Zodiac Compatibility: Do Opposites Attract?

The phrase ‘opposites attract’ has been around for ages, but is it really true? Find out about the opposing signs and their compatibility here.

The opposing signs of the zodiac are actually quite similar if you think about it. They’re opposites, sure, but they are concerned with the same astrological theme. The only real difference between them is the placements and distance between them in the sky.



Aries and Libra are two very relationship-oriented signs. Aries stands for assertion, aggression and self-actualization, while, on the other side of the sky, Libra stands for relationships, compromise and negotiation.

Aries is a person of action, while Libras are negotiators and planners. The challenge is when Aries wants to be spontaneous, but Libra wants to plan things slowly and carefully.

One very good thing about an Aries-Libra couple is that Aries is very in control all the time and feels the need to stay that way, but when Libra comes along, everything is smooth sailing. These signs even each other out in the patchy spots and get each other excited.

If you get an Aries and a Libra in a relationship, you will argue for certain—what couple doesn’t—but you will have a certain peace between you where you both agree that your aggression will pass and love will conquer.


Taurus and Scorpio tend to be very materialistic in two very different ways. Taurus is all about value. Possessions, wealth, indulgence and luxury are a few words that come to mind when thinking of the great Taurus. Scorpio, in contrast, stands for the value of immortal things, such as knowledge, resources and intimacy.

Scorpios are often very jealous people, and some signs, such as Aries or Virgo, can’t handle that in a relationship. A Taurus, though, can handle any jealousy their Scorpio half may have as Taurus can see the jealousy as flattery and endearment.

The worse case scenario is that Scorpio’s stubbornness will take over Taurus’s gentle composure, but Tauruses always has a way of finding what’s best for them because they are notorious thinkers who know what is good and what is not.

Both of these signs can be very stubborn and pessimistic, but when together, they bring out the best in each other. Taurus brings out Scorpio’s loud, childlike side, and Scorpio brings out the laid-back, cool side of Taurus.

When these two signs are together, you know there’s love in the air. While a working Taurus—Scorpio relationship is a rare find, it doesn’t mean that it can’t happen. Beautiful things will happen when these signs are together.



These signs are all about learning whether it’s Gemini yearning for facts and details, or Sagittarius searching for knowledge on world views, beliefs and the big picture. Gemini’s strong head and steady base anchors Sagittarius’s dream world, and that’s needed quite frequently. Sagittarius has a habit of dreaming big and having unattainable goals. Gemini helps to put Sagittarius on the right track to achieve those goals.

Sagittarius is a great find, especially for a Gemini. Sagittarians are naturally magnetic people; they’re intelligent, outgoing, fun and philosophical. Both Gemini and Sagittarius have much in common. For starters, they both thrive in a good, in-depth conversation.

Geminis tend to look at the details, while Sagittarians want to look at the big picture. This is amazing in a relationship because they can share so much with each other. The two will make each other’s heads hurt with everything that’s going on in their minds and coming out their mouths. Information is always buzzing between these two and it’s never a dull moment.

These signs will always work well together as Gemini and Sagittarius are both fun-loving, hilarious, outgoing and adventurous signs. One of the issues they may have is that the relationship lacks something they both need. Sagittarius isn’t one to rush into love, and Gemini almost always needs someone else to feel complete. A Gemini—Sagittarius pair will be hard to maintain, but if it’s manageable, it will be magnificent.


Cancer and Capricorn are two very family-oriented signs. If you get two together, it’ll probably stick for the long haul. Cancers have a natural maternal instinct. They’re so nurturing and their emotional connection will certainly be an intense experience. Capricorn has a paternal quality, and represents hard work and public representation in a relationship.

Cancers appreciate constant affection, whereas Capricorns can be distant and cold. Both are highly sensitive signs with Capricorn hiding most of their emotions. Both signs are notoriously stubborn—sometimes to the point of falling out with each other for a little while. However, Capricorns are very trustworthy and loyal who make Cancers feel secure and loved at all times.

While both Capricorn and Cancer are very ambitious and down-to-earth, Cancer is more on the steady side of things. Cancers love staying in, while Capricorns prefer to go out. At the end of the day, they are both family- and love-oriented and will always come home to each other.

These signs are ready to love each other. Most often, these signs together will have a childlike love. Even if it’s not a romantic sort of love, the relationship will always be intimate.



Leo and Aquarius probably have the most differences between the opposing signs. Leos are all about the individual and glory for themselves, while Aquarians try to bring a group together and have everyone contribute while sharing their passions with others. Now, this isn’t to say that they have nothing in common. Of course they do. Leos and Aquarians are both very outgoing and bright. They both stand out very prominently in their circle of friends, and together they can make the day a brighter place for everyone.

This astrological duo is a very exciting one. As said before, there aren’t many traits they both share. With the lack of similar traits, there is a rise in physical attraction. It’s very likely to be exceptionally strong between these two signs.

Communication can be difficult for a Leo—Aquarius couple, though. Leo likes to do things a certain way—their way; the right way—while Aquarius likes to do things by the book. When Leos and Aquarians do talk on good terms, things are energetic and spontaneous. There’s just something about them together that makes them shine.


Virgo and Pisces are the healers of the zodiac. Virgo provides practical services, such as helping others develop skills to be effective and reliable. Pisces give off a spiritual vibe because they stand for empathy, meditation, fantasy and unconditional love. The love between these two signs is strong. Virgo and Pisces are a power couple. They are ultimately in it for pure and total love.

Initially, Virgos are drawn to the romantic nature of Pisces, whereas Pisces is drawn to Virgo’s intelligence. The two signs bring fantasy to practicality, and a well-needed anchoring to a Pisces’s wild head.

Virgos are incredibly self-disciplined, and Pisces will always be there to reassure their other half that they’re doing a wonderful job by just being who they are. However, Pisces can be very forgetful at times, and Virgo has the steady mindset that helps Pisces along the way. Virgo and Pisces will last a lifetime together. Their fights will be small, and both will forgive each other over time. Virgo is stubborn, but Pisces brings out the best in them.

Of course, the opposing sun signs just break the surface of astrological compatibility, but it can hold possibility for the future. All zodiac signs have good and bad traits about them, but if you find your astrological soul mate, they can bring out the best in you. So, do you believe that opposites attract?


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