7 Graduation Party Menu Ideas

Graduation, either from high school or college, is a very important thing to both children and parents. It is a clear sign that your child has grown up and you’re filled with pride. No wonder you want to throw a memorable party. If you are not used to throwing a party for lots of people or your budget is a bit tight, continue reading.

Here are some graduation party ideas to help you organise an awesome party without spending a lot of time or money.

Before you start, organise yourself by making a guest list and your graduate’s favorite menu. When you pick the menu, see if you can get the ingredients on sale and keep them in a freezer. Don’t make too many dishes; make a larger amount of only a few dishes. Let the graduation cake be the centre of the party; you can order it in a bakery or even better, make it yourself. A lot can be done with a little bit of food coloring and icing.

You won’t go wrong if you prepare any of the following:

1. Pasta Salads

Get different types of pastas (fussily, macaroni, penne) and make different salads with each of them. There are dozens of different ways to prepare a pasta salad; with tuna, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers; hard boiled eggs, mustard, mayonnaise and ham; vegetables, soft cheese and pepperoni; to name just a few of them. These salads are cheap, easy to make and delicious when served cold.

2. Stuffed Hard Boiled Eggs and Mushrooms


These are tasty appetisers that look great on plate. Get cultivated mushrooms, wash them and remove the stem. Grill the caps and fry the stems. Fill the caps with a mix of fried stems and vegetables like egg plant and zucchini, add fresh cherry tomatoes and top them with grated parmesan.

Boiled egg whites can be filled with mix of blended boiled yolks, a little bit of yellow mustard and mayonnaise or yogurt. Decorate them with fresh parsley or celery leaves. Use your imagination and make your own combination of the filling.

3. Pizzas

Do you know a person who doesn’t like pizza? Margaritas, Capricciosa, pepperoni and cheese; everyone has their favorite. Make a large amount of pizza bread dough in advance, divide it into pizza portions and freeze them. On the big day just take them out of the freezer, top them with a topping of your choice and bake for 15-20 minutes.

4. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

A plate full of sliced apples, oranges, cherries, strawberries etc, it looks great and it can make very welcomed refreshment during the hot summer afternoons and evenings. If you prefer, make a fruit salad and serve it in a carved pineapple, melon or watermelon. To keep the salad cold and fresh, place a carved fruit in a bowl filled with ice.

When it comes to vegetables, the best (and the easiest) option is to serve them on a plate, sliced, with 2 or 3 dipps on a side.

5. Barbecue

grilled meat on barbecue

Marinate the chicken wings, sausages, ribs, etc, the day before and keep them in a fridge. To make it easier, you can precook the meat and just warm it up in an oven or microwave before serving. Borrow or rent chafing dishes to keep the food hot. Add some baked beans, corns and vegetable salads.

6. Graduate Cake, Cupcakes and Ice-cream

When it comes to desserts the emphasis is on the graduate cake or graduate cupcakes that can both be decorated in your graduate’s school color. Serve them with a lot of ice-cream and your guests will be trilled.

7. Beverages

Get bottled water, soda drinks (again, make your own supply and buy when on sale), make a lot of lemonade and punch. Just don’t forget to prepare a lot of ice (I often do).

Remember, the best graduate party menu ideas are the simple ones. Enjoy.

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