10 Crucial Signs Your Relationship Is Over

10 Crucial Signs Your Relationship Is Over

If you’re still unsure if your relationship is just going through a crisis or if it’s time to say goodbye, these signs your relationship is over will show you.

When you’ve been in a relationship for some time and you hit a major roadblock, what do you do? Do you hang in there to see if the relationship is worth saving?

Or, do you say goodbye and move on to the next one, not wanting to waste your precious time with the wrong person?

Choosing between staying or moving on is one of the toughest decisions you can face in life. You have to know for sure because there are decisions that can’t be undone once they are made.

Is your relationship over? Don’t neglect certain signs

There have been several scientific studies conducted on the signs and predictors of relationship breakup. Here are some of them.

The Communication Patterns Questionnaire (CPQ): This study, conducted by Markman and colleagues, developed the CPQ as a measure of communication patterns in couples. The study found that couples who reported lower levels of communication and disclosure were more likely to experience relationship dissatisfaction and breakup.

The Love Lab: This series of studies, conducted by Gottman and colleagues, observed couples in a lab setting and identified several key predictors of relationship breakup, including high levels of conflict, negative attributions, and decreased positive interactions.

The Sexual Satisfaction Scale (SSS): This study, conducted by Mark and colleagues, developed the SSS as a measure of sexual satisfaction in couples. The study found that sexual dissatisfaction was a strong predictor of breakup, particularly for women.

To help you make the right choice, it will help to spot the signs that tell you that the relationship is over before you call it quits. With that said, how do you know whether or not your relationship is headed in the wrong direction?

Here are 10 major predictors of breakup and crucial signs your relationship is over. They will tell you it’s time to let go and give up the fight.

1. Your sex life goes from hot to not

Your Relationship Is Over

Sex is one of the most important parts of a relationship and if it is becoming worse or non-existent, it is obvious sign your relationship is over. If your partner suddenly no longer initiates intimacy with you, or you make the first move but his response is always cold, there’s something wrong.

You need to have ‘the talk’ so that you can figure out the cause. If, after talking, you’re still unable to get things straightened out, you have to make the decision you’re dreading.

2. There’s no trust in the relationship

You might have heard how a relationship can be likened to a car. A relationship without trust is like a car without gas. It won’t go anywhere.

So, if mistrust has crept into your relationship, you obviously have issues to deal with. If unresolved, despite a continued effort to resolve it, there’s no question that breakup is the most sensible decision.

3. Your friends and family express their concerns

Relationship Is Over

If the people closest to you have shared their two cents about your relationship, you should be concerned. Remember, they may be seeing things you don’t see and noticing the signs your relationship is over, but you easily ignore them. It would help to listen to their perspectives.

4. You have difficulty communicating

That or you don’t communicate openly at all. If there are struggles to express yourself openly for fear that you will be judged or not heard by your partner, you can expect more misunderstandings and disagreements in the long run.

When you reach that point, a breakup is inevitable.

5. You have very different interests

Signs Your Relationship Is Over

For couples to be successful in a relationship, they should share at least one common interest or hobby. It can be a sport you both love or a hobby you enjoy.

This is necessary in order to form a stronger bond, which is very much needed for your relationship to triumph over the obstacles you’ll face in the long run.

If you don’t have any mutual interests, even one, you can be assured that it is the most important sign your relationship is over even before it began. It will be so weak that when challenges come, it simply won’t stand a chance.

6. The support that you need just isn’t there

It’s essential in a relationship that you support each other’s aspirations in life. You have to be each other’s confidante and cheerleader.

If you feel you’re alone in reaching your goals, or your partner doesn’t express any interest in what it is that you’re trying to achieve, your relationship will soon be over.

7. One of you is still holding onto the past

Signs Your Relationship is Over

If you or your partner holds onto the past as if one of your lives depend on it, then you have no business being in the relationship in the first place. You’re obviously still hung up on the past so that in itself is a huge issue already.

How can you focus on your present relationship and plan for a future if one or both of you is still dwelling on the relationships of old? Yeah, right. You can’t look forward to a future together unless you focus all your efforts in the present.

8. Your plans don’t include each other

If your activities almost always include your partner and vice versa and that has changed suddenly, there is something clearly wrong. Expect distance and resentment to soon creep into your relationship, creating a hole that will separate you.

When this happens, breaking up is going to be just around the corner.

9. Quality time with each other has disappeared

Aside from having your separate me-time, having quality time with each other is important. It’s a way to relieve the stress you accumulate throughout the week.

It’s also a great way to catch up with what has happened to each other during the times you weren’t together. If you used to set aside time to spend together to bond but that doesn’t happen anymore, you can be sure your relationship will sour.

When it does, your next destination will ultimately be Splitsville.

10. Your future plans have been put on hold

Crucial Signs Your Relationship Is Over

If you’ve already talked about specific plans like moving in together or getting married and he wants to put these major plans on hold without valid reasons, there may be somebody else.

If not, you can be sure that there’s an even more serious reason behind it. He can’t open up to you about that and can’t sort it out? You’ve obviously hit a dead-end.

You may want to consider taking a detour, but only if you’re sure that the relationship is worth your time and effort. If not, it’s best to move on.

Before you conclude that it’s over with your significant other, be sure to always take the time to salvage the relationship. Sit down together and talk it out.

After all, you wouldn’t be together in the first place if you didn’t have a mutual affection for or interest in each other. Be sure to empathize instead of finding blame.

More importantly, make it a point to make them feel you’re willing to work things out if they feel the same way. If not, then maybe it’s not really meant to be and, if it isn’t, it won’t ever be.

Are you experiencing any of these signs your relationship is over? What words of wisdom can you share to our readers who are going through love troubles? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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