Top 20 Yoga Bloggers You Must Follow

We made a special list of top yoga bloggers you must follow if you are really devoted to fitness and finding your inner peace. Check them out and let them pull you into the fabulous world of yoga.

Have you ever wondered how to achieve balance, harmony and peace in your life or just how to improve flexibility of your muscles and physical condition? Maybe YOGA is the right choice for you.

Here is YouQueen’s selection of top 20 yoga bloggers that really deserve your attention. We listed them in no particular order, as each one of them is unique in their own way and definitely worth your time.

We tried to introduce various styles and techniques so there is something for everyone. As usual, you will find some great tips exclusively written for YouQueen’s readers from the best yoga bloggers online. Namaste!

1. Ali Kamenova – Ali Kamenova Interval Yoga

Ali Kamenova

1. You in 11 descriptive words?

Creative, spiritual, direct, intuitive, innovative, childlike, chaotic, disorganized, insightful, passionate, deep.

2. What is that “special touch” what makes your blog/work different/unique/authentic?

I have created a unique style of yoga that is both very athletic and spiritual at the same time. I combine traditional yoga with cutting edge high intensity training discoveries in order to create the most optimal way to move our bodies, stay in shape, deepen our breath, access our spiritual essence, increase calmness, initiate inner healing and, of course, get the benefits of both yoga and training, such as increased cardiovascular capacity, strength, speed, flexibility and overall health.

3. Exclusive tip, how to or recommendation for YouQueen readers?

Hmm this could be any tip? I would say do my yoga 4-5 times a week, focus on a plant based diet, extend gratitude daily and trust the process of living. All this leads to appreciating out inner beauty.

4. YouQueen’s Random Question: If we came to your home and looked inside the refrigerator, what would we find?

Coconut milk, Kale or Baby Greens, Broccoli, Carrots. All my fruit will be on my counter- outside of my fridge.

You can visit Ali’s blog at

2. Elad Itzkin – Elad Itzkin Yoga Photography

Elad Itzkin

1. You in 11 descriptive words?

Passionate, thinker, seeker, adventurer, positive, believer, dreamer, beautiful, caring, easy, kind.

2. What is that “special touch” what makes your blog/work different/unique/authentic?

What makes my blog unique is that, as a yoga photographer, I’m not focusing on finding the most flexible yogi, or a yoga Barbie. I’m looking for real yogis, people who have the same story as you and me, people who live, work, have a day to day, which helps readers see that being a yogi is not out of their reach and that yoga is for everyone regardless of age, race, sex, religion or how flexible they are.

3. Exclusive tip, how to or recommendation for YouQueen readers?

Accept the moment with no self judgement. As a devoted yogi, I sometimes find it hard to get on my yoga mat, and I remind myself that it is also OK. I have periods that I practice every day, and periods that I do not practice at all. When it’s right and my body feels ready I will go back to the mat and practice my yoga.

4. YouQueen’s Random Question: Favorite quote?

“Everything happens for a reason, and all reasons are for the best”, which is more than a quote, it’s a personal mantra which I constantly remind myself in different situations. I always tell people who missed the bus or missed a flight: “It’s OK, maybe it would have been even worse situation for you if you were there.”

It really put things in prospective, out of the self-pity and back into the flow of our existence.

Note: We highly suggest to check Elad’s great work and fantastic yoga photos on his Instagram @elad_itzkin_yoga_photography and his blog

3. Ursula Preiss – My Yoga Blog

Ursula Preiss

1. You in 11 descriptive words?

Flexible, strong, creative, disciplined, passionate, experienced, joyful, optimistic, experimental, reflective, serious.

2. What is that “special touch” what makes your blog/work different/unique/authentic?

My blog is about my Ashtanga yoga journey during the last 10 years and the journey goes on. Practicing yoga is not only about asana practice, it’s a life style. I’m the living proof that Ashtanga yoga is not only for the wild and young ones, but also for those still wild at heart, but a bit older.

3. Exclusive tip, how to or recommendation for YouQueen readers?

Yoga can influence your entire life. It’s important to practice daily or minimum 3 times a week. Look around, experiment and then choose a yoga style that you like to do on a daily basis.

