The Vibrant and Dynamic Aries Man in Love

The Vibrant and Dynamic Aries Man in Love

Drawn to an Aries man? Careful, you may get burned! Aries is confident, strong and willful – and he loves to win. Here’s how to handle the Aries man in love.

When you come across an Aries man, you’ll know it. He will be the one who does whatever he can to ensure he is the first, the best and the most widely recognized for his achievements. Aries comes at the beginning of the Zodiac’s interstellar wheel, and the Aries man has to be first in all he does. It’s his nature.

Ruled by Mars, the ancient god of war, Aries is represented visually by the ram. Aries men will fight to the death over women, possessions, promotions or just about anything else. They are driven to prove they’re the best.

There is much more to astrology than sun signs. The rising sign, for example, contributes much to our personality and our fate. But these factors are muted in the Aries man because Aries is such a powerful sign. It drowns out the other influences.

If you’re in love with a man whose Aries sun sign is reinforced by an Aries rising sign…well, you’re in for an explosive relationship. Be prepared.

Aries men are seriously turned on by the chase, and if you deny them of it and lay yourself out on a silver platter, they’ll bore of you,  so you better make sure you have the stamina to match if you want to get this one into the bedroom

Can you make a happily-ever-after match with an Aries man? Every couple is different, and there’s more to compatibility than sun signs. But the stars do provide hints and warnings that you should keep in mind. Here’s a quick guide to the Aries man in love.

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Aries Man with an Aries Woman

aries and aries

As an intense Aries woman, you always get what you want. You come out on top and you know that you can entice any man into making your wishes come true. But when you tangle with an Aries man you will find that you have met your match.

And you’ll love it.

There is nothing more exciting to an Aries woman than a man who will accept her challenge. Most people figure out pretty early that you always win and they stop trying, so they bore you.

But the Aries man will revel in the joy of having a partner who is just as excited about life as he is. Together, the two of you could build an empire. Or you could burn an empire down if you let your egos get in the way.

You should warn your friends and family and co-workers and roommates – everyone, basically – that they won’t get a word in edgewise when you and your Aries man get together. Maybe you can work out a code using hand signals or semaphore flags when they need to say something.

Aries men and women are very intellectual, so the conversation will never be boring. It can, however, be loud. Don’t be surprised if your Aries man has a temper that’s as intense as yours. Your arguments will be frequent, loud and oddly joyful.

Adventurous and virile, the Aries man is quite the adventuresome lover. He’ll leave you daydreaming about him at work the next day. As you know, not many lovers can do this to you.

Aries Man with a Taurus Woman

aries and taurus

Sorry, Taurus. The stars suggest that Aries may not be the guy for you. Don’t even try. This guy is going to drive you insane.

Taurus is an earth element. You are responsible, dependable and predictable. Aries is a fire element, the opposite of you in almost every way.

Maybe you, like many Taurus women, are a collector. You have spent careful years building an exquisite collection of stamps or teapots or Beanie Babies. How will you feel when your new guy greets you with the news that he made a single purchase and acquired a collection that is three times as large, with many more unique and valuable items?

No matter what you do, your Aries guy has to trump you. He really can’t help it.

When it comes to sexy time, you may be a bit thrown off by his tenacity. You are ruled by Venus, and you are therefore quite sensual. But he is he is impulsive and spontaneous, unlikely to appreciate the sequence of events you have carefully planned. The lingerie will stay in the drawer, the whipped cream in the refrigerator, as he just gets on with it.

The Taurus-Aries match is not made in heaven.

Aries Man with a Gemini Woman

aries and gemini

When you get together with an Aries man, Gemini, it is likely to be a great union for both of you. Like him, you have a need to try new things. You will have great conversations and you’re your relationship will never be boring. (Admit it, Gemini: Boredom has been the kiss of death for your prior relationships, hasn’t it?)

Your Aries man’s dynamic intelligence will intrigue you. Your uninhibited curiosity about life will keep him interested. You may fight for who’s going to have the last word in debates, but as long as the conversation is interesting and lively, neither of you minds at all.

