6 Signs That You Are A Makeup Addict

With so many makeup products out there, it's hard to resist spending a little extra money. But does everyone find it so hard to say no or is it that a type of addiction?

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, which foundation shade is best of all? If you have even a remote interest in makeup this question has probably crossed your mind at least once; if not about foundation then possibly about eyeshadow, lipstick, nail varnish or any of the multiple cosmetic products available. (Of which there seems to be an ever-growing number)

If someone had said a few years ago that eyebrows would have become such an important part of a woman’s life I doubt anyone would have believed them.

Most women enjoy using the odd bit of makeup as a way to dress up and make themselves feel pretty and awake. But how do you know when you’re a mere makeup admirer or a cold, hard addict? Well below are a few little ways you can learn to tell the difference.

You never leave the house without makeup on

woman putting on makeup

This is actually your nightmare. If God had wanted people to see each other the way they naturally looked then makeup would never have been invented.

At the very least you maintain the belief that others should not see you the way you naturally look. Why else would you have spent so much on makeup if you didn’t want to flaunt what you’ve got after all?

Getting makeup professionally done is your dream

While your dreams of being a supermodel may have fallen short, you can still attain that flawless cover model look with the helping hand of a makeup artist.

For most, a professional makeup artist is a must for special occasions, such as hen nights or weddings, but for those who are addicted it is a weekly, if not daily, necessity.

However, it doesn’t stop there as the lowly addict will question the makeup artist on the products and techniques that they are using in the hope of recreating the look on their own.

The makeup section is your first choice in any shop

woman browsing through makeup

Whereas most people will make the rational decision of trying to buy a full outfit and then match their eyeshadow or lipstick to it, for others the makeup isle is the first stop in the shop.

If you can’t match your lipstick to your nail varnish, and then your nail varnish to your outfit then you just won’t be happy. In any case, finding the perfect shade has to be shown off in the right way, doesn’t it? For the makeup addict coordination is the ultimate key.

You would rather buy makeup than food

Food may feed your belly but the perfect makeup component can feed your soul. For a true makeup addict, nothing can make you feel as good as having a flawless complexion, stunning eye shadow, and defined eyebrows. Your stomach may be as empty as your purse but you believe that sacrifices must be made.

You probably have more lipstick / eyeshadow / nail varnish colors than friends


Friends are all well and good, but are they going to compliment you as well as a hot lipstick shade? To be honest, they probably could, but a true makeup addict doesn’t want to risk taking that chance. So many shades and so little time, so waste no time my lovelies and go buy them all if you’re willing and able.

You follow more beauty pages than people on social media

This is not to say that you don’t have any friends, or that you don’t love the ones you have; but that you don’t specifically need any more in comparison to needing more beauty blogger tips.

What is contouring? How do you do it? What’s the best illuminator? Or blush? Or anything else you can hope to possess. These are the questions that you are burning to have answered, and you can and will follow every beauty blogger until you have all the answers.

Although being addicted to makeup can give off the impression that a person is shallow, in all seriousness it should be remembered that it’s simply an accessory that makes someone feel good about themselves in much the same way as a new outfit would.

Let’s be honest, there are far worse things to be addicted to after all. So if you want to buy anything and everything relating to cosmetics then you go right ahead and do that and don’t let anyone put you down.

In any case, it’s not your fault if a guy is foolish enough to think you naturally have gold eyelids. So, do you consider yourself an addict? Can you think of any more telltale signs? Please comment below and let us know.

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