Show Some Love: These Are Great Gift Ideas For Dads

He’s the first man a girl learns to love and usually the one all the future men in her life will be measured against. These are some gift ideas for dads that will help you show him how special he is for you.

The one man a girl can never stop loving is her dad. No matter how madly in love a girl is with her boyfriend, she will never love him the way she loves her dad. From teaching her how to ride a bicycle to walking her down the aisle, a father is always there for his little girl.

While there may not be much anyone can do to repay what a father does for his daughter, here is a list of presents for him that will definitely make him cry with joy. Here are some interesting and fun gift ideas for dads.

Photo collage


All the presents in the world will seem unworthy of his attention with this special item, especially if it is made by you. Although, it may not look that special and it’s not something in a store box, it is definitely one of the most meaningful presents for a father.

Compile and arrange all your photos with your father in a beautiful collage, especially the ones from your childhood. Put it in a nice frame that says ‘Love you, dad’ or ‘My hero’.

Golf clubs

Got a golfer daddy? Get him a new set of golf clubs or something missing from his collection. You can also customize them by having his initials engraved on the clubs.

Although this might be a little expensive, who minds splashing a little cash on their favorite man in the world every now and then?


man's watch

For fathers who are fond of watches, you can get him a collectible. Going for something expensive may not necessarily do the job; you just have to make sure he likes what you gift him.

A watch that he may have wanted for a long time or one that he may have been saving up for will probably hold more sentimental value than one that is extremely expensive.

Favorite movie souvenirs

Is your dad a fan of Star Wars, Doctor Who or Rocky? If so, a souvenir like a replica Darth Vader helmet, a Doctor Who bobble head or boxing gloves that look like Rocky’s could be the perfect present for him.

Not only will this make him happy, but it will show him that you remember his likes, and that is something every dad wants to see when his little girl grows up.

Customized jacket

A jacket with a custom chenille patch of your dad’s favorite football or baseball team would also make a wonderful present. Help him show off to his friends what a lovely daughter he has while keeping him warm on those chilly football nights when he shows his support during football season.

Engraved hunting knife and sheath

For dads who love the wild outdoors, what could be a better present than a hunting knife and sheath with his initials engraved on it. It’s simple yet effective

Date with dad

father and daughter

Your father has spent his life trying to make your life better and to give you everything he may not have had at your age. He protected you and taught you what you needed to know to survive in this world.

Most fathers want their daughters to grow up to be strong and successful women. However, it may be difficult to show him that; no matter what you do, you father will never be satisfied that you’re indeed strong and successful and that you don’t need his help no more.

Well, there might be just one way to do it: take him out on a dinner date to his favorite restaurant or an entirely new one that he may have never tried. Talk to him about your life and fill him in on the years that you may have spent away from him.

Show him that you care about him and even though you’re strong and independent, you need his advice and help to succeed.

While all these presents may make your dad feel better and loved for a bit, the best gifts you can give your dad are time, attention, love and care. Try spending as much time as you can with him, go for walks with him, take him to his favorite restaurants, cook his favorite dishes, watch his favorite team play, etc. Show him how much you love him while you can.

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