4 Delicious Turkey Recipes for Kids

Every parent struggles with getting their child to eat properly. Kids are not very fond of healthy food, they usually prefer sweets. However, you need to get them to eat well, and turkey meat is something you should get them accustomed to. It’s very healthy and has a light taste, so if your kids like chicken, you probably won’t have too much trouble with turkey. Here are 4 simple and delicious turkey recipes for your kids.

1. Turkey Sandwich

Every kid likes a sandwich, there’s no doubt about that. If you’re just introducing your child to eating turkey, a sandwich could be a great idea.

Take all the ingredients your kid likes; some bread, butter or light mayonnaise, smoked turkey, lettuce and tomatoes. Optionally, you can add some mozzarella. It’s very light so kids usually like it better than some stronger cheeses.

Spread a thin layer of butter or light mayonnaise on the bread and cover it with lettuce. Add very thin slices of smoked turkey, especially if your child hasn’t had turkey before. Add tomatoes and mozzarella and cover with another slice of bread.

Let your imagination flow and make fun sandwiches for your kids. Trust me; kids will eat just about anything as long as it is shaped as their favorite cartoon character. Once their classmates see the fun sandwich they are having for lunch, you can get them to eat just about anything after that, as long as it looks equally fun.

2. Turkey Bacon

Although it’s not a very healthy idea to serve your kids bacon, if you’re already doing it it’s much better to use turkey instead of pork.

Make pancakes with crispy bacon for breakfast. Don’t even tell your kids that the bacon is turkey and see if they will notice the difference. They probably won’t. Still, remember to tell your husband to cooperate, because he will probably notice that the bacon is turkey.

3. Turkey Burgers

Another healthier type of meal is a turkey burger. It is much better to serve this than a regular burger to your kids, especially if you can make it yourself; that way you’ll know exactly what you’re giving your kids.

Take a pound of turkey breasts and grind them in a meat grinder or in a blender. Chop one small onion and add to the meat. It’s best to omit garlic when cooking for kids, they don’t usually like it. Add two whole eggs into the mix and two handfuls of breadcrumbs. Add salt and pepper and a tablespoon of oil and leave in the refrigerator overnight.

Divide the mass into eight equal parts and make balls. Flatten each ball to shape a burger and grill the burgers or fry them in a little bit of oil. Serve turkey burgers as you will serve regular burgers. If your kids like them, tell them that it’s turkey. It’ll be easier to get them to eat turkey prepared in a different way once they’ve found out that they like it.

4. Roast Turkey

roasted turkey

Holidays are a great time to get your kids to eat turkey. Prepare turkey roast for Christmas or Thanksgiving and get your kids used to a new meal.

It’s ideal to do this around holidays, because kids are excited about the presents and the whole atmosphere and they are less prone to being cranky and picky and they will probably eat whatever you prepare, as long as there’s a great desert waiting in the end.

Don’t use any strong spices or garlic when cooking for kids. You can also omit pepper, or use just a little bit of it. Add salt, and if you’re making a stuffing, make sure that it has a light taste too.

Turkey meat is actually very tasty and as long as you don’t experiment too much, your kids will probably like it. Make their meal fun and interesting and you can’t go wrong.

How do you like these turkey recipes for kids?

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