5 Great Ways to Lose Arm Fat Fast

Ok, so I’ve been on a diet and I have exercised to lose some weight but even after doing all that, I still had one problem left - arm fat. I really wanted to get rid of it so I looked up some great exercises and now I am going to share them with you. Here are 5 great ways to lose arm fat fast.

1. Push – Ups

Great Ways to Lose Arm Fat Fast

Our arms tend to get weaker because we don’t do any heavy lifting. Let’s face it, unless you carry really heavy bags from a grocery store, or your baby around the house, you probably don’t lift anything heavy. As a result, your arm muscles are weak and it could be hard for you to do push-ups at first.

Start slowly, with beginner’s push-ups. You might have heard of those as push-ups for women, or knee pushups. Basically, instead of holding your weight on your hands and toes, you hold it on your hands and knees. Knee push-ups are easy to do and make a great starter exercise. Once your arms get stronger, you can gradually move to regular push-ups. Do open push-ups; with your arms placed wider than the width of your shoulders, or closed push-ups; with your arms placed close together.

2. Lifting Weights

Lifting Weights

Start exercising with some weights in order to lose arm fat. Don’t start with weights that are too heavy; they should be 2-3 pounds. You can get heavier weights when your arms get stronger. Basically anything you can do with weights is good for strengthening the muscles in your arms, so improvise as much as you want.

Best exercise for leaner arms is to take the weights in your hands, put your arms down in a normal position and then lift your arms to the side and in front of you at the height of your shoulders and to the back as high as you can. Note that your arms need to be completely straight; don’t bend your elbows and don’t bend over while you’re lifting your arms back. For more exercises with weights check this video.

3. Arm Twisting

Lose Arm Fat Fast

Don’t let the name scare you, you are not really going to twist your arms and hurt yourself. This is one of those exercises that look so easy until you start doing them and see how effective they are.

Stand up straight and spread your arms to the sides like you are going to give someone a huge hug. Keep your arms completely straight and twist them to have your palms face the ceiling. Now, twist your arms around horizontal axis to have your palms face the ceeling once again. Repeat this exercise as many times as you can but bear in mind that this exercise can give you sore muscles the next day, so don’t push too hard.

4. Scissors

Ways to Lose Arm Fat Fast

This is another great way to lose arm fat fast. It’s called the scissors because movements resemble scissors being opened and closed. Stand up straight and stretch your arms straight in front of you at the height of your shoulders. Keep them straight and firm the whole time. Stretch them to the side and bring them back in front of you to have your right arm overlap your left. Stretch them out again and bring them back to have your left arm overlap your right. Repeat at least 20 times.

See, it’s not that hard, once someone gives you the right advice and right exercises. If you manage to do these exercises for at least 10-15 minutes every day, you will notice the change very fast.

THE PROBLEM is that it’s actually not possible to get rid of arm fat just by itself. You can make your arms stronger by building some muscle, but you first need to burn the fat and get your arms toned! It’s well know that you can’t target fat loss at a certain body part like your arms, instead, you need to lose fat in general and then you’ll also lose arm fat.

Here is how to do arm scissors.

5. Circles

Arm circles can help tone the muscles in your shoulder and arm, such as your biceps and triceps. They also work on your upper back muscles, making them a full-body workout. Furthermore, it can be done almost anywhere! Do it for 5-7 minutes per day for best results.

Circulate your arms forward in small, controlled movements, gradually increasing the size of the circles until you feel a stretch in your triceps.
After around 10 seconds, reverse the direction of the circles.

If you have some extra tips on how to lose arm fat fast other than the above mentioned, please share them with us. There can never be too many tips for us girls on how to look better.

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  • The above exercises were really good and new to me as i am searching for similar one’s for the past few years.
    Another exercise was there.
    Keep your body straight and raise ur both hands to the shoulder SIDEWISE firm and both palms pointing upwards. Just try to put 8 with both of ur hands slowly .Its better to start it with a small no and gradually increase the no of times u do that.I hope that is also a effective way.
    Thanks a lot.

  • I have always struggled with arm fat (sort of a chubby look) even though I can be as small as 110lbs.
    One thing I recommend is trying some of the boxing type workouts. There are a few popular places around my town that are offering these. They are fast and fun – and it’s not kick boxing, it’s called Title Boxing Club.
    Great for upper body! Maybe there is something to learn and do at home.

  • The arm twisting sounded stupid until i tried it! and i can feel it working the part that i hate the most! thanks so much!

  • Thanks SOO much! I hated the fat I have on my arms and now they will finally be gone and I’ll have confidence to wear tank tops without hiding them!

  • tanx i hope it works for me coz my arm looks lyk dat of man nd i love armless cloth i pray it works out gosh!!!!

  • It is common knowledge that you can not do area specific exercises to lose fat in those areas. I think the exercises are great at toning the muscle, but the fat will only go away with fat loss (e.g. weight loss).

    • I weigh only 106 lbs and the rest of my body is pretty small but my arms are very flabby. I’m in good shape and I definitely do not want to lose more weight, I just want my arms to look toned and not fat.

  • hello.. my waist is 30 inches.. and i’m 5ft 4 inches tall.. but my arms are such a putoff.. 12inches are their diameter!! ghosh i hope these excercises work on me … :(

  • but i always had a doubt.. As i have seen men lifting weights and increasing the size of teir arms, if i lift weights and increase my arms more then? Does fat loss take place after muscle build up or after? i have flabby arms

  • Wow..nice tips I will surely try these bcz I’m fedup with my chbby flappy arms… :-(