An Intro To Understanding Your Birth Chart

Not satisfied with your daily horoscopes? Don’t identify with your zodiac sign? Here’s why!

Horoscopes and zodiac signs are usually not taken very seriously and for good reason. Besides its inherent lack of any scientific method, the layman’s understanding of astrology places too much importance on sun signs. In fact, it completely undermines the complex and nuanced nature of the study of astrological birth charts.

Your sun sign is one of many factors in your natal chart. At the time of your birth each planet—including poor Pluto which astronomers no longer call a planet—was in a particular place in the sky. Astrologists identify these locations through twelve zodiac signs which were created by ancient peoples to divide and interpret the night sky.

In astrology, the location of planets when someone is born represent certain character traits of the individual. These observed traits are described with zodiac signs and depend on other aspects of the natal chart.

There are twelve zodiac signs, ten major planets observed and twelve houses. Houses, planets, and signs form angles to one another, creating tension and harmony in one place or another. In this introductory article on how to start understanding your birth chart, I will start with the planets.

Most observed planets and their significations

Understanding Your Birth Chart

Sun Sign: The sun is like your inner self. Its location is representative of your values and uninhibited nature. It is the most brilliant star in the sky, guiding you through life. Someone with the sun in Pisces, often seen as a directionless sign, may struggle to stick up for themselves or take the initiative.

Moon Sign: The moon embodies your emotional side and your day-to-day personality. It is thought to indicate what kind of childhood you had and your needs in relationships. Someone with the moon in cancer likely had an abundance of love growing up and likes to cuddle and be cuddled in relationships.

Mercury Sign: Mercury is king of communication. Your mercury position is associated with how you think, talk, and write. It’s an interesting area to look at when thinking about careers. Someone with mercury in Taurus may be slow to voice their thoughts, unlike Gemini who is often the “chatty Cathy” of the group.

Love signs

The most common reason people turn to astrology is to unravel the mysteries of romance. While all aspects of the birth chart are relevant to your love life, the position of venus and mars is a principal element in attraction. Historically, astrologists focused on venus in a woman’s chart and mars in a man’s. This is simply because individual energies of these planets correlated with female and male stereotypes. Today, astrologists place equal importance on both, no matter the sex.

Historically, astrologists focused on venus in a woman’s chart and mars in a man’s. This is simply because individual energies of these planets correlated with female and male stereotypes. Today, astrologists place equal importance on both, no matter the sex.

Venus Sign: Venus is the planet of all things nice: Your tastes, hobbies and how you maneuver the world of love. Someone with venus in Scorpio may be attracted to mystery or simply love getting deep, whether that be in love or in their studies.

Mars Sign: Your mars sign reveals your ambitions and how you achieve your goals. In love, this can mean how you seduce lovers. Mars in Aries would not hesitate to go after what it wants in life in a very competitive manner. As soon as they achieve what they want, a Mars in Aries person is likely to jump on to the next challenge instead of settling.

Understanding Your Birth Chart

The birth chart also graphs the positions of Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto and nodes but their significance is rather vague in comparison.

Last but most certainly not least is your rising sign or ascendant. The ascendant is the self you reveal to the world and how you interpret your environment. The rising sign and your moon sign have large effects on the way you act on a daily or hourly basis.

Your sun sign is said to portray your soul, but it is limited or accentuated by your moon and ascendant. Take for example a person with the sun in Aries, moon in Gemini and ascendant in Pisces. In public life, they may not come off as an action-driven, impulsive leader that is the ram. Instead, the influence of Pisces ascendant may give them a softer demeanor.

They may still be an ambitious go-getter but perhaps not through joining the military. The mercurial influence of Gemini could lead them to successful careers in writing or advertising.

Your descendant, the sign opposite your ascendant, is said to reveal your life-long partner. When searching for someone to settle down with you may find yourself drawn to individuals heavily influenced by your descendant. Virgo ascendants might subconsciously search out or attract people with Pisces in their chart.

There is a lot involved in astrology, making it a never-ending source of entertainment and for many, a guilty pleasure. Try not to get too carried away, though! Astrology is merely based on observations of patterns found in nature rather than known causes and effects. The location of planets in the sky seem to correlate with, but not dictate human psychology. It should all be taken with a grain of salt.

Have you seen any zodiac patterns in your love life? Share the love stories below!


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