10 Awesome, Cool, and Fun Graduation Party Ideas

Are you about to graduate or know someone who is? Are you at a loss for cool party themes and ideas to celebrate your awesome day? Worry no more, here are 10 awesome, cool, and fun graduation party ideas to choose from!

Graduation is one of the most memorable events in a person’s life. Whether you’re graduating from high school, college, or even from a new job, the significance of this life-moving event cannot be underestimated.

Because graduation is such an important time in your life, you want to make sure that you and your friends have the best night of your life! Here are a few graduation party ideas to choose from.

#1 Twenties Theme


If you want to get your new life off to a kickin’ start, have a 1920’s themed graduation party! This fun theme is sure to bring out the fun. All the women can dress as flappers and the men can dress as gangsters from old movies. You can even have casino style decorations and big band jazz music playing. The party invitations can be shaped like Tommy guns, and you can play “pin the feather in the hat”. This theme never goes out of style.

#2 Pool Party Luau

Another one of the most popular graduation party ideas is the Luau themed graduation. This tropical escape is perfect for those who love to spend time in the sun! Have an outdoor barbeque with your friends as you all wear hula skirts and coconut bras. Roast pineapple chunks on the grill and serve with baked ham, as you listen to Elvis and relax in the pool.

#3 Hunger Games Theme


Who doesn’t enjoy a movie themed idea? One of the most awesome graduation party ideas is the Hunger Games Theme. You and your friends can dress up as characters from the Hunger Games movie, serve beef jerky and trail mix (modern survival food), and, of course, play games with a bow and arrow (the kind that has the rubber suction cup tip).

#4 Clocks

If you’re thinking along the lines of time, then you’re not alone. Graduation is certainly when people stop to reflect on the past and ponder the future. One of the coolest graduation party ideas is to create a time capsule. You and your friends can put memorabilia and current fads into a locked jar, as well as write your hopes and dreams for the future on a piece of paper, and bury the capsule in the yard. In twenty years, come back and open the capsule and see of everything has been accomplished! Decorate your party with clocks and give out graduation watches as party favors.

#5 Sports Theme


If you’re a sports fan, go ahead and have a sports themed graduation. Sports themes are always awesome graduation party ideas because there are so many options to choose from! Pick the sport you played in school, or your college team, and turn your party into a stadium. Have a baseball for each of your friends to collect signatures, play water balloon tag, and enjoy your big day as you and your friends are dressed in your favorite team’s colors.

#6 Big Hollywood Event Theme

What better way to make an entrance into your new life then to make a Hollywood entrance? If you want to have one of the most awesome graduation party ideas ever, then hold a Hollywood party. That’s right, put out the red carpet, have everyone dressed in their best, and give out Oscars to those who graduated this year! You can even “interview” everyone as they walk along the carpet. Make sure to send out an Oscar style letter invitation as well (with your guest’s name as the winner!).

#7 What’s Next Theme

Another excellent Graduation party idea is the “what’s next” theme. Here, you’re going to decorate everything according to what happens AFTER graduation. Are you planning on becoming a doctor? Have everyone wear scrubs and make sure the food looks like body parts (think Halloween treats). Do you plan on becoming a flight attendant? That’s right, give everyone little plastic wings and have paper flying contests. The options are endless.

#8 Hot Air Balloon


If you’re a globe trotter, then perhaps “Around the world in 80 days” is a fun theme for you! If you can get a hot air balloon ride for everyone, then that would be the ultimate party. However, since most of us can’t, then having a balloon theme is a close second best! Have hot air balloon invitations and have everyone write their names and goals on a helium filled balloon and then set them all free! Plus, there are hundreds of balloon games you can play at this party, from water balloons to balloon darts.

#9 Message in a Bottle

If you’re a nautical kind of person, have a nautical themed graduation party! Decorate everything with boats and oars and make everyone speak in pirate. You can have your guests dress as sailors or pirates and buccaneers. Also, have everyone put their dream for the future inside a bottle (anonymously) and then have each guest randomly choose a bottle and open the paper and try to guess who wrote it.

#10 Toga Party


What’s a graduation without a toga party? One of the most timeless, and of course the coolest, graduation party ideas is the toga party. This theme has so many ideas to choose from! You can send the invitations out on little rolled scrolls, you can have all the food with grapes on the side, and of course, everyone can drink from goblets! Toga! Toga! Toga!

Whatever your big day is all about, there are hundreds of awesome, cool, and fun graduation party ideas to choose from (and so many different party favors and games to go with them). Whatever your theme, make it something you’ll cherish and remember forever.

What was your graduation theme (or what do you have planned)?

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