7 Tips to Help You Rock Black Lipstick This Halloween

Going Goth this Halloween? Check out our 7 awesome tips for black lipstick that lasts all night long!

Black lipstick is evocative, enigmatic and just a little bit edgy. And, with Halloween just around the corner, black lipstick it’s making a comeback once again.

However, as those of us who went through a ‘Goth’ phase in high school can tell you, black lipstick can transition from trendy to tacky in a single fell swoop. There are few make-up faux pas worse than leaving the house with perfectly sculpted black lips only to have them smudge onto your chin while you’re waiting for the bus.

How can you keep your black lipstick looking perfect all night long? Just follow these 7 simple tips!

#1: Prep your lips

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Lipstick lovers will already know that applying a dark colour to dry lips can have a disastrous effect. Colour will sink into fine lines and cling to dry patches, making for an uneven finish.

For a smoother, longer lasting finish, exfoliate your lips beforehand. You can do this by applying a coat of Vaseline to your lips and letting it sit for a minute or so. Then, with a children’s toothbrush (no regular toothbrushes, girls, they’re too rough!), brush your lips in a circular motion to remove any flakiness. Simple, right?

To finish, give your freshly exfoliated lips a light coat of moisturising lip-balm to keep them soft, hydrated and ready for the next step. 

#2: Use a lip-liner or reverse-liner

Black lipstick is notorious for feathering and bleeding. The best way to keep the colour contained is to apply a lip-liner to your lips before filling them in. Make sure to choose a liner that matches your shade of lipstick. This way, you can use it to resculpt your lip shape if necessary for a perfect, clean lip line.

If you don’t own a black lip-liner (let’s face it, how often are you gonna use it?), a black eye-liner pencil will work almost as well (we won’t tell if you won’t). Just don’t use anything too creamy, as it will smudge more easily.

If you have a reverse-liner in your make-up stash, they’re another great option for creating a barrier between your lipstick and your foundation to prevent bleeding.

#3: Grab a lip-brush


Often lipstick bullets are too thick at the tip to give you total control. This can lead to an uneven lip shape and lack of definition around your cupid’s bow.

A lip-brush, however, will give you complete control and help you stick within your lip line for an effortlessly neat finish. This step isn’t strictly necessary, but it definitely helps when applying dark lip colours. 

#4: Blot, blot and blot some more

When red or pink lipstick fades, it no big deal because it melds into your natural lip colour. When black fades, you get a weird pink/black gradient that is anything but flattering. So, it’s important to make sure your lipstick is going to stay in place all night.

You can achieve longer lasting black lipstick by applying a light coat of concealer to your lips as a base. Then, when you’ve applied coat one of your black lipstick over the top, blot the excess product off with a tissue. Repeat this step once more, before applying a layer of translucent powder to set everything in place.

Finally, add your last coat of black lipstick for an opaque, immovable finish. Concealer, lipstick, blot, lipstick, blot, powder, lipstick. Got it?

#5: Keep your eye make-up simple


Just a quick reminder: if you’re going to play up your lips, keep your eyes simple. Try a neutral wash of colour over the lid, a touch of eyeliner and plenty of your favourite mascara. You don’t want to overwhelm your face.

Of course, if you’re going to a Halloween party, feel free to throw this rule out the window. After all, no sultry vampiress would be seen dead (or alive?) without deliciously dark and seriously sexy smoky eye shadow.

#6: Be prepared to pout

No matter how well you’ve set your black lipstick, if you want it to stay perfect all night, you’ll have to be slightly aware of it. At first, this will probably involve making that awkward perpetually pouting face, but don’t worry-as the evening wears on you’ll become more comfortable with your lipstick.

Still, if you’re going to be drinking a lot, try to do so through a straw to limit the amount of contact your lips will have with the glass.

#7: Expect touch-ups

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Sometimes, accidents happen. Like when you accidentally plant your luscious lips on that guy/gal you’ve been admiring for months.

In case of emergencies, be sure to throw your lipstick, lip-brush, a make-up remover wipe and a compact mirror in your bag for quick touch ups.

And there you have it. Whether you’re headed out for Halloween or just want to try the black lipstick trend, keep these 7 handy tips in mind to achieve sexy black lips that’ll last all night long.

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