gives you points to consider. Everyone knows no relationship problems are a quick fix. we are people learning to get over ourselves wheter male or female. loved it. Thanks sir!

  24. I feel really bad for any female reading this and believing any word you wrote. A woman shouldn’t have to change who she is for her man, he started liking her for a reason.. So she should change those things and potentially ruin the relationship?

  25. youqueen boy illustration Rajveer Singh

    I think a relation is depent upon these tips if someone loves you then he will love you at any situation but there are some facts here that girls need to improve.

  26. Not that I disagree with all the tips given in the article, but geez that’s a lot of work for a woman to keep a man happy. I guess the question is, what does the woman get in return for becoming an indentured servant? A fat, bald, wrinkled up man in his 30s who could easily pass for 60 years old? Really? You have to be super hot, nice, employed and making way more money than me if I’m going to consider doing half the stuff on this list. Yep, I said it… It’s called sexual economics… If you don’t know what it is, then look it up.

    • My point exactly. If a man won’t make an effort, why should the woman basically, like you said, be his servant? Relationships are about both people making an effort for each other. Why am I going to look good if he won’t? Why am I going to go see an action movie with him if he won’t go see a romantic comedy with me? You should both want to be perfect for each other. And no one should ever have to completely change who they are for someone else. If I’m a tomboy who likes sports and getting muddy, you aren’t going to make me become miss america. I’ll dress up for special occasions, but wearing so much make up I turn into an oompa loompa with lipstick and mascara just isn’t going to happen.

  27. I agree with the previous posters… I spent years in my last relationship trying to be perfect for the guy, cooking and cleaning for him, pleasing him in bed doing whatever he wanted and basically catering to his every whim. He ditched me by text at 3am one day, saying he was with someone else and I should probably get a chlamydia test. Once a gave up trying to please people and started just being myself, I met an amazing man who loves me despite my many imperfections, and we’re getting married next month. Take this on board by all means, but with a pinch of salt. The best guy for you will still love you for yourself, even if you don’t have a perfectly airbrushed body and face covered in makeup.

  28. well,i do my best and i will keep this tips in my mind and will used it befor itz too late…

  29. well! i’d agreed indeed. but i’m very discouraged about cooking…uff! if i can avoid that !! i love my guy so much… & wanna make him to feel like a king… but i can’t exposed it to him..& i’m little bit lazy about responsibilities

  30. youqueen girl illustration Ginger love

    I work out, because it makes me feel good. I don’t do it for him. I don’t wear makeup, I don’t try, and he still thinks I’m beautiful. When you’re in love with someone, they’re always beautiful. So I’m not sure I agree with that comment. There are valid points in here, you should always make your man feel like a man, you should always do little things to show you’re trying your best to make him happy. At the same time, this kind of looks like a rule book to becoming a domesticated house wife. We are working class women these days, we have our own issues and lives to worry about we can’t just 100% cater his needs and be in a pleasing mood. Also in a good relationship, your insecurity shouldn’t be there, you should rid each other of those pesky thoughts with reassurance.

  31. youqueen girl illustration Asiyah

    I like to dress up and look good for him. But I feel like this list is pretty chauvinistic and meant for an older generation of thought. I work out and do yoga for myself. I don’t cook, he loves to. I’m pretty messy and disorganized, he’s super clean. He gets more turned on by pleasing me sexually but our chemistry is pretty much off the charts, I’m pretty naughty myself. I motivate and inspire him to be better and help him become the best he can be by supporting his interests and finding tools for him to grow in those areas. We have fun together (: Maybe it’s a list for your perfect girlfriend but definitely not for all guys. I wouldn’t date a guy who had this list.

    • youqueen girl illustration Lavender

      Do you guys feel any wrong with these advice?
      – Have a life outside of your relationship. You need to be busy with your life, progressing, growing as a person, growing in your career, networking and meeting new people, maintaining friendships and creating new one’s.
      – smiles every day and enjoys life
      – Stop nagging all day long
      – Say “I love you” whenever you have chance.
      – Stop being insecure – it’s not attractive. Your guy will have a hard time to love you if you can’t love yourself first.
      – Be faithful don’t flirt around with other guys
      – Be good in bed
      – Let him know that you value him and that he’s important to you
      – gives a guy space
      – Don’t Take Him for Granted, Don’t Get Lazy
      – Work Out Regularly
      These are part of what the article says. I think it’s not kind of “old generation’s thought” or “bullshit” or “crap”. I know nobody is perfect, but does that mean you have no need to learn and to improve yourself? I did (and will do) try to be a perfect girlfriend because I think this is NOT about how to change my personality, my “one of a kind” to PLEASE my boyfriend, this is how to respect and care and love ourselves. It’s like if I want my boyfriend to give up smoking, I have to be the one who does not smoke. So what if I get nothing from my boyfriend? I could say he doesn’t deserve my efforts and it’s time to stop…