4. YouQueen’s Random Question: One place in the world you would like to stay for a year?

I’d like to stay in the South of France for a year.

You can visit Ursula’s  blog at

4. Sadie Nardini

Sadie Nardini

1. You in 11 descriptive words?

Fierce, fabulous, authentic, oenophile, transformative, conscious, human, lover, artist, witchy woman.

2. What is that “special touch” what makes your blog/work different/unique/authentic?

By living from bad*ss example, I give women permission to dance with their shadow side as well as the light power they contain, in order to be able to make the transition from Drama Queens to straight up conscious Queens.

3. Exclusive tip, how to or recommendation for YouQueen readers?

Next time you feel like grieving the past, or during any time of disappointment or loss, learn the Art of the Tantrum. Children express emotions, cry and scream whenever they want, and then they move on with their day.

As adults, we don’t want to just lose it anywhere we feel strong emotion, or there would be a lot more knock-downs at the office. Instead, give yourself permission to spend emotional moments in a room alone, and allow the crying and screaming (beds and pillows are great non-destructive things to hit) that will actually clear out those old, stuck energies.

After the storm comes, you will likely find peace and clarity that were underneath them, waiting to be revealed by a true and dedicated Warrior Venting session.

4. YouQueen’s Random Question: Best way to relax after hard day?

Almost every day, I take (make) an hour to do my Pinot Grigio Meditation, where I have a date-with-self, and a glass of great vino. I’m French and Italian so I have a great reverence for well-crafted wine.

I sit with my Moleskine journal and write creatively–poems, song ideas, thoughts about my life and next steps toward my best expressions. I recommend spending real quality time with oneself, because that’s your soulmate, and the longest relationship you’ll ever have.

When you can sit and enjoy your own company, you will notice neediness and anxiety about others decreasing, and an amplification of self-confidence and independence will arise. Cheers!

You can visit Sadie’s blog at

5. Erica Rodefer Winters – Spoiled Yogi

Erika Spoiled Yogi

1. You in 11 descriptive words?

Yoga mama motivator, storyteller, self-care advocate, caring, teacher, silly, creative, connected.

2. What is that “special touch” what makes your blog/work different/unique/authentic?

I think what makes my blog different from most yoga blogs is how specific I am about my mission to help mamas see what a huge impact just a few minutes of self-care (through yoga, meditation, mindfulness, or whatever makes them feel revived) can make to the overall quality of life both for them and their families.

Everyone needs yoga, but my readers  NEED YOGA!!!! It’s just too easy to forget about yourself when everyone else is making demands of you every second of every day and all night, too.

I’m here to remind them and offer support through free yoga sequences, meditations, encouraging stories, and relatable advice from a mama who’s been there. I’m also building a community of moms who lift each other up, lend an ear (because sometimes that’s what mamas need more than anything else!).

3. Exclusive tip, how to or recommendation for YouQueen readers?

Commit to do your yoga practice every single day—even if that means asking for help from a spouse, babysitter, or (gasp!) an iPad app or cartoon to keep your little one occupied. Those few minutes you focus on yourself will help you be a significantly better mama (or worker or spouse or whatever else you do) for the rest of the day. Your self-care HAS to be a top priority—for everyone’s sake. It’s the least selfish thing you can do.

4. YouQueen’s Random Question: Greatest adventure in your life?

The greatest adventure of my life by far has been the wild ride that is motherhood (no surprises there!). It has been filled with thrills like first steps and first words, daunting anxieties, frustrations, tense shoulders, profound lessons, and countless joys—sometimes all at the same time.

Each day I can count on a new and exciting turn of events that keeps me on my toes. It’s the ultimate adventure, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

You can visit Erica’s blog at

6. Anna Guest-Jelley – Curvy Yoga

Curvy Yoga

1. You in 11 descriptive words?

I’m a yoga teacher, body acceptance advocate and lover of kindness.

