7 Things to Learn from Sophie Kinsella Books

Did you feel like Confessions of a Shopaholic was written about you? Are you addicted to this series or its author? Here are 7 things to learn from Sophie Kinsella books.

Confessions of a Shopaholic is one of my favorite books. I love Sophie Kinsella’s quirky characters, and the way she seems to just tap into my heart word by word. Like most stories, Sophie Kinsella’s books have lessons to be learned, but these lessons aren’t always easy to find. Here are 7 things to learn from Sophie Kinsella Books.

#1 Mr. Perfect Does Exist

One of my favorite things about this author is her men. These guys aren’t knights in shining armor, and they aren’t always our leading lady’s first choice.

No, Sophie Kinsella writes her men onto the pages as the guy our lady didn’t think was even right for her. Sure, he’s handsome, and of course he has a great job. The truth is, though, these guys aren’t perfect and it isn’t always love at first sight.

Sophie Kinsella teaches us that Prince Charming might not be all that charming when we first meet him, he isn’t even perfect, but in the end he’s Mr. Perfect for us.

#2 You Do Feel Better After Shopping


Probably my favorite lesson of Sophie’s books is that you really do feel better after shopping. I don’t know about you, but I love spending money on me. Even when I don’t have a lot of extra money to spend (which is always), going to a discount store and buying myself something little and cheap is enough.

When I really feel as if I need to spend money (or treat myself to something I’d love), and I don’t have any extra money, I pull out my Kindle and download free books and apps. I even go online and request free catalogs that I know I’ll never subscribe too, but it’s nice getting things in the mail. That’s right, ladies, free shopping! Sophie’s right on that.

#3 There’s Always a Way Out

This isn’t always the easiest lesson to learn, but Sophie’s books teach us that there’s always a way out. No matter what kind of pickle you’ve gotten yourself into, you can straighten things out and put your life back together again.

Sure, you might not see the most obvious answer to your problems, and of course, it’s going to take some sacrifice and hard work, but there’s always a way.

#4 Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Even Realize the Woman You’re Jealous of is After Him


Every woman has had someone they’re jealous of at some point or another in her life. Perhaps your boyfriend’s ex is a little too cozy with him? Maybe some hot girl in his office keeps checking him out? Trust me (and Sophie), your guy doesn’t even have a clue.

One of the lessons learned from Shopaholic and Baby, is that your boyfriend doesn’t even realize the woman you’re jealous of is after him. Seriously, he really thinks you’re making this up. Jealousy is a hard thing to have going on, but ladies let me tell you, most of the time your jealousy is all for nothing. Besides, your guy adores you, he couldn’t care less about that woman who’s swooning over him.

#5 Life Has a Happy Ending, it Just Takes a While to Get There

It’s true, life has a happy ending. Sophie Kinsella books teach us that. I know, this one isn’t as easy to swallow. Let me tell you, ladies, I’ve had my ups and downs in relationships. I’ve felt love, I’ve felt heartache, and there are times when I’ve felt like giving up and joining the nearest nunnery.

Still, though, I have hope. Why? I couldn’t tell you. Maybe it’s because I read too much. Perhaps Sophie’s books make women like me feel as if being quirky is okay, and us slightly cracked nuts get to be loved, too. So, yes, I do have the full belief that life has a happy ending. I just think it takes a while to get there sometimes.

#6 Never Spend More Than You Earn

Probably the most important lesson learned from any of Sophie Kinsella’s books is “Never spend more than you earn”. That’s right, if you can’t afford it, then don’t buy it.

This one isn’t always easy for me. Sometimes I see something I absolutely have to have, and I spend weeks scraping my pennies and eating Ramen noodles just so I can buy it. My futon is the perfect example. I got tired of my couch and decided I needed another one (I also thought I was allergic to the material, so I tossed it…actually, that was a mistake, but we’ll ignore that part).

When I went to buy one, I didn’t have enough money. I scraped and scrounged for enough funds to at least purchase a futon so my home looks inhabitable. Now, I have a futon…but it came at the expense of my student loan payment.

Ladies, don’t ever spend more than you earn. This is the one little thing that will get you into big trouble.

#7 Don’t Lie, or Don’t Get Caught in a Lie


I know I should be saying something like “It’s never good to lie”, but that would make me a bit of a hypocrite. Sometimes, I have to tell a lie. I’m not proud of that, but there are times a woman needs to protect the feelings of those around her (or needs to tell her guy she spent the money on bills, not a new pair of shoes).

It’s never a good idea to lie (there, I said it). Sophie Kinsella definitely teaches us the trouble we get into when we fabricate our tales. Therefore, I suggest not lying (or at least not getting caught in a lie). Save yourself the embarrassment.

Do you have a favorite Sophie Kinsella book? What lessons did you learn from her quirky, yet loveable, characters?

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