8 Tips for a Painless Bikini Wax

Aren’t you tired of dreading the day you have to go get a bikini wax? Seriously, isn’t it about time to put a stop to the mental torture you’re going through while preparing to go through the pain of a bikini wax? Read on and learn how to reduce the pain to a minimum!

Hair removal. It’s a bitch! But, it must be done. Argh cursed be our hairy ancestors! No, seriously, I mean waxing your legs or arms alone is definitely a pain in the ass, but we’re talking about a full on Brazilian bikini wax here! That’s hard core! If you’re reading this and thinking I’m being a drama queen it must mean you’re one of the lucky girls who have an extremely high pain threshold. All jokes aside – a Brazilian bikini wax is pretty painful for most women!

Now that I’ve properly scared off everyone who hasn’t tried it from ever trying it, let me try and fix things! There’s no arguing that it is after all the best method of hair removal (besides laser hair removal) since it doesn’t make hair coarser and rough like shaving, and its effects are longer. Also, you don’t have to deal with ingrown hairs. So, the advantages are obvious.

However, so is the price! And I don’t mean the price you pay in dollars! No, I talking about the price you pay having to sit there in excruciating pain while someone pulls all the hair out. Am I getting overly dramatic again? Sorry. I’ll get to the tips now. Luckily there are things you can do to try and minimize the pain of a bikini wax. And these, really, do work!

1. Be Consistent

It gets easier every time you do it, it really does! It’s because the hair gets thinner and softer after being waxed, which means the more you wax the less it’s going to hurt. So, yes, it’s probably going to hurt a bit the first time you do it. If you’ve been shaving down there before deciding to wax it all of you can bet it’s going to hurt like hell, but it gets better. Stick with it, it’s worth it.

2. Get Over Your Self-consciousness

Being self-conscious about your private bits is the last thing you need! Think about it this way, the lady doing your waxing couldn’t care less about what you look like down there. Also, she’d be pretty surprised if you weren’t hairy seeing as how you’ve come to her to remove the hair. So, getting all wimpy about having to spread your legs for a stranger is really unnecessary. The anxiousness can actually make the experience much worse than it needs to be.

3. Use a Numbing Cream

Numbing Cream

There is a handful of these kinds of products in the market that do make a difference – like the No Scream Cream by Relax and Wax. The purpose of this cream is to relieve you the pain of getting waxed by numbing the skin in the area you apply it to. Make sure you read the instructions prior to using it to make sure you do it right (for example this one in particular needs to be applied 30 to 45 minutes before going in for a wax) and to make sure you’re not allergic to some of the ingredients.

4. Always Go in for a Wax the Second Week after Your Period

This is the time period where your pain threshold is at its highest. Being all worked up and whiney and irritable while you’re premenstrual does not mix well with getting a Brazilian bikini wax!

5. Exfoliate

Do it the day before and the day after! Removing any dead skin cells will allow your esthetician to remove all the hairs, and there’ll be less tweezing (or threating) after the waxing is done. Doing it the day after is important too, and so is continuing to exfoliate from time to time, as it will help prevent ingrown hairs!

6. Lay of the Stimulants

cup of coffee

Such as caffeine or alcohol! Having stimulants in your body actually makes you more sensitive to pain! So, give up that cup of coffee the day you plan to get fuzz free!

7. Schedule Your Appointment in the Afternoon

You probably didn’t know this but your pain threshold is significantly higher from3 to 5pm.

8. Take a Pain Reliever

Popping an over the counter pain reliever such as Tylenol or Advil 30 to 60 minutes before your appointment will help. Although I’m generally pretty against turning to pills to make anything better it’s going to make a difference! Not only will they reduce the feeling of pain, but they’ll also help with controlling any possible inflammation.

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  • i want to go for bikini wax but m scared that i feel pain what should i do to reduce pain…….!!!!!

    • Take two tablets of painkillers about half an hour before the wax and I sprayed my body with deep heat spray to make it numb it works after about 10 minutes of application and you only feel a tug and a bit of a pinch. It wares off really quickly so u might have to reapply mid session but otherwise it helps a lot