2. What is that “special touch” what makes your blog/work different/unique/authentic?

Curvy Yoga is body affirming yoga for people of all shapes and sizes. We’re all about how yoga can be a tool for getting to know yourself and your body better and, through that process, finding acceptance and love for both. We offer tools and strategies for finding what unique things make these practices work for you — your body, your time, your energy, etc.

3. Exclusive tip, how to or recommendation for YouQueen readers?

If you’re interested in starting a yoga practice, or you have a practice but would like it to be more regular, my favorite thing to do is consider what your practice could be today. We so easily bog ourselves down in shoulds, which more often than not causes us to quit what we’d hoped to get going.

But when you shift to could, there’s always something you could do each day — even five deep breaths or a few simple stretches when you wake up in the morning.

4. YouQueen’s Random Question: If you can send a 30 sec message to the world, what would you say?

If you accepted yourself and your body, imagine what you could do with all the time and money you’d otherwise spend trying to “fix” yourself.

You can visit Anna’s blog at

7. Gwen Lawrence

Gwen1 (1)

1 .You in 11 descriptive words?

I transform lives from good to great the way only a seasoned mom can!

2. What is that “special touch” what makes your blog/work different/unique/authentic?

I am helping my clients reach their highest potential, using my 6 power yoga for sports philosophy’s to Attain fitness, find Balance, Create goals, and Define personal happiness in work, school, family and life.

My special touch is the ability to understand and communicate with my clients and the athletes, by injecting myself into their world not making them become a yogi. As well as having a unique ability to read bodies, therefore making me able to be proactive to injuries rather than reactive. Finally having the ability to make my students laugh and lighten up.

3. Exclusive tip, how to or recommendation for YouQueen readers?

I would have to insist that this is to be serious and studios with whatever you do, however you need to approach life in a lighter less stressed, judgmental and sensitive way. Basically lighten up people… Let go of the stuff that drugs you down, don’t take everything so seriously, laugh more, and be choosy with the people you let into your life!

4. YouQueen’s Random Question: If you could read minds, whose would you like to read?

If I could read minds I would love to go back in time and read the mind of Dr Seuss. His ability to be so far ahead of his time and to write books on topic that seemingly are light and easy yet are the deepest most profound ways of thinking before people even began to think of. The “Horton Hears a Who” book is mind-blowing to me as well “Star Belly Sneetches” is so so so timely right now!

You can visit Gwen’s blog at

8. Candace Cabrera Moore – Yoga By Candace

1. You in 11 descriptive words?

Determined, hard-working, passionate, silly, independent, love to sing and dance.

2. What is that “special touch” what makes your blog/work different/unique/authentic?

I started YogaByCandace because I loved reading blogs but there wasn’t one out there about a modern, forward-thinking yoga lifestyle. The blog has now evolved to include a discovery box program (our YBC Mantra Box), international yoga retreats (Join us in May!) and we recently landed a book deal. Our book will be out in the fall of 2016.

3. Exclusive tip, how to or recommendation for YouQueen readers?

To improve flexibility, you don’t have to do an hour and a half of yoga every single day – just a few minutes per day is enough to see an impact. If you’re the type of person who simply doesn’t have time, look for times within your day when you have a free minute, like when the water is warming up for the shower, or when you’re waiting for your coffee to brew. In those few minutes, take a second to do rag-doll pose. It’ll help open up the hamstrings and may alleviate low back pain.

4. YouQueen’s Random Question: Your perfect day?

Sleep in, big breakfast with friends followed by a great workout, and a day at the beach.

Note: Candace Cabrera Moore is the founder of YogaByCandace, a yoga lifestyle company with a popular blog that welcomes 2.2 million readers and 147,000 social media followers. The company offers a yoga app, a discovery box program featuring small businesses in the health and wellness industries with their YBC Mantra Box, international yoga retreats, a popular YouTube channel with free weekly videos and they just landed a book deal. The book will be published in the fall of 2016.

You can visit Candace’s blog at

9. Kassandra Reinhardt – Yoga With Kassandra


1. You in 11 descriptive words?

Ambitious, confident, optimistic, fun loving, dreamer, charismatic, animal obsessed, feminist, talkative, exuberant and indecisive.

