How To Get a Sagittarius Man to Fall For You

Are you ready for adventure, excitement and life? Here is how to get a Sagittarius man to fall for you.

Winning the heart of a Sagittarius man may not be as easy as pie, but to attract a Sagittarius man is not hard. If you are a free spirit, love adventure and have a great passion for life, this charming zodiac sign is the ideal man for you!

Whatever your star sign is, the Sagittarius man is never out of reach. If this is the man you are seeking, you should be aware of what he is looking for. He is a hot-blooded man, adventurous, funny and kind, but also highly spirited and will not be found in book clubs, on dating sites or playing golf. You will most likely find him in the clubs dancing the night away, mountain climbing or exploring the wild.

This man’s perfect date involves risk, exploits and pleasure. If you are looking to attract a Sagittarius man, you need to get out and live life. Look for him in bars, casinos, on cruise ships or any other activity that includes risk and exploration.

Confidence Attracts

How To Get a Sagittarius Man to Fall For You

Are you confident? This is a particularly strong point in attracting a Sagittarius man. They love women who are confident, know their abilities and can stand strong. They do not seek women who are weak, unsure or ‘play it safe’. If your confidence shows, they will be attracted to you!

Here are some thing you need to follow if you wonder how to attract a Sagittarius man. Dating and relationship astrologer Anna Kovach will help you to better understand your Sagittarius man.

Mystery and Wonder

The Sagittarius man loves a mystery. Even after your third or fifth date, you still need to keep them wondering and guessing about you. Hold back some things and give him only bits and pieces as he loves puzzles.

Happiness is Pleasure

The Sagittarius man loves to feel good and compliments are a sure way to make him happy. If you can bring a smile to his face or, even better, laughter, you are well on your way to attracting a Sagittarius man.

Spirited and Fun

Gloom is not something that this man wants to see. Light conversations, joking, laughing and fun are what he holds in his heart. Thus, you should be able to laugh at his silliness and jokes and always smile. If you are up for fun and sunshine 24/7, then you will strongly be on your way to attract a Sagittarius man.

Graceful and Elegant

How To Get a Sagittarius Man

The Sagittarius man loves elegance, sophistication and sexiness. To turn him on, you must smell fresh, look good enough to pull through a ring and always be graceful. Sloppiness is a big turn off. Politeness, empathy and confidence are the looks you must portray!


Be unpredictable and keep the Sagittarius man on his toes. This man can easily become bored, which will lead him to seek excitement elsewhere. Be spontaneous and travel with little notice, have a candlelit dinner for no reason and make sure to visit that new club in town. Always seeking new adventure and exploring new destinations will make the Sagittarius man the happiest person on Earth!

Honesty Always

The Sagittarius man will trust you fully, but break that trust and it will be lost forever. Honesty is the best and only policy to follow if you wish to attract a Sagittarius man. Yes, they seek a woman who is mysterious and even aloof at times, but this does not include dishonesty!

Don’t try faking anything—not even your laughter—as the Sagittarius man can pick up on it. They are, after all, excellent judges of character and will read your deception quickly.


The Sagittarius man is always seeking a new challenge, new opportunities and adventure. If you want to attract a Sagittarius man be sure to give him a challenge. Don’t just jump at him and agree with everything, playing hard to get is a fun way to attract this man. You should allow him the hunt, the work involved in obtaining your affection.

Give him a mental challenge at times as well to keep the fires burning. Debates on topics that interest him will be a good start and great conversation.

Bubbly and Optimistic

Sagittarius Man For You

Look at life with a lightness and playfulness and always be optimistic. If you have a bubbly personality, love fun and games and avoid negativity, you may just have the requirements to attract a Sagittarius man!

They are happy people, seeking good times, fun and adventure. So, if this is not for you, the Sagittarius man won’t be either. Fun activities such as dancing, hiking, traveling and more will always be on the cards.

Adventure under the sheets

Be prepared for an adventure under the sheets, or wherever it is that you are having sex because it probably won’t even be in the bed, and if it is, it won’t be in the missionary position.

The Sagittarius man loves to explore, in every sense of the word. He is ‘The Explorer’ of all the signs. In life he pursues adventure and challenge, in the bedroom, he is likely to want to explore every corner of sexual potential with you. Aren’t you lucky to have such an interesting and devoted lover?

Learn how to please him in bed!

World Travels

Sagittarius men do not like to be stuck in one place for too long. They have a burning passion to travel, seeking out new adventures and places. If you want to attract a Sagittarius man, you must have a love for mysterious and wondrous adventures. Even a picnic or a day trip hiking, fishing, horse riding will soothe the Sagittarius man’s heart.

Attract a Sagittarius man by being yourself and loving life. This man may be a mission for Virgo, Pisces and Gemini women. Cancer and Taurus women will find him even more of a challenge to attract, but nothing is impossible!

With the Sagittarius man, one step at a time is the best approach. Giving him some space and freedom will do wonders for your relationship and always make him happy.

Follow these steps if you want to better understand how to make a Sagittarius man fall in love with you. You’ll get a better picture of your special Sagittarius man.

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If you have any tips on how to attract a Sagittarius man, please do share.

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