5 No-Heat Ways to Get Perfect Curls

Would you love to make your morning hair routine shorter, but still want to look amazing? You can get brilliant curls overnight with little effort and be ready to go within seconds the next morning!

Using a heating brush, curling iron or other heating tools causes damage to your hair. However, there are multiple ways to achieve the perfect curl without using any of these tools.

Most of these methods will work wonders on both curly and straight hair. Nonetheless, straight hair does sometimes require a bit more work or time to get the same curl as wavy hair.

You can make vintage curls, natural waves, tight curls and more with these classic methods. You may need an old t-shirt, some straw, a couple of socks, hair clips or a hair band. Although freshly washed hair is a bit more resistant than hair washed a day in advanced, some methods actually require your hair to be freshly washed.

Old School Roller Curls

Hair Rollers

Do you remember those soft curlers your mother or grandmother used to use? Well, they are ideal for sleeping with as they do not hurt as much as normal curlers. They are known to absorb some of the moisture from your hair, so it is highly recommended that you use mousse on your hair before putting them in. Wash your hair, apply mousse liberally and insert the curlers. Do this before going to bed.

If you prefer a more modern approach, buy yourself some magnetic rollers. Allow your hair to dry completely before removing these.

Curlers also come in a wide range of sizes. Keep in mind that the bigger the curler, the bigger the curl will be. If you have short hair, you may end up with only a slight wave and no curl.

If you find that there are still a couple of damp spots when you wake, use your dryer on a low heat and ensure your hair is dry before removing the curlers.

Straw Impact Curls

Even though this method may sound a bit far-fetched, the results will leave you utterly astounded. All you need are some drinking straws. Curls from this approach are tight and work particularly well with shorter hair.

You can do this on either wet or dry hair although wet hair with a little mousse holds the curl longer. All you need to do is spiral your hair around the straw, making sure it’s tightly wound and pin it with bobby pins. Ensure they are tight for a smooth, flowing curl.

Sleep with these in for a long-lasting curl. These will ensure a tight curl and twirl of your hair. You could also tie three or four straws together with an elastic band, this will produce a softer curl.

Night Braid Curls


Braids are easy to do and sleeping with them is no hassle at all. They can also help to give you great-looking curls. Once you’ve washed and towel dried your hair, add some mouse or leave-in conditioner. This only aids in keeping your curls locked in.

Depending on the intensity of the curl you require, you can divide your hair into four, six, eight or more partitions. For a tighter curl, use more sections, but if you want a wavy or loose curl, use bigger sections. Tightly braid each section—you can either braid everything backwards in one direction or braid the sides outwards. This will help to allow them once released, to fall into direction.

Sleep with these in, release the braids once you wake and brush your hands through them.

T-Shirt Magic Curls

You need an old t-shirt that you can cut into long strips. It is recommended that you wash your hair and towel dry before starting. Do not use any serum, mousse or even leave-in conditioner with this method.

Cut the t-shirt from the neck downwards.  Use a top that is just a bit longer than your hair. Ensure the threads are as thick as the curl you require. These strips could be 1 to 5 inches, small, tight curls or loose, big curls. Once you’ve cut all the strips you need, discard the remainder of the t-shirt. Cut a small rift into one end of each strip.

Comb out your hair before starting to ensure there are no knots or tangles. Use the comb and divide your hair into sections as thick as the strips. Lay each strip, one at a time, on top of each strand of hair. Ensure the t-shirt strip is in place with the end of your hair, with the open side towards your head. Carefully roll each strip and section of hair towards your head, rolling your hair under the strip. This will ensure that your hair curls inward or down rather than up. Once you come to the end and each strip is comfortable against your scalp, use rift end to tie it in place.

You can also roll them halfway or three-quarters up for a bottom curl only. Do this a couple of hours before going to bed and allow them to dry first. If you do not have an old t-shirt you can use dish towels, old towels, long socks or any other material you have at hand. You can also untie them before going to bed if they’re dry, but don’t comb your hair until morning. Comb out using a wide tooth comb; do not brush it out.

Hairband Perfect Curls


This creates a truly vintage style. You need a soft hair band—the type that you put around your head when jogging or exercising—to keep your hair out of your face. Slightly wet your hair, or add some leave-in conditioner or mousse if preferred.

Comb out your hair and place the headband over your head. Use sections at a time and wrap the hair tightly or loosely around the headband. Pin each section with hairpins to ensure they stay in place. Once done, you can go off to dreamland and allow your hair to set in place. In the morning, you can simply unpin each section, remove the headband, shake and go. Keep them set for longer by spraying with a little hairspray before heading out the door.

Share with us your no-heat methods to getting perfect curls! We hope you try these and have enjoyed this article.

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