2. What is that “special touch” what makes your blog/work different/unique/authentic?

What makes Yoga with Kassandra (and my YouTube channel) unique is the balance the classes strike between being informative yet still allowing space for introspection. It’s important that people have clear and concise verbal cues to be able to follow along, but if the teacher talks too much it can be really hard to get into your body and really feel what’s going on.

Especially in my Yin Yoga classes, I like to offer long periods of silence. I believe we have the potential to be our own best teachers.

3. Exclusive tip, how to or recommendation for YouQueen readers?

When it comes yoga yoga, especially if you’re new to the practice, variety is key! Try as many different styles and teachers as you need to until you find the one that works for you. Once you’ve found what works, the most important thing is to be consistent.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you fall into a rut and stop practicing for a while. Practice loving compassion and gently get back on your mat, judgement free.

4. YouQueen’s Random Question: One dream you’ve achieved?

In January I got the opportunity to travel to California to work with Grokker as one of their new Yoga Experts. I had admired them from afar for a long time, so to be able to join their family as an instructor was a dream come true and my biggest accomplishment so far.

I started my YouTube channel a year and a half ago, not knowing where it would take me or if anyone would watch it. Taking that first step and publishing my first video is the best thing I’ve ever done and is the reason why I got to work with Grokker and so many other amazing companies. This is an exciting time for me and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

You can visit Kassandra’s blog at

10. Ashley Josephine – Ashley Josephine Wellness


1. You in 11 descriptive words?

Intense, playful, wise, empowered, leader, writer, yogini, human, learner, feminist, thoughtful.

2. What is that “special touch” what makes your blog/work different/unique/authentic?

I think I’m different because I offer a “bigger picture” perspective of yoga in my writing and teaching at the same time I make the learning relevant and practical to our modern daily lives.

For example, I have certifications in Power Vinyasa Yoga and iRest yoga nidra – two practices on the complete opposite ends of the effort spectrum. I like to balance that all out somewhere in the middle.

3. Exclusive tip, how to or recommendation for YouQueen readers?

Before you begin anything, take a moment to check in with your breath and let go of any and all expectations. Approach every moment as brand new and be open to possibilities you could never even imagine.

4. YouQueen’s Random Question: What is your favorite breakfast?

Oatmeal. I have this almost every morning fall-spring. I add almond milk, honey or maple syrup, cinnamon, cardamom, and hemp seeds, chia seeds, walnuts, or pecans. If I had to, I could eat only this all day long and be completely satisfied.

You can visit Ashley’s blog at

11. Rachel Koontz – Alive in the Fire

1. You in 11 descriptive words?

I am… thoughtful, creative, willing, grounded, compassionate, and bad*ss. I am a teacher and a student of yoga.

2. What is that “special touch” what makes your blog/work different/unique/authentic?

Alive in the Fire offers an authentic glimpse at yoga, and how this practice continues to bring peace into my life. Not only do I write about my experiences on the mat– sweating, laughing, trying challenging poses, and learning about myself in the process– but I also share my reflections on meditation and mindfulness, relationships, building community, letting go, and loving myself.

One of my favorite parts of the blog is my Sponsored Yogis program, a seva project aimed at sharing yoga and supporting several incredible yogis around the country throughout a year, so that their practice deepens.

3. Exclusive tip, how to or recommendation for YouQueen readers?

New to yoga? Here’s my advice: Try out a few local studios and talk to the teachers. Be willing to open up and share what has brought you to your mat, and what you’re hoping to gain from your practice. Ask questions. Drink lots of water before and after class. And always be kind to yourself!

4. YouQueen’s Random Question: Where would you go in a time machine?

I’d travel back to the 1940’s so I could meet my grandparents and hang out with them. :)

You can visit Rachel’s blog at

12. Rachel Scott – Rachel Yoga

Rachel Scott

1. You in 11 descriptive words?

Creative, intellectual, ridiculous, striving, vulnerable, goofy, soft-hearted, passionate, flawed, geeky, expressive.