  32. I’ve done all that is listed in here and still my bf doesnt appreciate me, let alone be embarrassed of me in public.. soo i guess this is complete bullshit!

  33. youqueen girl illustration Lenore

    You before I begin to gripe, let me just say that 1) I have been in a happy relationship for roughly a year, and 2) I am not a feminist.
    That said, I find this list very typical and idealistic. It’s to be expected, I suppose, considering the use of ‘perfect’ in the title. That is probably what bothers me most about this list. Perfection in a relationship is not a realistic expectation on either part. I certainly don’t expect my partner to be perfect; he is no different. We have shortcomings and that must be considered when determining your expectations. Second, I loathe the emphasis you place on appearance and sex. It is off-putting and objectifying, to be quite honest. Yes, attraction and intimacy are important; they should not be top priorities. You love someone for all of them- mostly for their soul, their personality. Inner beauty always shines through, even if outer beauty is decaying (even if that sounds banal).

    Yes, I know I will get accused of being a feminist or told my points are invalid or something of the like. I don’t really give a damn, though. So, go on. Assail me with words. Your opinion is as valid/invalid as mine, is it not?

    (Also, to the women actually considering following this list… I would- for the most part- advise against it. Be your self. Be considerate, but stay true to yourself. You shouldn’t expect him to be perfect or vice versa– it’s not realistic. Sex/attractiveness is not everything)

  34. is no one gonna talk about how this article makes it sound like sex is the most important thing in a relationship? it was mentioned in every single part of this thing. and also, they’re making it seem like being perfect is the most important thing. i mean, if you accept him even if he’s not perfect, why can’t he accept you? i mean, my boyfriend is perfect in my eyes, but there are times when he can act a little different. and if i can accept him when he acts up; he can accept me when i act up. right? i came here looking for self impovement, and i found something really harsh that basically says “you’re not pleasing your man if you’re not the way i like my women” (this was obviously written from a man’s perspective and i appreciate your help but maybe you should consider being less mean next time)

  35. I’ve been doing most of the things on this list for the last year or so. I buy him things (he doesn’t have money because he refuses to work claiming he’s disabled but he’s still capable enough to be his mom’s handyman so I don’t believe it), do everything I can for him, I cook almost all his food (we eat out maybe one meal a week and I cook the rest), I cook his favorite foods as often as I can, I look better than I did when we got together (and weigh less), I work out, I’m very affectionate and give him lots of attention, I do everything he asks of me and more….

    He does absolutely nothing in our relationship or for me. Because I do everything for him and us.

    This leads to a one sided relationship where one person is comfortable and lazy and the other does so much that she is exhausted and has none of her needs met.

  36. Wow
    I love how loving him is #4 and having a personality is #18 (except its not about having a personality its actually about just not nagging him) if you honestly believe this list and you are a man one of two things are true. 1., you are indeed single or 2., you are in a relationship with a girl who is just a bimbo that waits on you hand and foot so congratulations. I’m not a feminist, but this article is disgustingly misogynistic. It is also sad that young women or girls will look at this and think it will actually land them a “perfect” man. Also, there is no such thing as perfect HELLO

  37. youqueen girl illustration RachelBish

    Gosh! Its soo true :) I love him and always want him to be happy .
    But when I check out all this tips, its really helped :)
    But seriously I dun ask for repay everything i do, I just want him to be Happy :)
    Thx guy :)

  38. Omg… I love everything said! I’m a great young lady…. Truly..but this just opened my eyes…. Thx

  39. youqueen girl illustration Sylvia

    Hi.. I’m 34 years old. I wanna be like that… Or probably I’m like that, but it’s one problem I don’t have a boyfriend, I’m a nurse and I’ve a son, I getting old. Maybe I still waiting for a perfect men ;)
    But I can’t found him yet, how can I do?

