Top 10 Makeup Tricks for Summer

Keep your makeup simple this summer and stop worrying about meltdowns.

Summer is no time for layering! As temperatures rise, you can go from dewy to sticky in no time.

Here are top 10 makeup tricks for summer:

1. Work from the outside in


Summer can wreak havoc on your skin so now is an especially important time to take good care of it. Remember to keep drinking! Even if you are just relaxing outside, keep your water handy so you can stay hydrated. It’s so important for your skin and your health in general.

Summer is a great time to enjoy some coffee or a drink outside but keep drinking water as well. Too much alcohol or caffeine can leave you dehydrated on hot days so keep sipping water. If you really don’t like the flavor of plain water, add some fruit for an extra kick of vitamins.

It might be obvious advice but it is important to remember that it is easier to work with a good pallet. Spend your time maintaining your skin so you don’t have to waste time trying to repair it.

2. Maintain a skin care regime


Even if you are just planning a quick trip outside, use sunscreen. Sun comes through the windows so even if you are in your car, you need to protect your skin. This is especially important around midday.

If you will be out for a few hours, keep reapplying. Remember, you should reapply sun protection every few hours. No amount of makeup will cover up a bad sunburn and your future, smooth-skinned self with thank you for your diligence.

If your skin is getting too oily, start washing twice a day. That might be too much in the winter but summer requires its own unique skin care plan so pay attention to what your skin is doing rather than just sticking to your usual routine.

Exfoliate everywhere! It will help you sweat and that is a good thing. Use a dry brush before you shower and treat your face to a scrub a couple of times each week for glowing skin from head to toe.

You want your pores to be open so you can sweat evenly and regularly. It can actually help if you feel like you have been sweating excessively. Once your pores are open, you’ll find that you sweat more even and regularly.

3. The ultimate summer makeup: Tinted moisturizer

One of the best things you can have for summer is tinted moisturizer. If you can get one with at least an SPF 15, you can cut down on the time your a.m. routine takes.

Water-based moisturizer is great for summer. Oil-based may stay longer but you might find your skin looks too greasy on hot days. Stick with water-based and you won’t have to worry about it clogging your pores either.

4. Simple changes: Read your makeup labels


Look for waterproof and long-lasting makeup for summer. Be careful with long-wear lipstick as a lot of them tend to chip away rather than subtly wear off. As far as mascara and foundation though, long-wear is your best bet. It will last through hot weather and wet days at the beach.

If waterproof mascara irritates your eyes or is just too much of a hassle to remove, stop using it. You have other options. You can keep your regular mascara and add some clear mascara.

Do the first coat with your favorite mascara, let it dry, and then add a layer of clear mascara to seal it in. If you have naturally dark lashes, just use clear mascara on your bottom lashes and don’t worry about adding color.

5. Prime your face

Primer is especially important in the summer! Apply a thin layer of foundation primer over your face to make all of your cosmetics last longer. A lot of brands have a primer with SPF so try those out first to save yourself some time.

Think foundation primer is too expensive? Try aloe vera cream! Look for something that is 100% aloe and it will provide the same smoothing effect as expensive primer.

If you really want to go simple and inexpensive, stick an aloe plant on your makeup counter. It’s like an endless supply of primer at your fingertips. It’s also great for moisturizing and sunburns!

6. Powder up

Powder is also great for summer. It keeps the shine away and helps your makeup last. If you start with primer and finish with a translucent powder, you will be shocked at how much longer your makeup lasts.

If you are craving a summer tan, use a mix of translucent powder and bronzer. It might be overkill to use bronzer all over your face so sweep some translucent power everywhere then follow it with bronzer. For a natural look, just cover the areas that the sun would hit if you were getting a real tan.

Basically, you want to create a bronze look over your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, your jawline, and over your collarbones.

You can do a very light dusting around your entire face but keep it minimal so there isn’t a distinct difference between your neck and face.

7. Make a big impact with very little


Metallic eye shadows and liners are everywhere this summer. Get some bronze, gold, or silver for a dramatic look. If you are using a bronzer or self-tanning, shimmery shades will look amazing.

It’s a summer easy way to mix up your look while still sticking to a simple beauty routine.

8. Focus on your lips


Another easy to way to add variety is with tinted lip balm. Again, look for a kind that has SPF. It is especially important to protect your lips to keep them smooth and prevent them from receding as you age.

There are tons of great pink and red shades of balm that really are moisturizing so carry them with you all day when you need some hydration or a boost of color.

Lipstick is one of the easier things to wear in the summer. If it’s really hot out, you know that it is going to be difficult to keep your eye shadow and blush on. Lipstick is a little more forgiving in the heat. Find a few bold colors for the summer and use them alone when the heat is too much.

Lip stains are perfect for sweltering days or long afternoons at the beach. You can pull off almost any color if you are leaving the rest of your face bare.

9. Update your colors

If you are using a darker foundation and bronzer, update your blush as well. Look for bright, vibrant colors. It might be counterintuitive but you don’t want a darker blush. In the summer it’s best to go with some bright that will really show contrast against your skin.

When you’re updating your summer makeup collection, look for matte or semi-matte powders and creams. It’s great to add some glow in the winter but you probably won’t need it during the summer.

10. Forget about everything

If you really want to simplify your routine, use a gradual tanning moisturizer. It will give you some color and help to hide any imperfections or redness in your face. The self-tanners that work gradually are so much easier than the old fake tans.

With a gradual tanner, you never have to worry about orange palms or streaks. Your tan is going to appear slowly and maintain a subtle look.

You should still do some light exfoliation a couple of times each week so it can do it job evenly but that’s all of the prep that you will need. Just wash your face then follow up with a tanning moisturizer instead of your usual cream.

After a few days, you will be amazed at what a difference it makes in your complexion. When you skin is tanner it won’t show all of the imperfections that pale skin will. If you need a bit more, just dab on some concealer or follow up with your tinted moisturizer.

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