When it comes to sexual encounters, your Aries man will dominate you. That will give you lots of opportunities to think up ever-more-inventive ways to keep his attention and make him want you even more.

All things considered, the Gemini-Aries union just might be the perfect match.

Aries Man with Cancer Woman

aries and cancer

You’re likely to find an Aries man interesting at first, Ms. Cancer. Your undeniable femininity will be irresistible to him. But in the long run, your temperamental differences probably preclude a true love match. He’s a little rough around the edges for you, a bit too much to handle.

Cancer wants to be loved and treated like a lady, and an Aries man can do this. The thing is, you like to stay home, watch a movie and cuddle, but your Aries guy will want to be out on the town strutting his stuff. He hates to be tied down, and you want to create the perfect home environment for the two of you.

The more aggressive Aries gets in claiming the things he needs from life, the more defensive you will be. This leads to arguments and hurt feelings.

Aries is not the best match for you, Cancer. Don’t worry – there are 11 other signs, some of them just right for you.

Aries Man with Leo Woman

aries and leo

Leo, you have met your match. The fiery Aries man is just as intense as you are, and perhaps even more competitive. You can have a pleasant union with your Aries man…if you can agree on who’s in charge.

You like to feel adored, and your Aries man will certainly adore you. But you need to avoid competing with one another. You are both leaders, but your styles are different. You like things to go smoothly, but he doesn’t mind a little turmoil as long as he comes out on top.

In the bedroom, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience. Aries is exciting, dominating and willing to try new things. You are quite the combustible match once you get together between the sheets.

Aries has an optimistic outlook. Add that to your natural generosity and goodhearted nature, and you have the foundation for a great match. Your intensity makes for a vibrant relationship.

Aries Man and Virgo Woman

aries and virgo

Virgo, you tend to come across as shy and timid when you first meet people. It takes some time before you can really let loose with a new guy. Aries is the complete opposite. He is audacious and he always makes certain you know he is in the house. This may intrigue you at first, but eventually, his loud and overbearing attitude will get on your nerves.

You like for things to be just so. Aries does too but in a completely different way. Aries will see you as an enigma, something to be figured out and conquered. The problem is that no man can truly conquer you. Aries will grow frustrated with this and arguments can ensue. You’re just not on the same wavelength.

When it comes to making love, you can be quite the vixen. In these moments, you may really, really enjoy one another’s company. The next morning, however, you might regret all those crazy new things he talked you into.

You don’t particularly approve of the Aries man’s extravagant nature, and he will likely come to find you boring in some ways. It’s not the best match for either of you. It’s best you keep looking, Virgo…unless you are simply looking for an exciting one-night stand. In that case, the Aries man may be just what you’re craving.

Otherwise, you are headed for a clash of wills that will leave you both frustrated and unsatisfied.

Aries Man with Libra Woman

aries and libra

The Aries man may seem perfect at first, Libra, but your new guy may turn out to be a bit too contentious for your harmonious nature. You are ruled by Venus, the planet of love and harmony. He is ruled by Mars, the planet of physical energy, sex, and war. That mixture can be thrilling, but he can also come to seem just a bit too much.

I know what you’re thinking. Venus is all about love and Mars is all about sex – couldn’t there be a loving and sexy connection here? Yes, absolutely…if you are able to handle the Aries man’s nonstop explosive temperament.

He will fulfill your needs in the bedroom and make you feel secure as he defends you in public. But when it comes to a nice evening at home, it will be difficult to tame this wild beast long enough to share movie night on the couch. Should you achieve this, you can expect to end up watching something to do with Spartans.

The benefit to this relationship is that you crave comfort and the finer things in life. Aries is a real go-getter and he’ll be able to give you all the things you always wanted. If you’re a Libra gal with a prominent Mars placement in any of the love sectors of your chart, this could work out quite well.

The Libra-Aries relationship is truly a toss-up. It could be heaven and it could be hell. Don’t discount the Aries man. You don’t have anything to lose in giving him a try. Just don’t get your hopes up until you have solidified the connection between you.

