This Is The Perfect Lipstick Color For Your Zodiac Sign

There’s something about wearing lipstick that feels so empowering, but the best feeling happens when you wear a colour that embodies your personality.

To some people, choosing a lipstick colour depends on their skin tone, mood, outfit, the season, or where they’re going. However, I, along with many other women have an arsenal of colours ready to be worn. But, us women tend to lean towards specific shades and colours and have many lipsticks that are left sitting there unused.

However, Zodiac signs could also be responsible for why we choose certain colours. The colour that is matched to your Zodiac sign is matched by the characteristics of each sign. Read on to find out what lipstick colour you should wear according to your Zodiac sign.


Applying red lipstick

If you’re an Aries, you are energetic, dynamic, competitive, aggressive, brave, and risky. You aren’t afraid to be bold and make rash decisions. In fact, you love to do that and also love to have fun. The best lipstick colour for you is a bold, hot, sexy red. If this isn’t your style, then show your confidence by wearing a black lipstick.


Taurus is powerful, reliable, loving, caring, conservative, emotional, and sensible. The perfect colour for the very calm and rational Taurus is light pink and purple. Since Taurus likes to have fun but can also be more reserved and mellow, light and subtle shades of pinks or purples will suit them perfectly.


Geminis are expressive, quick-witted, sociable, fun, thoughtful, fascinated by life and are people lovers. The best lipstick colours that match this zodiac sign are deep purples, raspberries, and burgundies. These colours are not only trending right now but are also the perfect match for a Gemini’s fun, sociable character.


Beautiful young woman with lipstick over abstract pink background

Cancers are very intuitive, sentimental, emotional, sensitive, family oriented, sympathetic, loyal, and empathetic persons. The best lipstick colours for anyone who is a Cancer are light pink tones, neutral colours, or nude ones, as it will suit their calm, kind-hearted traits perfectly.


Leos are leaders who also tend to be dramatic, they also are creative confident, dominant, generous, risky, and can achieve anything. Leos also tend to be extroverted and very social. The perfect lipstick colour for Leo is a light bright red, but also very bright pinks and purples. These colours are bold, popping, and are fun which shows the bold, fun, and outgoing traits of Leo, while also showing how confident they are.


If you are a Virgo, that means you are detail oriented, you have a deep sense of humanity, you’re careful, tender, conservative, relaxed, and caring. The lipstick shade for you is subtle pink to show how relaxed, sweet, and caring you are. The type of pink lipstick that suits you is the type that is slightly see-through, but is still noticeably pink and shimmery.


Stylish and bright girl with blonde hair and purple lipstick listening to music on the background of wooden wall

Libras are home lovers, fair, calm, relaxed, cooperative, they prefer quality over quantity, are peaceful and romantic. The best lipstick colours for Libras are romantic light pinks, purples and even some nude tones to display their calm and rational traits.


This zodiac sign is passionate, assertive, determined, decisive, calm, resourceful, mysterious, regal, fierce, and loyal. The perfect lipstick colours for Scorpios are dark maroons and dark reds that will show your passion and confidence.


People who are Sagittarius tend to be curious, energetic, open minded, extroverted, optimistic, wild, fun, enthusiastic, and are action takers. The perfect lipstick colours for them are brown hues which suit how down to earth Sagittarius’ are.


Capricorns are also down to earth but are patient, careful, stubborn, smart, humourous, ambitious, practical, and mature. Capricorns tend to wear light pink lipsticks that show the relaxed side to them.


A beautiful girl with orange lips

If you’re an Aquarius that means you are most likely optimistic, free spirited, smart, independent, outgoing, adventurous, spontaneous, rebellious, and unpredictable. Some great lipstick colours that suit Aquarius are very bright pinks, oranges, and purples to show their fun, outgoing personality.


Pisces tend to be friendly, passionate, selfless, artistic, generous, compassionate, tolerant, and wise. The perfect lipstick colours for people who are Pisces are bright and bold pinks to show the sweet but also artsy parts of them.

No matter what your zodiac sign is, there are lipstick colours that embody your personality and traits. If you can think of any more lipstick colours to match your zodiac sign, feel free to share!

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