11 Activities To Do As A Couple To Get Fit

Staying in shape is tough and time consuming but it doesn’t have to be. Read on to learn all the fun activities you can do as a couple to get in shape.

It’s a new year, so is it a new you? Many people feel as if the year of 2017 is a year where everyone plans on losing weight, becoming more fit, healthy, or strong.

Yet, many people don’t succeed in these goals because the trend of new years’ resolutions dies down and people stop jumping on the bandwagon.

However, there is hope. Stick to your goals, achieve them, conquer them, and start some new ones when you’re done. No matter the time of year, you can set goals or make life changes.

After all, who wouldn’t want to be healthier and more fit? Trust me, everyone wants to improve themselves in some way. So start, but don’t do it alone.

Instead, do it with your significant other and bond and motivate each other by doing activities together to keep you both in shape.

Read on to learn some of the best activities to do as a couple in to stay in shape!

Bouldering/Rock climbing

Rock climbing male instructor hold rope blond woman sunny day

Despite the common misconception that bouldering and rock climbing are the same, there are differences between them despite there being similarities.

Bouldering is like rock climbing as you do put your hands and feet on the same type of pegs. However, the walls are a lot shorter and are not always straight, and you also have no restraints.

Instead, the walls are laden with pegs of different colors for you to stick to as you climb that specific color. You can also fall and land a certain way, top out (climb to the very top and have somewhere to rest at the top…a cool reward), or you can then climb back down.

Bouldering is a great activity to do as a couple to stay in shape as you will both support each other and motivate each other to succeed by wanting to top out together. It will also bond you while you also gain some muscle.

Your partner can help you by telling you where you should put your hands and feet. This comes in handy, especially for harder levels as the walls also curve and go on steep angles (you can be climbing a wall but your body is parallel to the ground).

Rock climbing is also a great activity to do as a couple in order to stay in shape. It will provide you with health benefits. It will also bond the two of you as you will have to belay your partner (use the ropes and harness, to help them and to make sure they don’t fall and hurt themselves).

No matter if you chose bouldering or rock climbing you will get some great benefits to your relationship, not to mention your health. You and your partner will both find that your arms will be sore along with your hands. Your legs might also be sore from the stretching and force you use to push yourself up with as well.

The gym

This is a more common activity the two of you could do together. However, the gym isn’t exactly a place where you and your partner may be able to get in shape together as you will probably have different programs.

Regardless, there is a big pro to this, you will both motivate each other to go as you will go together. You will both also want to finish as a sweaty mess to show your partner how well you did. Additionally, you could also join a spin or aerobics class together.

Go for a run

This is an awesome activity to do as a couple to get in shape as you will both motivate each other to push yourselves and keep going.

Running is an amazing workout as it is a full body exercise. It not only helps the cardiovascular system and repertory system, but it also helps people tone up their body and lose weight.


Couple Backpackers hiking on the path in mountains during autumn

Go online, find some trails that have some hills for the two of you to climb up and enjoy nature.

A hike is something that the two of you will love as you will be enjoying the beauty of nature, getting some fresh air, enjoying each others company, and you will also be burning calories all at the same time.

Snow shoeing

Once you get past the clumsy stage where you are trying to figure out how to walk, you will both absolutely love this activity. It will definitely keep you in shape and be an amazing date.

A lot of people don’t think of snowshoeing as a winter activity that is fun. However, it is an immense amount of fun and is a massive workout for your legs, it will also get your blood pumping.

Don’t be afraid to go outside in the cold and do this because once you start snowshoeing you will begin to sweat.

Dance class

Some couples may find a dance class to seem to girly, or even embarrassing as they don’t know what to do, but don’t let that stop you. Taking up a dance class together is possibly one of the best activities you can do as a couple to stay fit or get in shape.

Try learning the salsa, tango, fox trot, waltz, or cha-cha. You and your partner will have so much fun, make memories, and progress in your skill while also breaking a sweat and getting a great workout in.

The best part is, once you learn how to do this you and your partner might also spice up your love life due to the intimacy and connection you will get from this.


Going for a walk around the neighborhood after a long day of work will not only wake the two of you up, but it will also brighten your mood and give you both more energy.

If you walk at a fast enough pace you will burn calories and start to tone up within a few weeks.

You will also find that the two of you are talking even more about certain things as you are both being more stimulated while you are also strengthening your relationship during your walk.


Like dancing, boxing is a great workout for the two of you to do together. You will find that as you increase your skill levels, it will become more enjoyable and will add to your relationship.

You will also find that when sparring with the mats, or even in the ring together it will spark something for the two of you.

If boxing isn’t something that interests the two of you, you can also try MMA, karate, jujitsu, or muay thai.


Smiling couple doing yoga exercises outdoors at the beach pier

Tighten and tone your body as a couple by learning yoga together. This is an amazing activity to do as a couple in order to get fit, as you will both help each other in positions, teach each other new things, and grow together skill wise, and relationship wise.

Yoga will not only help you lose weight, but it will also increase flexibility which may come in handy in the bedroom.


Get in those bathing suits, there’s nothing better than seeing your partners face when you step out in yours.

Although, the next best thing would be the exercise the two of you will get by doing this activity together.

To spice things up, instead of just doing ordinary laps make it a competition by seeing who can do the most laps in the amount of time you are swimming for.

While you strengthen your body, you will also strengthen your relationship.

Bike ride

Going for a nice bike ride on a cross country bike trail will do wonders for your body as you will break a sweat, and work lots of muscles in your legs, arms, and core. Not to mention, your lungs and heart will also thank you.

Bike rides are a great activity to do as a couple to stay fit as you will encourage and motivate each other to continue to push yourselves and keep moving. Plus, you will get some great time outdoors and also spend some quality time together.

Some other activities you could do as a couple in order to stay fit would be playing volleyball, basketball, baseball, badminton, squash, tennis, or even soccer together.

You could also play some very intense games of paintball, go skating or just have very heated sex. After all, sex has been proven to be a great workout.

No matter the activity you and your partner chose to do together, remember to make sure it will be fun for the both of you.

Doing activities to stay fit with your partner will allow the two of you to bond, connect, and push each other to do better.

The beauty of working out with your significant other is the fact that you will be teammates like how your supposed to be in all aspects of your life together.

Additionally, if you do these activities to get fit with your partner, you both will be more likely to get better results and continue to do your exercise as you will be more motivated and wanting to do so.

Good luck with your resolutions, and if you can think of any other activities to do as a couple in order to get fit, feel free to share!

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