Being perfect isn’t easy, but it’s totally achievable if you know what your guy really wants. Guys have a different perception of what they consider a “perfect girlfriend” to be, but still there’s stuff most of us agree to be good qualities in a girlfriend. Women are not the only one’s looking for their soul mate, “the One” is a guy’s goal too. Apply the 21 tips below so your guy will never ever think of cheating or breaking up, because you’ll be the perfect girlfriend for him.

The list of “Qualities of a Perfect Girlfriend” below is not in any particular order of importance; see which of them are most applicable to your guy’s desires and preferences. There is always something your guy wants, but he is too shy to ask or tell you. Many of these things are in the list below.

1. Look Great for Him

A perfect girlfriend always gives her best to look beautiful for her man. Men are visual creatures. We like a woman that looks good, that’s obvious. So take care of your looks. You don’t have to look like a supermodel – not at all, just look the best you can, use body lotion, have soft, silky smooth skin that he wants to kiss day and night.

Keep things fresh, and stay as beautiful as you were when you just met – even better, work on yourself to become even more beautiful physically.

2. Smell Great for Him, Be Beautiful

There’s nothing like smelling amazing for your guy. A scent of a woman can make a man fall deeply in love; your smell gets engraved deeply in his mind. He can recall it and remember you immediately.

Have a unique smell, a perfume he loves. Use shampoo that he loves so your natural scent makes him melt of love. It’s so much easier to love your girlfriend if she’s beautiful and gives her best to stay beautiful for you. Don’t get lazy.

3. Stop Nagging and Complaining

Nagging all day long won’t help solve your differences. Sooner or later, he’ll break up with you if he gets fed up. Men need their space and freedom too. If you are constantly complaining about not-so-important stuff, you just create negative energy in your relationship and he slowly grows to hate, instead of love you.

Remember: the line between love and hate is a thin line indeed.

Communicate differently. Find a common language. Maybe your approach isn’t really motivating him to change himself. If he’s doing something you don’t like, there must be a smarter way to approach the situation. Use positive motivation like… reward him with love and affection when he does what you like, then he’ll do more of it, and he’ll do it often. Be his partner, not his enemy.

4. Love Him

smiling couple lying on grass

A perfect girlfriend loves her guy more than anything. She really loves him and will do anything to keep him happy and satisfied. If necessary, she’ll even get into a fight for him. Loving him is the first step to being a great girlfriend, he needs to know and feel that you really love him. Cuddle, hug, kiss, smooch, make love and say “I love you” whenever you have chance.

5. Love Yourself

Being insecure and asking “am I fat?” 20 times a day is annoying. Stop being insecure – it’s not attractive. Your guy will have a hard time to love you if you can’t love yourself first. Do everything to feel great in your own skin. When you love yourself, you are more confident and you radiate a positive energy that draws people to you.

Do good things and make other people happy – this will give you more “life credit” and it will make you feel better about yourself. Make other people happy and you’ll be a happier person. Yes, it’s that simple. A girlfriend that radiates positive energy, smiles every day and enjoys life is definitely a better girlfriend than some cranky b*!ch that sucks the life out of your brain.

6. Be Devoted

Obviously, a perfect girlfriend isn’t just faithful, but also never makes her guy even feel jealous at all. You don’t flirt around with other guys if you love your boyfriend. Let him know that he is The Guy for you and that you need nothing other than him. He needs to feel this. You develop trust in him by showing that you are only interested in him.

7. Like His Friends

There’s nothing worse than a girlfriend that doesn’t like your friends – and openly complains about them.

Sure, his best friend Joe may be an imbecile – but he is still his best friend. You can give him a friendly suggestion if you think some of his friends aren’t good for him, but don’t be aggressive about it. Let him make his own decisions. You are his girlfriend, not his mother, and if you continue complaining about his friends, you might just become an annoying ex.

A perfect girlfriend likes my imperfect friends just out of respect. The worst you can do to a guy is to take him away from all of his friends and connections, this makes a guy weaker psychologically, and socially less powerful, so it can shatter his confidence – then you might not be as attracted to him as you were when you just met.

8. Be a Sex Goddess

girl kisses lying boyfriend

A girlfriend isn’t “perfect” if she doesn’t perform great in bed. Period.