2. What is that “special touch” what makes your blog/work different/unique/authentic?

Through our romantic and intimate relationships, we engage in a messy, beautiful, real-life exploration of how we can become our best selves. In my blog, I throw myself squarely in the fire and share with my readers from my heart. Together, we find our light in the dark.

3. Exclusive tip, how to or recommendation for YouQueen readers?

You marvelous, gorgeous YouQueen readers! Best tip for any relationship: remember that you are already whole and good. Resist the (oh-so-human) temptation to make your partner your fix-it glue, ego soother, or missing puzzle piece.

While we are all flawed and human, we must never lose sight of our own precious magnificence. Practice loving your human, imperfect, wonderful self.

4. YouQueen’s Random Question: What is your biggest motivation in life?

Personal growth.

You can visit Rachel’s blog at

13. J. Brown – J. Brown Yoga

J Brown

J. Brown is a yoga teacher, writer, podcaster and founder of Abhyasa Yoga Center in Brooklyn, NY. His writing has been featured in Yoga Therapy Today, the International Journal of Yoga Therapy, and across the yoga blogosphere.

1. You in 11 descriptive words?

Yoga teacher, writer, podcaster, and pioneer of the Slow Yoga Revolution.

2. What is that “special touch” what makes your blog/work different/unique/authentic?

J. Brown’s Yoga Blog has been at the forefront of writing on yoga since 2007. It contains “insider” information and heartfelt accounts of what is happening in the grassroots yoga world. Based in healing, J. Brown seeks to change the dialog around yoga practice in the west.

3. Exclusive tip, how to or recommendation for YouQueen readers?

Learn ocean-breathing and do ten arm-lifts every day. You will be amazed at how just that little thing can make your shoulders and back feel better. Here is an instructional video:

The 7 Minute Practice with Extra Teaching Commentary from J. Brown on Vimeo.

4. YouQueen’s Random Question: If you could instantly learn one random skill, what would you learn?

Saxophone. Always wanted to be able to play the saxophone.

You can visit J.Brown’s blog at

14. Lida Padro – Lexi Yoga

“No man can succeed in a line of endeavor which he does not like.” Napoleon Hill

1. You in 11 descriptive words?

Calm, relaxed, creative, kind, peaceful, compassionate, giving, loving, independent, friendly and flexible.

2. What is that “special touch” what makes your blog/work different/unique/authentic?

The special touch of my blog is how authentic it really is… The reason I practice yoga is coming from within, it’s pure passion & pure enjoyment. I was just doing it for personal pleasure, then decided to share it to the world.

I wanted others to experience the joys of yoga, by teaching the benefits and showing instruction for beginners. I felt that the world needs yoga for inner peace.

3. Exclusive tip, how to or recommendation for YouQueen readers?

Anyone can practice yoga, it’s not just for fit and flexible women. It’s quite the opposite actually. Those who would benefit the most are the least flexible and unfit, as they lack what yoga can provide. It’s all about balancing strength and flexibility.

4. YouQueen’s Random Question: What are you grateful for?

I’m grateful for all the wonderful things in my life. I’ve been blessed with a passionate job that I love and enjoy, a loving family and all the comforts one could ask for.

You can visit Lida’s blog at

15. Lauren Walker – Energy Medicine Yoga

Lauren Walker

1 .You in 11 descriptive words?

Out of the Box, Result Oriented, Gratitude Soaked, Lover of Life!

2. What is that “special touch” what makes your blog/work different/unique/authentic?

Energy Medicine Yoga creates an intimacy with the body that most people have never had before. This intimacy allows you to learn and understand your body/mind and potential in an entirely new way. You can learn to balance and heal your body’s physical challenges, and then learn how to work with the magical energy of the universe… It’s all the same…

3. Exclusive tip, how to or recommendation for YouQueen readers?

If your energy isn’t moving forward and crossing over, you are at a 50% deficit in everything you do! Thump your chest like Tarzan, then squeeze your right shoulder and cross your body to your opposite hip, and squeeze your left shoulder and cross to your opposite hip. Do this several times a day. Just this, will change your life!