  40. While most of these points are spot on, #18, having a “pleasing” personality, irks me. Some days I’m just PMSy as hell, and I don’t want to have to change my personality just to appease him. He knows this about me, though, and he loves me just the same. You should never have to feel like you have to be happy-go-lucky ALL the time. Find someone who sees both the pleasing and not so pleasing sides of you and loves you anyway. Men have personality flaws that aren’t pleasing all of the time, either, but we love ‘em anyway :)

  41. youqueen girl illustration Taylor

    This is possibly the most sexist thing I’ve ever read…

  42. youqueen boy illustration Aleida Wertz

    I am continuously searching online for posts that can help me. Thanks!

  43. youqueen girl illustration Jasmine

    i’ll be must following this tips…..bcause my guy also bore feel on me.


  44. Let me tell you a story. My man took on a half dozen punk thieves last night outside a bar because they stole from him. He is a hero, a REAL man; I am a feminist (which only means I don’t hate myself; feminism means “women’s equality”, not “bad women” like weak penis-bearing humans would like to think) sex goddess, cook for him, take care of him, he tells me constantly how hot I am and how AMAZING the sex is. Not boasting ijs. Anyway, how many other men do you think helped him out as he got his ass kicked? How many others were willing to stand up for what was right, to go against the odds, to fight for honor? If you wanna be all “women, make him a sandwich and give him a blow job and for chirssakes don’t ever nag” then you need to be one of the VERY FEW who is a REAL MAN left in this world. And please, don’t blame women for men not keeping men in check. If men were strong in the first place they wouldn’t have been beating women down for centuries and we would never have probably needed to vote, but if ya’ll can’t take care of us well someone has to. Think about that for a minute. lol

  45. Am I the only one to think that some of these tips are good yet then the other tips are pretty much impossible to follow. At least for me my man (“fiancé”) says that I “break his balls”%100 of the time. I’m hBeginning to have a real issue with this and sadly I have no one to talk to about it. I sadly read these articles instead. My gfs hate him and no longer talk to me. Although they weren’t much of a positive influence anyways. So… (Omg I’m rambling already) what would YOU advise for the “typical” Italian man who’s BEEN waited on hand and foot by not just his past exes but currently also his mother??? I’m Canadian and German. And I don’t even thimk my heritage has anything to do with the issue. I am or once saw myself as a very self independent working professional woman. I’ve had a few very bad hang ups within this last year (right after I met my fiancé) and he was right by my side the entire way!!! Now I feel as though I’m indebted to him for life! He’s been supportive of me physically and financially BUT LACKS HUGE in the emotional dept. And I try try try to explain myself without pushing judgement on him and I use “I feel” statements a lot. I also try hard not to use those “you always” or “you never” comments either. BUT WHAT DO I DO WHEN HE REALLY DOESNT TAKE MY FEELINGS INTO CONSIDERATION. is it bad of me to abstain from sex because he’s pissed me off so badly?? Am I really making this worse than it should be??? How can I have him see things from my point of view without becoming a cave woman??? I won’t be dragged around by NO MAN!!! Is there such a thing as even and fair COMPROMISE????? Seriously.

  46. youqueen boy illustration Spc Gentry

    I guess I’m the other 10% then. I was raised Egalitarian and son of these things dont reflect me. I dont need a woman to “Stroke My Ego” because I’m already fully confident in myself. I dont want nor do I need a woman cooking for me. (I’m a better cook than any woman I meet would be) and being “Feminine” is so outdated. “Feminine” girls are annoying. There WAY to high maintenance and high strung, there wimps and can’t work for shit and when danger or an issue comes there only solution is too hide behind me or cry (If by herself) I want to date a strong woman not a 12 year old little girl who wants to play with glitter and than cries when someone hits them….nuh uh..

  47. youqueen girl illustration Maddie

    This is nice and all, but it sounds like it needs a few pointers. First, since when is being feminist bad? I mean, I’m all for making a good meal and cleaning up, but it’s nice if the guy helps with the so called “womans work” too. And second, and afterward I’ll shut trap, woman like to feel appreciated as well. Not the clingy, connected at the hip appreciated, but you get the point (I hope). Sometimes it’s good for the guy to a few of these tricks. It kinda works both ways really, in my opinion. Hate all you want.

