Want A Booty Like Kim Kardashian’s? Follow These Easy Steps

Kim is famous for her amazing booty and she really takes care of that part of her body. Luckily, you can achieve it as well by just following these easy steps.

Sure, she may have exotic Armenian roots, live the high life, have all the best nutrition and personal trainers, her own house gym and what not, but you can do it too! You know why? ‘Cause even though it might seem otherwise she’s had to work for it as well, you know.

Just like the rest of us even Kim has body issues! She herself admits that sometimes she has a very hard time giving up the sweets in her pursuit of the perfect body. And when I say ‘perfect’ I mean womanly, curvy, luscious and most of all healthy – much unlike some of the role models of today who look like they’re on the verge of anorexia.


It’s all about the curves again and Kim is a great example that having some meat on your bones can actually be quite hot! In fact Kim also said, on multiple occasions, that keeping her body in tone takes work. She also shared that her least favorite body part are her thighs. So, even the bootylicious Kardashian has to work her ass off to get that gorgeous ass!


If you’d like to walk around flaunting a firm and perky bum there are steps you can take! It won’t be easy! Yes, you’ll have to give up some stuff, tone down some others and get in that gym! But – the results will be worth it. Here’s how to get the booty like Kim Kardashian’s!

Mind Your Diet


It’s not about starving yourself or even denying yourself most of the things you like. We’re not striving for super-skinny here! After all you’ve got to have something to work with, something to slowly tone and shape with exercising. However, it is important to have well balanced meals and get all the best nutrients and vitamins!

You want to be able to eat everything without exaggerating. It’s perfectly fine to treat yourself to something sweet and fatty once in a while. Lots of people who like to eat healthy and keep track of their diet allow themselves a cheat day once a week or once every two weeks – even Kim herself.

So, don’t go overboard – trying to completely transform yourself into a healthy eater overnight, it probably wouldn’t even work out. Go easy on yourself and keep one thing in mind – it’s important to put in healthy stuff, not just the stuff that tastes good!

Eat real foods – like foods in their original state – fruits, salads etc.

Squats, Lunges, Step-ups

I know, I know, these may very well be some of your least favorite words. However, they’re just about the only way to a perfect bootie! No pain no gain – so get on that as quickly as possible. If you don’t have the means or the motivation needed to work out on your own – get a work out buddy or, join a nearby gym!

It’s only realistic to put in the time to get in shape ( here’s why ), especially if you aren’t the most active person around. If you haven’t got the time for going to the gym, you can get all the info about work outs designed especially for the butt area right off YouTube. There are literally dozens of videos that you can use, such as this one:

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