4. YouQueen’s Random Question: What’s the first thing you notice about people?

The first thing I notice about a person is their posture. How someone stands tells so much about a person. Are they happy, depressed, confident, uncertain, in love with the world, frightened, open? I can get a sense of the kind of yoga practice that would help someone to transform into their best selves, based simply on how they stand.

You can visit Lauren’s blog at

16. Ekhart Yoga


1. You in 11 descriptive words?

Passionate, authentic online yoga community offering real yoga for real people.

2. What is that ‘special touch’ that makes your blog / work different / unique / authentic?

With over thirty leading international teachers providing quality yoga and meditation videos in a vast array of different yoga styles, inspiring articles and more, EkhartYoga aims to bring authentic yoga to as many people as possible. We speak from the heart and try to ensure that what we share is credible, informative and inclusive.

3. Exclusive tip or recommendation for YouQueen readers

Yoga is about bringing harmony between the body, mind and breath. The physical part of yoga is there to serve any body – to become stronger, more flexible, release tension, relieve pain and bring about balance.

The spiritual practice helps to unpeel the layers so you can truly connect with yourself, the world and the present moment. Do you want to feel stronger, happier and have a quieter mind? Try out one of our video classes or one of our many yoga programs. We feel sure there is something here for you!

4. YouQueen’s Random Question: What is the most important life lesson someone can learn by practicing yoga?

It depends on the individual and their interests. You can gain a lot of valuable physical benefits from practicing yoga, including strength, flexibility, healing, relaxation etc, which in turn positively influence the emotional, mental and spiritual parts of you.

When that interest is awakened you can delve as deep as you like into the more spiritual elements of the practice, so that you can eventually connect with your own essence, as well as the more existential questions such as “who am I”? Yoga is a life-long lesson!

You can visit Ekhart Yoga’s blog at


Julia White

1. You in 11 descriptive words?

I am passionate about living a happy, healthy and peaceful life.

2. What is that “special touch” what makes your blog/work different/unique/authentic?

I am a Wellness expert and holistic adviser who uses a unique combination of Yoga, Aromatherapy and Ayurveda for a completely holistic approach to living.

I find that working holistically works on a much deeper level than conventional treatment and use my own range of aromatherapy products to enhance this approach.

I write and photograph about my daily life in the field of wellbeing and love sharing my gluten free baking and healthy living with others.

3. Exclusive tip, how to or recommendation for YouQueen readers?

For a wonderful night’s sleep; place 1 drop of lavender oil on your pillow, as you sleep, you will breathe in the calming aroma of the lavender. Alternatively, you could place a couple of drops in an oil burner and fill the room before you go to sleep, so that the whole room is filled with lavender and ensuring you a good nights sleep.

To help with dark circles under the eyes; place some Rose water on some cotton wool pads and then place a pad on each eye. Lie back and relax and let the Rose water reduce those tired and puffy eyes.

To warm yourself up, have a cup of chai, spicy tea; the spices will not only warm you up, but they also benefit from anti-inflammatory properties and mood enhancing properties.
If you find yourself under stress; find somewhere to lie down and place your hands on your stomach.

Focus on your breathing; begin taking some nice deep breaths. As you inhale, your stomach should rise up like a balloon and on the exhale, your stomach should come back down flat. This is full, deep breathing and will calm you and relax you. You can also do it in bed if you are struggling to get to sleep.

4. YouQueen’s Random Question: What you do when not blogging?

In those rare moments of free time; I love to bake. Amongst my friends I am known as the Yogi Baker as I love to whip up some Gluten Free Biscuits or cakes for all to enjoy.

On my Yoga Retreats, we always have a break for tea time and sit down with a cup of tea and a slice of gluten free cake and talk and share, a little moment of the day that always brings a smile to everyone’s faces.

You can visit Julia’s blog at and her Instagram page @beautifulmindbeautifulbodyyoga

18. Brigitte Kouba – Gigi Yogini

Brigitte Kouba

1. You in 11 descriptive words?

Fun, playful, supportive, honest, curvy, courageous, positive, active, amazonian, adventurous, pregnant.

