How To Seduce Him According To His Zodiac Sign

Want to know how to seduce any man in the zodiac? Luckily the answers are written in the stars! Read on and find out how his zodiac sign likes to be seduced

Each zodiac sign is different, and although some things work with each and every man in this world, not every man in Zodiac gets turned on by the same thing.

You have to be very careful when playing the game of seduction. Find out what your man’s zodiac sign is and keep on reading:



Seduction Tactic: Popularity

When an Aries male is interested in you, it is pretty hard to miss. They are not afraid to act on their impulses and do not hesitate to show you how they feel from the get go.

The Aries male is totally unabashed about their feelings. He is a proud-attention seeker and wants people to notice how lucky he is in love, especially when in a large group of people.

Their dream partner is someone who will boost their popularity. Aries is a sign that needs to feel good about themselves and cares very much about what people think. If you want to attract the Aries male, you need to be as hot as they are.



Seduction Tactic: Sobriety

When a Taurus male wants to be with you forever, he’ll ask you questions about the future to reassure him that you are both on the same page. Taurus boyfriends are practical and traditional, but possess a strong stubborn side and can be quick to try and force their views or opinions on your own.

Taurus men are very picky about the women they date; they will be looking for the best match. Saying that Taurus men love to flirt, and love to focus their attention on one person once they get interested in someone. They are very serious people and will respond to their affections practically by buying you gifts, rather than getting too soppy.



Seduction Tactic: Entertainment

Constantly in pursuit of knowledge, new ideas, and innovations, you will need to be onboard with all Gemini’s schemes, their dual nature, and conflicting personalities if you want to get them to commit.

What they can’t stand is boredom. They’re forever considering the next adventure, the next meaningful conversation, the next interesting fact to learn, and though they’ll never admit it, guarded as they are, their inquisitiveness can make them easily bored by routine and the security which comes with long-term relationships.

If you can adapt to Gemini’s particular way of being, he will start to open up, make silly jokes and surprise you will thoughtful gifts and anecdotes. He wants to share and discover places, but he will wait for the perfect person before he is willing to share and commit.



Seduction Tactic: Domesticity

Your Cancer male is the heart of the family and wants nothing more than to carry on his family name. His goal in life is to find the perfect partner in order to start a family.

Deeply romantic, your Cancer will need to know that you share their same goals in life and that you are equally of the home, and desire to have a big happy family.

They will want someone who they can look after, someone who will make them feel loved unconditionally. Cancers do not share easily, so once you sense them starting to open up, you know that you are on the right path.



Seduction Tactic: Adoration

Your Leo man is audacious, fiercely loyal, and often wears the trousers in your relationship. With their dominant personality, being the center of attention comes naturally to them.

Leos are not at all subtle when it comes to their affections, and are often annoyed by colder sign’s unwillingness to open up, so if you want to know where a Leo man’s interest lies, just look at where he casts his spotlight.

They are often very overt with their body language and like to take charge in the seduction game.

Leo’s crave deeply passionate, intense and faithful relationships. They love public displays of affection, the more grandiose the better. To get in Leo’s good books, they need to feel, and when they a Leo is in love, they want the world to know it. They need someone who will have the same romanticized ideas about love that they do.

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Seduction Tactic: Romance

Virgos are the calm figures in the relationship, almost always peaceful and patient. They are guided by their minds, but because they are often lost in their own heads, and tend to fall on the obsessive side with their thoughts, they’re terrified they’ll over-think themselves out of the relationship.

To put it simply, Virgos are intimidated by their own feelings and are total perfectionists. Despite being closed off they are still genuinely interested in getting to know the real you.

If they ask you a lot of questions about the things you care about or ask your opinion on the things they’re passionate about, they’re probably trying to feel you out or impress you. To seduce your Virgo, try and be straightforward about our feelings, and romance away their insecurities away.



Seduction Tactic: Reassurance

For a sign that is represented by balance, Libras can be deeply insecure. Their romantic mission is to find someone who can make them feel at ease and help them flourish in every social situation.

They need support and reassurance. Often very romantic and quick to fall in love, Libras are very social, and can often be quick to ditch you to spend time with their friends.

You need to let your Libra male take the time out to see his friends so he can find that equilibrium that he so desperately craves. He is terrified of being alone, so when he needs some time away he will bounce through his contacts. They need support and approval from the ones they love.



Seduction Tactic: Independence

Scorpios enjoy being alone. As emotional signs, they spend a lot of time in their heads, often brooding and analyzing their feelings. When it comes to your relationship, your Scorpio has a handle on who they are and how they feel, and do a great job of expressing that, which brings you two much closer.

Guarded, protective of their heart, Scorpio is a closed off sign, which is quick to jealousy and suspicion. Because of his ability to be secure with himself, he needs somebody who is as equally independent and self-sufficient. When a Scorpio wants you, they want you, and they want you to want them right back.



Seduction Tactic: Adventure

A Sagittarius is naturally charismatic and funny, which is why it is so easy to fall for him. Because Sags are very romantic, they tend to get hurt easily, but this never seems to dissuade them from getting back in the game.

To bag your Sag, you will need to correspond with their infectiously happy and social manner. They will love to flirt with you and have a laugh.

But take note, Sags are capable of having serious and non-serious relationships. Don’t make them feel like you want to tie them down, but that you want to discover and explore with them. Sags are very passionate, so expect high and low times.



Seduction Tactic: Maturity

Capricorns value intellectualism; they are not instinctively romantic souls and are definitely one of the more grounded signs of the zodiac.

They are quite closed off and stubborn when it comes to their emotions and often refuse to acknowledge them out of fear. The more complicated the emotion, the more reticent they seem to become. In matters of love, they are their own worst enemy.

Despite this, Capricorns long to connect with someone who seems to just ‘get them’. They appreciate seriousness but are also very earthly and creative.

They are old souls. To seduce you Capricorn, you will need to be patient. You will need to win their confidence slowly and maturely, and connect with them on an intellectual and artistic level before you can even dream of connecting with them on an emotional one.



Seduction Tactic: Friendship

Aquarius signs are always busy. They’re helpful, caring, generous, and often supporting people in any way that they can, even strangers. The Aquarius male is a dreamer and longs to find a partner who they can invite, not only into their wide social network but also into their head.

He wants a best friend, someone who he can share his innovative thought process with and brainstorm ideas. He wants to share perspectives with his partner so that you bring out the best in one another. To bag your Aquarius, you have to be onboard with his entrepreneurial way of thinking.



Seduction Tactic: Support

Shy and co-dependent, the Pisces male is very relationship-centric once they find the one because they find it so hard to open up and let people into their daily lives.

They lack self-assurance and hate being the center of attention. They need someone who will deflect attention away from them, someone who will shield them from awkward situations and who is going to be there to hold their hand.

The Pisces male will worry, stress, over-think and will above all hate being alone. They need reassurance to know that you want to be with them and will become easily jealous if they feel you cooling off.

They express very little due to their introverted nature, but what they do express will be of great importance. Listen to them.

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