10 Fun Workout Routines For A Happier You

It isn’t enough to want to look good. You want to feel good too! But, it doesn’t start in a mirror—it starts in your mind. Here are 10 fun workout routines that will make you feel amazing.

Working out isn’t something you should be doing just for the sake of achieving a beautiful physique and losing weight. It is important to have in mind that working out is amazing for relaxing your mind and achieving your inner peace.

Whether you like to workout in the morning or you prefer to do it in the evening, it is important to move and stay active, especially if you are spending a lot of time during the day in front of the computer.

You only need an hour every day to strengthen your body and your mind and to become happier and more relaxed version of yourself. When you feel good then you look good, and that is what matters the most.

Try these 10 fun workout routines to keep your mind sharp, focused and brimming with happiness every day of the week.

1. Hit up a yoga class


It’s no secret that yoga has excellent benefits. The practice can ward off anxiety, depression, stress and worry by regulating the stress-response system. It helps to lower blood pressure and heart rate, and keeps you focused on breathing and body movements while the stress in your life melts away.

It can also boost memory and concentration by allowing you to clear and calm your mind, giving you better focus.

2. Jog it out

silhouette of a woman athlete running at sunset

Hitting the treadmill for a few miles or going for a jog outside can sometimes seem daunting, but, in the end, your body and your mind will thank you. Exercise releases endorphins that actually improve your happiness.

And, although they are released during all exercise, jogging allows you to put on your headphones and get lost in the foot-to-pavement zone.

3. Get into High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Aerobics Instructor Workout

HIIT can be intense, but it’s an excellent way to burn more calories and increase your inner happiness. It gives most of the same benefits on the brain as jogging and other exercises, such as stress reduction and the ability to combat mental illnesses.

The great thing about HIIT though is that it works with a busy schedule. The workout itself usually only lasts about 20 minutes, so if you’re a busy bee, you can get it done quickly without having to stress about the workout that’s supposed to help you combat stress.

4. Take a long hike in the woods


This exercise is kind of a two-for-one. Hiking in the woods not only improves your mental well-being, because of the endorphins that exercise creates, but the serenity of the forest around you can improve your mood.

Getting back in touch with nature is important because oftentimes we forget that it’s ingrained in our DNA to be at one with our natural surroundings. Allowing yourself to get back to your roots, so to speak, will boost your mental function.

5. Throw some punches in a kickboxing class

female kickboxer

Kickboxing not only gives you an excellent full-body workout, but can also help you to unload any stressors. The negative energy you release through the kicks, punches and jabs you are taught allows you to let go of it all. That, along with the fact that it makes you feel strong and fierce, gets you ready to take on whatever life throws at you.

6. Suit up and take a swim


Swimming is generally associated with social interaction and good times. This can help you to have fun with your workout, which will increase your overall sense of happiness. Also, it allows you to immerse yourself in the serenity of the water and focus on your stroke and concentration, which leads to an overall sense of relaxation.

7. Get some gains with strength training

young woman exercising in the gym

Keeping your muscles strong is excellent for reducing chronic pain, which will help to keep your spirits up. When the body is in pain, the mind can’t function properly—strength training can help to alleviate that.

It can also improve your self-esteem by allowing you to feel better about yourself. You are taking care of your body, and that alone will make you feel great.

8. Dance like nobody’s watching

Beautiful girl in bleck dancing

Even if you aren’t the world’s greatest dancer, dancing is one of the more fun options. You can shake it, twist it and just generally move your body to the music to kick-start an endorphin party in your mind.

9. Take an evening stroll


Taking a walk after dinner not only helps to metabolize your meal, but can also help you to prepare for a good night’s rest. When you raise your core body temperature a few hours before bed, it then lowers again when the time comes to put your head on the pillow, which will allow you to fall asleep faster and to sleep more soundly.

Good sleep is one of the main pillars for overall mental health and light exercise in the evening can guarantee that you will sleep like a sloth.

10. Find your center with meditation

beach meditation

Meditation isn’t exactly a body workout, but when it comes to mental workouts, it is one of the best exercises out there. It allows the mind to balance the neurochemical system and gives you a strong grasp on things like emotional control, decision-making and critical thinking.

In this busy world we live in, it can sometimes be hard to focus on the here and now, and meditation improves your ability to live in the present moment.

Using a combination of these workouts will have an immense positive impact on your overall mental health. Do you have any other workouts that make you feel like a million bucks? Comment below, and share your own tips to a happier you!

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