Aries Man and Scorpio Woman

aries and scorpio

Scorpio, your mysterious nature can attract any man, regardless of his sign. This isn’t always a good thing, but you already know that. You are, by far, the most intense of all the Sun signs. This can make you and the Aries man quite compatible…as long as you are able to control your jealous tendencies.

Some astrologists argue that Aries and Scorpio are both ruled by Pluto, the planet of change, in addition to Mars. This makes your relationship incredibly intense. You can go toward the darker side of life, however, which is not natural to optimistic and aggressive Aries. You are both very forceful and you want to dominate the other. Your need to control the situation can cause major ripples in this union.

When it comes to sexual attraction, you couldn’t ask for a more compatible couple. There’s no telling what the two of you might try. You’ll love every sweaty moment without a hint of regret.

The problem is that Aries needs to get out and mingle. He likes to be everywhere and know everyone. You can be insecure and jealous, and you can be vindictive when you feel you have been neglected. Jealousy brings out the tyrant in you, and the Aries man takes orders from no woman. That’s why this relationship, as thrilling as it can be, is not likely to end in a happily-ever-after.

You are more likely to find a perfect match with another water sign such as Cancer or Pisces. Fire just isn’t your thing.

Aries Man and Sagittarius Woman

aries and sagittarius

Sagittarius, you may have finally met your match. In Aries, you find a man who can handle your need for independence, your happy-go-lucky temperament and the fiery energy that goes along with it. He appreciates your brutal honesty and candor, and you find his aggressive nature exciting.

Because you are both born under fire signs, you are both impulsive. You both like to mingle. You don’t try to tie your partner down. All of that bodes well for a match.

Your Aries man loves your sense of humor, and he is a great storyteller too, which can lead to many nights of enjoying each other’s company and wishing the morning would never come.

Aries is all about the exotic, exciting side of sex – and Sagittarius, you know you need that. You like men and Aries loves the ladies, so you’ll get along fine. You love the domineering, lusty way he seduces you, and he loves that you dig it so much. (There is little an Aries man likes more than being told how good his is.)

In the event your relationship doesn’t work out, you and Aries have a good chance of remaining friends. This is not a common result for most matches, so consider yourself lucky.

The beautiful thing about the Sagittarius-Aries union is that your love can outlast the relationship if need be. So go ahead, Sagittarius. The worst thing that can happen is that this time next year you’ll have an amazing and fun friend.

Aries Man with Capricorn Woman

aries and capricorn

 You are as ambitious as your Aries man, but you pursue that ambition in a cautious way that makes you way of his impulsivity. You are ruled by Saturn, the planet associate with maturity and responsibility. His “bet the house” strategy is a big red flag for any long-term relationship.

Aries can give you what you need in the bedroom, but your relationship isn’t likely to go much further than this. He is responsive in bed. He will cater to your needs and desires, leaving you wanting more. But ultimately you are likely to feel that carrying on a relationship with someone so extravagant and explosive just isn’t the responsible thing to do.

You also need to feel that you are in control of the situation. Who could possibly run things more efficiently than you? Aries also has a need to be the dominating force, however.

On the plus side, your ambitious driving force and endurance will gain the respect of the Aries man. This is a good foundation for a great friendship or business partnership. But you are probably not an ideal romantic match.

If you do decide on a long-term relationship, you are likely to stick together for the long haul even if the match is less than perfect. You are both strong and stubborn enough to stick together and work hard to make the relationship work. Together you can conquer the world…if you can keep from killing one another in the process.

Aries Man and Aquarius Woman

aries and aquarius

You, Aquarius, are undeniably and unapologetically who you are. This attracts the Aries man. He’s the same way. Neither of you is willing to bend to please anyone else. This makes you a great match temperamentally, and your ambitious nature is well-suited to Aries. He never loses, and you admire this.

You share a vast curiosity for the world around you and you are equally eager for new and exciting sexual experiences. Your independent nature may make you reluctant to let Aries take the lead in bed, but you should try to let go, Aquarius, and place yourself in his capable hands. The two of you will never lack for adventures between the sheets. Or on a train. Or at the beach. Or…anywhere, really.

