7 Inspirational Websites to Boost Your Creativity & Mood

We all need a little creativity and mood boost from time to time. Check out these 7 inspirational websites and prepare to be inspired!

It’s great when we stumble upon a website we really love and that not only inspires us, but boosts our creativity, too. Some websites can be just the tonic we are looking for when we need to kick start our creativity or improve our mood (or both!).  Here are just some of the great inspirational websites worth checking out!

#1 CR Lamothe


CR Lamothe encourages visitors to her website to “write what inspires you” and her website is certainly a good place to start.

The website is not only a place to showcase Lamothe’s powerful poetry and uplifting writing, but also inspires others to pursue their own creative/spiritual growth.  Personally, I love Lamothe’s writing and even have one of her quotes on my wall at home near to where I write.

This is a great website for anyone on their creative journey.

#2 Tiny Buddha


Tiny Buddha describes itself as “Simple Wisdom for Complex Lives,” and I could not think of a better description.

A lot of the content is written by guest authors and covers a whole range of issues, but each post is related to an inspirational quote and all the personal stories offer guidance and insight. Because of this, the posts are authentic, inspiring, moving, and heartfelt, and offer the reader words of wisdom and guidance.

If ever there was a website to explore that will inspire you to express yourself, then this is the one.

#3 The Manifest Station


The posts on this website certainly pack a punch; there are few subject matters that haven’t been dissected and thought about here.

In the deconstruction of the issues people go through, there is something beautiful that emerges from this site – something that can really speak to your heart, touch something deep within and inspire you.

Whether it is the stories of bravery against all odds, or ’everyday’ issues or something more, such as the interviews, or the inspirational posts that do it for you, one thing is you sure: If you want to get down to the nitty gritty on this site, you won’t be disappointed.

#4 Earth We Are One


Earth We Are One is a website with a slightly alternative viewpoint but nonetheless thought-provoking and inspirational for it.

The articles on this site cover areas from heath, tech, consciousness, yoga, and self-improvement to world awareness and global meditation.

If you want to be inspired, tap into your creative brain, get rid of previously held preconceptions, and exercise your mind into new ways of looking at the world, then this is the site for you.

#5 Positive Outlooks


This is a wonderful blog if you are looking for a positive start to the day. It has inspiring quotes as well as many thoughtful and well written guest blogs all with a positive outlook or inspirational message.

Have a read through some of the blogs and be inspired; there is bound to be something uplifting or a personal story that you resonate with.

Will it boost your mood? Almost definitely. Will it boost your creativity? If you let it. Give it a whirl.

#6 Design Sponge


If you are creative and into your arts and crafts, lifestyle, and interior design, you will simply love this site.

It is basically a design blog that has several updates a day covering topics such as pre-loved before and after furniture, places to go, homes and interiors around the world, DIY, and entertaining. Be warned though, after scrolling through the many topics you will be inspired to re-design your home or, at the very least, paint some furniture or puff up your cushions.

It’s contagious!

#7 Creativity Portal


This website is…well… a creativity portal!

If you are looking for a creativity boost, you will be sure to be super charged here. This site is  basically the go to for creative types everywhere covering a wide range of topics and inspiration including writing, arts and crafts, and interviews with artists. You can even share your own creativity stories and how to or take part in an interview.

You really could spend all day on this site and never get bored. But don’t just take my word for it, take theirs: ’Creativity Portal inspires, fosters, and celebrates creativity and the gifts of creative expression!’

Of course, in addition to the websites above if you want to view some great photos to get your creative juices flowing then you can always check out Pinterest. There are also some great quotes, photos, and blogs on Tumblr and other similar sites.

Don’t limit yourself Queens; there is a whole internet just waiting for you to explore, so get out there and get browsing!

Also, let us know if you know of any other inspirational websites you’d like to recommend that we could add to this list!

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