You can’t just be good in bed – you must be better than all of his ex girlfriends combined. Hundreds of books have been written for women about sex; unfortunately, most of them are complete nonsense. I would only suggest one resource for sex tips, and most men would agree with me, this guide is the only thing I’d recommend (don’t read it if you are under 21 and get offended easily). Read YQ’s review of the guide here.

Great sex brings you closer, and keeps you together for years, and years, even if other spheres of your relationship aren’t perfect. Find out what makes your guy go crazy, and then fulfill all of his fantasies. Yes – all of his fantasies, because that’s what a perfect girlfriend does.

9. Cook Well, Or at Least Try

The path to a man’s heart isn’t that complicated. You need to be amazing in bed, and cook him delicious meals. I know that “contemporary women” don’t have time, energy or the willpower to cook anymore. If cooking is too traditional for you, then you are probably living in a dream. Nobody expects you to live in the kitchen, but visit it every now and then. It works. I know that a delicious meal is just a phone call away, but even if you make him a simple sandwich that doesn’t even taste that good – it’s the effort that counts, not the taste.

10. Love is in the Details

woman present gift for her boyfriend in bedroom

Give him a gift every now and then. Make him feel loved and special. Do what other women will not, or do rarely, then do it more often. A small token of appreciation is always welcome. Give him a massage. Pamper him. He’ll always return back for more.

11. Appreciate Him

He needs to know and feel that you appreciate his efforts. When he is nice to you, when he makes you feel loved and special, let him know that you value him and that he’s important to you. It will make him feel better about himself and your relationship.

12. Stroke His Ego, Give Him a Compliment

Feed his ego from time to time. Men can also have insecurity issues. Don’t let him get an ego-boost by chasing other women around, instead – give him his “ego shot” yourself.

A man needs to feel attractive and desired too – you’re not the only one. Give him a compliment. Tell him how much you love something about him, or how hot he is to you, how much he turns you on. A compliment makes you feel nice too, so give him that pleasure – every day.

13. Make Him Feel Like a Man

A man wants to be “the man” in the relationship. Let him fill that role whenever possible. If he doesn’t take the lead by himself, still, sometimes it’s okay to do things his way, or have him have the last word. You don’t have to be right every time, let him win an argument – or even better – don’t argue at all. Let him take the lead and you might actually enjoy it.

14. Help Him Grow by Being His Partner, Not His Enemy

You are partners, not enemies. Always keep that in mind. A perfect girlfriend is “perfect” because she helps her guy achieve more, grow further, and fulfill his full potential. Maybe even his destiny. You have the power to motivate him and help him grow as a person.

Life can be hard. When times are tough, we all need someone to lift us up emotionally, give us energy and that extra push to keep us going. A perfect girlfriend is never selfish; she is supportive and she is there for her guy in good and bad times alike.

15. Have a Life and Passion

group of friends portrait

Life is often unpredictable and works in strange ways. You cannot calculate everything. Today – you love your boyfriend, maybe your future husband, but tomorrow? Who knows? You don’t know if you’ll still love him 5 years from now.

Things change. You change, he changes – you might grow to love each other more and more, but also less.

For this reason, it’s important that you have a life outside of your relationship. You need to be busy with your life, progressing, growing as a person, growing in your career, networking and meeting new people, maintaining friendships and creating new one’s.

You need to have something you are passionate about. All of this will make both you, and your relationship stronger; thus, you’ll be a better girlfriend too. Having a life outside of your relationship is crucial if you want your relationship to survive, otherwise both you, and your guy will be too dependent on each other for your happiness. This dependency can be scary, and even evolve into neediness, fear or slight hatred. Having something going for you ensures that you make each other stronger, not weaker. This tightens the bond between you.

16. Be Better Than All of His Ex’s Combined

If you didn’t already know, here’s how men function relationship wise. We compare everything to past personal experiences. Unconsciously, your man is judging you.

You need to be a better, and a more “perfect” girlfriend, than all of his ex girlfriends combined. You don’t have to be the hottest, sweetest, smartest woman in the world – just better than what he has experienced before.

And no, it’s not all about looks. You and your boyfriend may have a different perception of “good looking.” While some girl may be beautiful to you, she can be not-so-hot for your boyfriend, and vice versa.

The reason he’s with you, is probably because you already are better than his ex-girlfriends. In order to keep him, you’ll have to continue being better than any potential chick (enemy) that may come along.

The problem with the “be better than his ex’s” theory is that… if his ex girlfriend could do stuff in bed which you can’t – you’ll have to step up your game. If she did something he loved, and you don’t – he will miss it, and may look elsewhere for satisfaction.