2. What is that “special touch” what makes your blog/work different/unique/authentic?

I focus on supporting women during each stage of their lives and strongly believe in the power of positive affirmations as one of the many ways to overcome challenges.

3. Exclusive tip, how to or recommendation for YouQueen readers?

If you’re ever feeling anxious or upset, take the problem or fear and flip it into a positive affirmation that you can use to change your attitude about the issue. For instance, if you are nervous about money, you could flip your fear and make a statement: “I trust the abundance of the Universe.” By choosing your thoughts you can actually change your feelings.

4. YouQueen’s Random Question: What cheers you up?

Sunshine and nature always cheers me up. A walk on the beach, observing butterflies in the park, or feeling sunshine on my skin makes me remember how precious life is.

You can visit Brigitte’s blog at

19. Roseanne Harvey – It’s All Yoga Baby


1. You in 11 descriptive words?

Dancer, doer, thinker, collaborator, creator, seeker, investigator, walker, rabble-rouser, lover, laugher.

2. What is that “special touch” what makes your blog/work different/unique/authentic?

I try to offer a real, down-to-earth and gritty perspective on being a yoga practitioner in North America. I also love to feature socially progressive and innovative yoga projects that may not get press in yoga or mainstream media

3. Exclusive tip, how to or recommendation for YouQueen readers?

Of course it’s going to be yoga related… One of the common misperceptions about yoga is that it needs to happen in a studio or with a teacher. But a home practice is the best thing you can do for yourself.

It doesn’t need to be long or complicated, and it doesn’t need to cover dozens of postures or hours of meditation. A home practice can be as simple as a few sun salutations in the morning or laying on your back for 15 minutes in the evening. Even a short period of practice on a regular basis can have a powerful impact on your life.

4. YouQueen’s Random Question: What do you like about yourself?

On the blog, I write a lot about body image and body positivity, so I’m going to give you something that I like about my physical body (this is a practice that has strengthened my relationship with my body and improved my self-image) – my legs and hips. The lower half of my body is sturdy and strong, and gets me where I need to go.

You can visit Roseanne’s blog at

20. Silvia Mordini

silvia mordini

1 .You in 11 descriptive words?

Writer. Yogi. Adventure Junkie. Spiritual Traveler. Happiness Coach. Teacher. Healer. Activator.

2. What is that “special touch” what makes your blog/work different/unique/authentic?

I’ve been inspiring happiness, global awareness, and joyful living in students for 20 years. I keep it real. My Message comes across in every article: We don’t get to do today over again. This is not a rehearsal. Live your Happiness Fully!

My Dharma is achieved through writing: I change people’s lives. With laser like focus I serve as a catalyst for readers to figure out their purpose/dharma.. I wake people up to the power of change – their ability to choose to be happy, in order to love themselves, love their day, love their lives.

3. Exclusive tip, how to or recommendation for YouQueen readers?

• Remain a student of life. Practice being teachable.

• Give gratitude to your teachers. To all whom you learn from, the barista, the taxi driver, your yoga/meditation teacher, your Mom or Dad, the sun and the moon.

• Keep it real – Be a positive example of authenticity. Don’t just pretend to be yourself actually demonstrate what it means to live your life with integrity.

• Show up and be present. Be kind.

• Get healthy, stay healthy – practice radical self-care, build a therapeutic support system.

4. YouQueen’s Random Question: What makes you smile?

Travel makes me smile. One could say being a citizen of the world is in my blood. My Father Enrico was an adventurer, my Mother’s parents were serious spiritual seekers. I grew up traveling all over the world with my brother and parents from the time I was an infant.

I guess the fact that I love to show other people the beauty of the world shouldn’t surprise anyone since I was born in Ecuador, South America; my Father is from Northern Italy near Modena, and English was my third language.

And I learned from my Father, this spirit of Don Quixote, Man of La Mancha, to dream the impossible. I saw with my own eyes, touched and tasted new flavors, experienced new landscapes and as a result I learned about myself.

Every time I traveled somewhere I came back different, I was changed and knew that anything was possible. Tapping into my potential to see through the eyes of my heart makes me smile.

You can visit Silvia’s blogs at and