10 Reasons Every Woman Should Try the Squat!

Squats are one of the best exercises you can try, for shapely legs and a toned backside and many other benefits every woman will love!

If you’ve never tried squats, you’re missing out on some great benefits. A good squat can do more than many machines at your gym, and they’re free to try and easy to do anywhere! Check out 10 quick reasons that every woman should try the squat!

When you see other gym members trying the squat, you may think that it’s an easy movement that just looks awkward. In truth, the squat can be more difficult than most women realize, but it has a number of benefits when performed properly.

A squat can be done with both legs; you stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart and simply bend at the knees, keeping your back upright. You can also do a forward squat or lunge for added results. For this movement, you step one foot forward as far as you can and then bend the knee, keeping the other leg straight and your back upright.

Consider 10 amazing benefits of these movements for your overall shape and fitness.

#1 Squats build leg muscle


When you squat, you use all the muscles of your legs to keep you upright and balanced. Machines at the gym usually target just a few separate muscles so you may need to perform an entire circuit to get the same benefits as one simple squat.

#2 Squats make your butt look great!

You can tighten the muscles of your gluteus if you target your upper backside, but this can be difficult without straining your back. Many leg curl machines in the gym will put pressure on the lower back so that they do more harm than good. Squats however target your gluteus muscles and can build a firm and toned look in no time.

#3 Your blood circulation is improved with squats

Every time you stretch your muscles, you allow more blood to flow through and in turn, your muscles get stronger but you get healthier overall. Blood brings all the nourishment you take in from your digestive system to the cells of your body, along with healing oxygen and other vital elements. Stretching the muscles of your legs increases your blood circulation for better overall health.

#4 Squats build back muscles


When you perform a squat, you train the muscles in your back that are needed to keep you in good form, so they’re stronger throughout the day. This can result in less back pain when sitting, standing, or working out, and less stress on your limbs, neck, and shoulders. Your back also supports you through other parts of your routine, so working out overall can be easier.

#5 Squats help your posture

Your back needs to stay upright to keep you balanced during a squat, and this can help your posture. Good posture means better breathing and digestion and also reduces back pain; good posture also just looks better than being slouchy and slumped over.

#6 Squats can keep your knees fluid and supple

It may seem like an oxymoron, but the more you move your joints, the more fluid and supple they become. Flexing your joints allows them to receive more healing blood and oxygen, and the same is true of your knees. When you squat you build the muscles around your knees and keep the joints healthy and strong.

#7 You can do a squat anywhere


You don’t need a gym membership to perform squats and get the same benefits of all those fancy gym machines. You can perform a few squats during a coffee break at work to keep your leg muscles active and strong, or try them at home.

#8 You don’t need equipment to perform squats

Free weights and machines are very beneficial for getting into shape, but they can also be expensive and cumbersome. If you live in an apartment, where would you put your workout equipment? Learning how to do certain exercises like squats will allow you to exercise on your own without any equipment or accessories, making it very easy on you.

#9 Squats are nonimpact

If you have weak knees or ankles or are very overweight, you need to be aware of the impact on your joints when you work out. A good squat is nonimpact and puts no pressure on your joints or muscles in your lower body. This makes them safe for just about anyone.

#10 Squats are easier than you think

If you try to do a squat and find that you cannot fully bend your legs or support your weight, don’t give up! Hold a chair or table with one hand or even with both hands if needed, and try your squat again. Bend only as deep as you can manage and hold it for only as long as you can manage. Work on increasing the quality of your squats over time, as you would any other part of your routine. Soon you’ll be doing deep squats that build muscle and tone your backside and will be in great shape!

Do you squat as part of your routine? What benefits do you see from this exercise? What do you love about squats, and how would you encourage other women to try them? Share your comments below!

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