That’s the cold, hard truth. Work on it if your goal is to be perfect for him, and erase any other woman from his memory forever.

17. Give Him Space, Don’t Be a Menace

stylish man laughing with sunglasses and headphones

A perfect girlfriend gives a guy space. You can’t be over-demanding. Some women try to keep a guy by calling him 24/7 and being overly clingy – this won’t work for long. Sooner or later, he’ll get fed up and he’ll want to break free by breaking up.

Instead of putting pressure on him, checking on him, where is he, why is he there, who is he with, when will he be home, why he did this and not that etc. instead of doing that – let him be free within your relationship.

Give him space. The best way to keep a guy is by being able to let him go. The less you try to “control him” the more control you’ll have over him, because when you trust him 100%, he will trust you back and give his best to maintain and earn that trust.

Give him time for himself, his friends, work, whatever he needs – then when you are together, make sure he has an amazing time, so that then he is the one that wants to spend more time with you, and so that he’s the one calling you all day, or waiting for your phone call.

Create balance in your love life. Being able to trust is an essential quality of every great girlfriend. Join that club today!

18. Have a Pleasing Personality

The women men love most, are the one’s that naturally have a pleasing (not demanding, negative, nagging all day) personality. A woman with a “pleasing personality” puts your pleasure first.

She does what you like, she pleases you in any way she can, even if it takes some effort from her side. She is devoted, she loves you and she’ll do anything for you.

That’s a girlfriend that gives more than she takes in a relationship – she has a pleasing personality, and men adore women like this. If you are a feminist and you “bow to no man” – that’s all great and cool, equality, bla bla bla, whatever – but you’ll have a hard time to find real love.

A relationship should benefit everyone, neither just the guy nor just you. Stop putting stupid “rules” in your mind and stop restricting yourself. I’m not saying you should wash his feet and let him abuse you – but give the guy some slack. If you’re not ready to make him feel like a King inside and outside of the bedroom, some other woman will; she’ll be considered “perfect” – you won’t.

19. Don’t Take Him for Granted, Don’t Get Lazy

Nothing is for granted, not even your boyfriend. So don’t treat him that way. The worst thing you can do in your relationship is to get lazy. You stop paying so much attention to him, you stop appreciating all the little things you used to love about him, you stop having crazy sex all over the house, you stop taking care of yourself and your looks, you stop being pretty for him, you start eating a ton of junk food, watching TV series and you get incredibly fat.

Then you wonder why you got dumped? No wonder. Don’t be one of those chicks that take things for granted. Seduce your boyfriend – every day – all over again.

That’s what a perfect girlfriend does. This will motivate him to work on himself as well to keep up with you. Love isn’t just given – you need to put some effort into keeping it, and helping it grow even further.

20. Work Out Regularly

two girls exercising in gym

The better you look, the better you’ll feel in your own skin, and the more attractive you’ll be to your boyfriend. A perfect girlfriend gives her best to get in shape – and then stay in shape. Look great for him and you’ll be the perfect girlfriend in his mind. Here are some reasons why you should work out every day.

21. Be Feminine

Gone are the days when women were women, and men were men. Now women are becoming manlier every day, and guys are behaving like total losers with no self-confidence or determination. “A good man is hard to find” – so they say, but, according to many men, a good, sexy, feminine woman may be even harder to find.

Nowadays, women take care of themselves less and less, they get wasted, throw up on the street, drink more beer than guys (disgusting), some don’t even shave. That’s cool and all, but not my cup of tea. A perfect girlfriend is feminine, she knows how to carry herself, and behaves like a real lady (in public, but not in the bedroom).

Again, I’m not telling you to go back to the kitchen and live by the housewives’ guide from the 50s  , but still, the majority of men love a sweet, sexy woman that takes good care and knows how to carry herself.

22. Lift!

Oh. Yeah. I already told you to work out. Well, just in case you didn’t get how important this is, here’s a reminder: Lift, lift, LIFT! And you’ll be the sexiest ever, not just physically, but mentally as well. Don’t worry, working out won’t get you buff. Keep squatting and get in the best shape of your life and your relationship will, as a result, be in the best shape of its life.

There you go. Give this to any guy, and he’ll agree on at least 18 out of 22 tips – they are what make a girlfriend fabulous. Apply what you can to your relationship and you’ll see an instant improvement. Try these tips and see for yourself.

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