8 Things to Do that Will Bring You Closer than Ever

Do you feel as if you and your guy are slowly falling apart? Do the flames of your love seem to have fizzled and died away? If so, then here are 8 things you can do to bring you closer than ever.

In the beginning stages of any relationship, we feel so close to our partner. The passion is high, the intimacy is always there, and we always do things to please each other and keep the sparks flying! Later in the relationship, however, things tend to change.

We gradually get comfortable with our partners. Then, the flames fade a little. Eventually, we become annoyed with our partners (it happens all the time) and the flames not only fizzle but they burn out completely leaving a gaping hole in the intimacy department.

So what are you supposed to do to get things back on track? How do you and your lover go from routine back to amazing? Here are eight things that will bring you closer and put your relationship back on the right path.

#1 Spend the Day in Bed

things that will bring you closer

Every day we rush out of bed, shower, run off to a job we probably don’t really like, and barely have the chance to eat breakfast let alone give out lover a good morning kiss. If you want to rekindle that spark, it’s a good idea once in a while for both of you to call off work and stay in bed. That’s right – spend the day naked in each other’s arms. Better yet, put a blanket and some pillows in front of the television and spend the day naked watching movies and eating popcorn and fruit under the covers.

#2 Cry in Front of Each Other

One of the things people fail to do in a relationship is to actually show their true feelings to each other. It’s like we don’t want the other person to see us cry. Maybe we’re afraid of the vulnerability? Maybe we’re afraid our partner will think we’re saps? Or perhaps we just don’t want them to see us with mascara running down our faces while we blow our nose loudly into a tissue.

Whatever the case may be, it’s important that both of you are able to cry in front of each other. The vulnerability actually builds a stronger intimacy in your relationship. Go ahead and let the tears flow; it’s okay to be human.

#3 Touch Each Other – Any Chance You Get

If you and your guy want to get closer than ever, it’s important to touch each other every chance you get. Hold hands when you walk, put your hand on his knee when you’re sitting on the couch together, make sure you hold each other and spoon in bed.

Touching is intimate, and intimacy is a key ingredient in any relationship. Intimacy will bring you closer together and will allow you and your lover to feel that shared closeness. If your guy isn’t one for cuddling and holding hands, then light touches on the arm as you talk to him, and a soft and brief rub on his back when you ask him how his day went will open the relationship up to more touching.

#4 Get Away from it All

things that will bring you closer

Another way to become closer than ever is to get away from it all. Take a break from the rest of the world. Go on a mini-vacation or spend the night in a bed-and-breakfast for a brief change of scenery. Sometimes what you really need to become closer is to go far away.

#5 Do Things You’ve Never Done Before

You can also become closer than ever to your guy if you both go out and do things neither of you have done before. There are so many things you can do. You can travel someplace you’ve both always wanted to go, you can go to a concert or a convention, or you can try something sexual you’ve never tried before.

Often we hear ourselves say, “Oh, yeah, my ex and I did that once,” and we don’t realize that it has a negative effect on our current relationship. Not only are you limiting yourself because you and your ex tried it already, but you’re preventing yourself from having new memories. New memories are important, so try something you have never done before and share that memory only with each other.

#6 Fulfill a Sexual Fantasy

Of course, another way to become closer than ever is to fulfill a sexual fantasy nobody else has been able to fulfill before. The secret to a healthy relationship, aside from open communication, is amazing sex! Sexual fantasies are a great way to get to know each other better physically and intimately and to really get closer together.

#7 Teach Each Other Something (Share Something You Love)

things that will bring you closer

Teaching each other something new also brings couples closer together. If you’re great at bowling and your guy is a video game champ, then you should take a day doing each other’s favorite things. Sharing interests and teaching something you love to someone else really brings a couple together and makes the relationship fun again.

#8 Genuinely Listen and Encourage Each Other

Communication is the most important aspect of any relationship. No matter what anyone says, if you don’t have communication with each other, your relationship is not going to work. Openly and honestly communicating your thoughts and feelings to each other is one of the best ways to really come closer together.

Of course, that’s not to say you have to share every little thought at every waking moment of the day, but you and your guy do need to be able to speak freely without fear of anger or retribution. You can’t have a relationship if you’re afraid to show your feelings and you can’t truly love someone if you’re always walking on eggshells around them.

Couples who follow these few pieces of advice will quickly become closer than ever. So tell us, how close are you and your guy?

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