  48. this is really good advice. I just got into my first proper relationship and I have no clue what I’m doing so thank you :)

  49. This is pretty good.! I learn more how to be a good girlfriend. I well do this …
    Thanks J.!

  50. youqueen girl illustration minori

    I am having trouble in my relationship mainly because I cannot to 21…. it’s so hard to be feminine…. We’ve been talking for a year to keep our relationship healthy over this topic…. I think it’s kind of related to 1,2,5,13 also… He doesn’t want me to be pretend to be feminine since he thinks I am just doing it for him. He like me wearing make-up, skirt, and having long hair. I started doing it because of him, but it sometimes makes me sad because it’s not my style that I used to have, even when I met him… when he asked me out…. it’s so hard to accept that he doesn’t like my style because I thought he was ok with it….. I thought that’s why he wanted to be in a relationship…. How can girls be feminine so naturally without being told? I don’t really understand. I like boyish girls. Why men don’t like them?? I am so sad … : (

  51. youqueen girl illustration Autumn

    These are all valid in finding a guy, but if you want someone to love you for who you are, you have to be who you are first.

  52. I love the part where you describe for Work-Out… I agree with it, as my boyfriend is so particular about my fitness & Health :P
    There must be tips for things every guy should do to be the perfect boyfriend.

  53. youqueen girl illustration lorena

    Wow!This is amazing im ganna try this…everything said Jason is true 100% thank you

  54. Oh, thank you Jason. I will definitely try this with Tyga. Blac Chyna ain’t gonna stop our love for each other. Yep! I’ll be better than all of his ex’s combined!!! Actually I already am! Love you, Tyga…!!

  55. youqueen girl illustration Krissy

    This article has great points, but this is only what one type of men want, and seemingly written about immature men. Once you’re in a relationship, (if it’s worth anything to him or if he just agreed half-heartedly) guys don’t care about the hype, the feminine stuff, being “fit, pretty, and perfect.” Guys don’t care about makeup. They don’t care about your weight. You don’t have to try crazy things in bed that make you uncomfortable. Sure, these are good ideas, but the format of the article is written to say “you NEED to do this and NEED to do that” on which i dont agree. This is whats wrong with young girls. They’re being told they HAVE to be a badass and all sorts of things they arent to keep a guy.
    Maybe this pertains to new relationships, but when you’re going on 3+ years with your man, you will cut the crap and get down to the basics of what a great, long lasting relationship actually consists of.

  56. The only thing, and I mean the only thing, I nag my boyfriend about is his drinking and weight. He likes it. It keeps him on track. I have to nag him about it or he’ll let himself go. One thing that makes women go crazy with excitement is a man who takes care of his physic. Beer bellies are disgusting.

  57. What? Are you guys for real? “Be beautiful ” ??? “Cook well”??? WORKING OUT APPEARS TWICE! !

  58. youqueen girl illustration SweetSour

    This is crap. NOTHING is wrong with wanted to be treated equally. Every woman that follows these stupid rules are stupid

  59. This is amazing. This list is exactly what I as a gal look for in a boyfriend. Here I was feeling guilty for constantly judging my bf and comparing him to past exes and other guys I’m attracted to. This article thankfully let me go of that guilt and embrace leaving him when he no longer continues to be better than other guys.

  60. I have become a complete monster from insecurity. Thank you so much I now believe i can change and become a good person again.

  61. youqueen girl illustration Shannon

    I feel like stabbing my eyes out after reading this. “Equality blah blah whatever”. You are what’s wrong with the world.

  62. youqueen girl illustration Jillian

    It depends on what type of guy you have, and what things he likes. Lol I just wanted to comment something!

  63. youqueen girl illustration Charlotte

    I have a great boyfriend I love him a lot he understands me. He is the best

  64. Hi! Your article was…interesting. Just wanted to point out one thing however. Being a feminist or blah blah blah (as you so eloquently put it), isn’t about not wanting to bow down to men. In fact, a good man is also a feminist! Feminism is believing in gender equality, and rejecting discrimination against women! Being a feminist does not predisposition you to having a more difficult time finding love as you say. On the contrary, it is the foundation for a deeper and more enriched connection. Feminists can also be feminine…. As well as interesting, intelligent, sexy and ambitious. Think about it! Or whatever.

  65. youqueen girl illustration Hannah

    lol like his friends…or pretend to… i hate his friends :/

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