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Reasons You Should Get A Makeover

Makeovers of any type are a good thing, and can make us feel great about ourselves when we’re in a slump. These are just some of the reasons to consider doing...


How to Be Sexy, Yet Classy

There have been very few women throughout history that have managed to ride the very fine line between sexy and classy. Elizabeth Taylor is one. That woman...


How to Look Stylish on a Budget

Looking for some budget-conscious ways to boost your image and put the ‘in’ back into ‘incredible’? Then check out our top tips for looking stylish on a budget.


How to Feel Great In Your Body

Are you tired of looking in the mirror and not liking what you see? Do you dream for the day that you can see yourself and actually feel good about it?


How to Look Your Best While Travelling

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How to Still Look Hot While Pregnant

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8 Tips for a Painless Bikini Wax

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10 Rules for a Perfect Pedicure at Home

Summer is the time of open sandals and slippers and every girl wants her feet to look the best. That means no cracked heels and no blisters – only beautiful...

tips to make your legs look longer

8 Tips to Make Your Legs Look Longer

When summer comes, one of the things girls pay most attention to is how their legs look like. We would all like them thin, tanned, stretch marks free and long...