3 YouTube Beauty Gurus You Need to Subscribe to Right Now

The holidays are the perfect time to rock a fab new make-up look. Learn some easy new make-up techniques from these 3 Amazing Youtube Beauty Gurus!

Back in the day, make-up techniques were something you learnt from your mother, older sister, teen magazines and the occasional make-up blog. Not super convenient, right? In 2005, all that changed when Youtube exploded onto the scene, providing the perfect medium for make-up artists and enthusiasts around the world to film and share their best make-up tips and videos.

As of 2013, searching “makeup tutorials” on Youtube will yield thousands of results, from amateur beauty junkies to pro make-up artists. That can make it kind of tricky to know who to watch, so we’ve gone ahead and selected 3 Youtube Beauty Gurus You Need to Subscribe to Right Now.

1) Michelle Phan


Love her or hate her, Vietnamese American Michelle Phan is the face of the Youtube Beauty Gurus. Michelle began filming videos in 2007 after receiving a MacBook Pro for college. As a self-professed artist, she often likens faces to canvases.

Known for her soft and sultry voice-overs, her popularity soared after her creative Lady Gaga tutorial went viral. Phan went on to become a Video Make-Up Artist for Lancôme Paris and recently launched her own cosmetics line, EM. She also founded the subscription box service Ispy (formerly ‘MyGlam’).

Despite having millions of ‘Phans’, Michelle also has her share of critics, courtesy of her failed skincare venture, IQQU, and cosmetic surgery rumours.

Regardless, if you’re looking for a wide range of easy to understand make-up tutorials, from natural make-up to glam New Year’s Eve looks, check out Michelle’s videos.

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2) PixiWoo (Samantha Chapman)


PixiWoo, otherwise known as Samantha Chapman is a British freelance Make-Up Artist. In 2008, she and her MUA sister created a Youtube channel to share beauty and hair tutorials. “I made my first tutorial… when I was heavily pregnant and bored. My face was the only part of me that still looked ok,” she explained wryly.

Unlike Michelle Phan, Samantha Chapman has an extensive background in cosmetology. As a make-up artist for more than ten years, her work has appeared in high profile magazines such as Elle and Cosmo. She’s also worked on several famous faces, like Paul Mccartney and Katie Holmes.

Samantha Chapman is the heart and inspiration behind the much raved-about, cruelty-free make-up brush line, Real Techniques.

If you’re a fan of professional, informative but easy to digest make-up tutorials, PixiWoo is definitely worth a look. The Chapman sisters specialise in everything from the basics to emulating celeb looks.

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3) Lauren Luke (Panacea81)


Lauren Luke is another self-taught make-up artist. Since her humble beginnings in 2007, the endearing Geordie lass has become one of the most subscribed Youtubers in the UK.

Lauren, then a young, single mother, began by selling wholesale cosmetics on eBay. To make her products more appealing, she often took photographs of herself sporting the make-up creatively. Customers noticed her skill and frequently asked how to recreate the gorgeous looks. This drove Lauren to create a Youtube channel.

From there, Lauren Luke’s career blossomed. She became a Youtube partner, found herself featured in magazines and was even asked to produce content for Barry M. Eventually, she was approached to create her own make-up line, which is now sold at Sephora.

Bullied heavily in school, Luke found her rise to stardom both daunting and humbling. She explained, “I believe strongly that beauty should be for everyone. I am living proof that you can break the mould of old tradition. I’m not a size zero model or even a make up artist.”

For celebrity looks and a variety of other awesome tutorials delivered by a woman who refuses to let fame change her, check out the ever endearing Panacea81.

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Of course, there are at least a dozen other well-known and much loved Youtube beauty gurus we could have listed, from Gossmakeupartist to Bubzbeauty. Let us know if you’re interested in a part two or a segment on lesser known (but equally fabulous) gurus.

Until then, what are you waiting for? Go master a new look!

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  • Natural beauty is often overlooked and hidden by gobs of fad makeup. Enhance your beautiful face by radiating from within. Trust your instincts when it comes to makeup and always smile….its the best kept secret!!!:)

    • Thanks for your input! :D Will definitely mention her if I create a part two. There are so many awesome gurus on Youtube that it was hard to whittle it down to just three!