Aries may sometimes feel unappreciated in your relationship. The Aries man needs to hear a lot of compliments, and sweet-talking a man isn’t really your style. You are extremely intellectual, however, and Aries appreciates this. His Mars energy will keep you locked in interesting conversation all day long.

The Aquarius-Aries union is like fire and ice. It can be passionate and rewarding. With a little understanding and flexibility from both of you, you could find yourselves in a lifetime partnership.

Aries Man and Pisces Woman

aries and pisces

Pisces, you share mystifying qualities with the Scorpio woman. You can attract any man you want. They can’t resist your fantastical and sexual qualities. You instinctively make men feel extra-masculine, and Aries loves that.

Problems arise if he says something that you find insulting or hurtful, as you will quickly make your retreat.

You tend to fall for two extremes when it comes to men. You either need to be needed, or you need someone to take care of you and handle things. Aries falls into the latter category.

You have an uncanny ability to give any man the night of his life, knowing his deepest fantasies almost before you get to the bedroom. He will find that he can’t get you out of his head. You are drawn to his dynamic personality, and your desire to shower him with attention can really inflate his Aries ego.

He will fight your battles, keep you protected, and give you all you need in a relationship as long as the two of you are getting along nicely.

You don’t take criticism well, Pisces, and this could be the downfall of your union with an Aries man. Aries is outspoken, blunt, and honest by nature. You’ll need to soften him up a bit to eliminate those hurtful harsh words.

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The Best Matches

It looks like Aries, Gemini, Leo, and Sagittarius are good to go with the Aries man. Libra, Pisces, and Aquarius can make a good match if they’re willing to put in some extra work. The other signs are just not a great match. But there are plenty of fish in the sea, as they say. Not everyone can handle the Aries man’s intensity and energy.

For a forecast of your compatibility with a specific someone, look for a synastry reading, which can be cast by an expert astrologer.

Never say never in matters of the heart. After all, the heart wants what the heart wants and your sun sign is only a fraction of your astrological profile. The path you take is completely up to you.

There’s so much more to an Aries man in love that you should now. And if you’re serious about putting him under your spell, I suggest you to read Anna Kovach’s step-by-step guide called Aries Man Secrets. If anything helped me get my Aries man to commit, it’s her amazing book!

Here is how Astrology can show you the way to a committed, serious relationship with an Aries man…

(Even if you don’t see yet how you can be really compatible)

Here is how  you can fix things with your man thanks Tt Aries Man Secrets.

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Courtney is an astrologer and writer by night and an ophthalmic surgical assistant by day. She has a passion for astrology, the occult and has studied things of a more mystical nature since childhood. Having landed great gigs in all of these fields, she works to maintain a good balance between the 9-5 world and the wonder that comes with the night.


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  • You don’t seem to understand scorpios much, no we don’t know if that’s not always a good thing if we attract all sorts of men…finally, we aren’t that jealous of moody as you make us seem to be. Astrologers shouldn’t discourage any signs from dating because there’s more to us than our sun signs.. I find cancers and Pisces to be very boring and overly sentimental and yes I’m a scorpio, but I’m more than just my sun sign.

    • Hi Nazz,
      Of course there is much more to you than your Sun sign, you would have to take into consideration your ascendant, your Moon sign, where Venus and Mars lie in your chart, and a multitude of other things that would require having your full birth date (date, time, and place), in order to fully assess your complete astrological profile. These articles are not meant to discourage you from dating anyone, they are simply informational articles based solely upon your Sun sign. Perhaps in the future we can go much deeper into each and every aspect regarding astrological compatibility.

      That being said, just as is mentioned in the article, your Sun sign is only a fraction of who you are. You may be born on the cusp of Sagittarius or Libra, you could have your Moon in Aries, or Capricorn…all of this would change your compatibility with any given sign quite a bit. Also, as said in the article, the path you take is completely up to you. I wish you the best, and hope that when we get to the Scorpio women article it will be more suited to your tastes.

    • “You dont seem to know scorpios very well” “there is alot more to us then our signs” “i find boring” if you are going to blast someones article, make sure you arent contradicting yourself every other frickin sentance, lmao! ((Face palm))